Bertie the Bumble Bee was just flying around

Feeling kind of confused and fuzzy.

He is usually,foot loose and fancy free and

you know buzzy.

He didn’t understand what was happening.

He couldn’t find his way back to the hive.

He is usually home by 3 o’clock

It is now 10 past 5.

Bertie is a worker Bee

His job is to fly from flower to flower

collecting nectar.

He was flying blindly from field to field.

And he flew into the wrong sector.

This sector is owned by a rival hive

Where a bossy Queen is King.

She doesn’t tolerate trespassers.

And order’s her fighter’s to the wing.

Bertie is still flying blindly and doesn’t

realise that he is in a whole lot of trouble.

The fighter Bee’s are gaining,they will get

to him on the double.

They catch Bertie on the border,of the two


Bertie see’s them at the last second

and duck’s and dive’s.

Just then Bertie get’s lucky,and a breeze blow’s him

South East.

He has just escaped from the belly of the beast.

If he had been caught,he would have been torn apart

Wing by wing,limb by limb.

Till they finally tore out his heart.

Bertie’s other sense’s are working fine.

and he get’s a smell of home.

And he skid’s to a stop.

At the hive of the Honey comb.

Bertie rush’s to the bathroom

and put’s some drop’s in his eye’s.

His vision is a little better.

Next morning he is back to the skie’s.

Early in the morning Bertie is ready for

take off.

He feel’s a little off colour,sneezing

with a dry little cough.

He is flying to his favourite field

full of clover wet the bed’s and thistle.

His throat is so dry he cant even whistle.

His vision is also going.

everything is becoming unfocused and blurry

And he fly’s straight into something furry.

He has flown into a Koala who was minding

his own business munching on some leave’s.

Bertie has flown into a Marsupial fifty feet up

a Eucalyptus tree.

Bertie isn’t feeling too good

but the smell of Eucalyptus is clearing out his


It goes further down and clean’s his tonsil’s.

Feeling a whole lot better Bertie is back on

the job filling his nectar sac’s.

But what Bertie doesn’t know is that he is

about to hell and back.

With his nectar sac’s over filled

and his vision not the best.

Bertie get’s a bad rap.

And fly’s straight into a Venus Fly trap.

Bertie know’s that he is in trouble,and he cant

stop himself from going down.

His nectar sac’s keep Bertie afloat,so he doesn’t


Betie know’s that there is no escape from this

watery grave.

His frantic struggle’s are creating little wave’s.

But they are enough to engulf Bertie and he goes


Just then a sound fill’s the air,sounding like

buzzing and thunder.

Bertie’s hive mate’s have come to his rescue

Yellow and black stripe’s,ten thousand strong.

They land on the edge of the trap

singing their rescue song.

We are Bee’s ,we believe,so beware,we Bee’s

will leave you bewildered.

Bertie heard his favourite song.

And his heart skipped a beat.

If he could of he would have jumped to his feet.

A guide rope was lowered,andd Bertie take’s a hold.

He is hoisted to the surface,a little wet

and a little cold.

They arrive back at the hive an army of Bee’s

celebrating a job well done.

They had an adventure,and rescued their favourite


A few day’s later Bertie is feeling a whole lot better.

He is busy as a Bee can be,can be.

He is feeling the Bee’s knee’s.

Now he wear’s tiny glass’s

Kick’s tiny arse’s

Goes to swimming class’s

And flirt’s with anything that pass’s.