Way up in the Mountain’s,on an unnamed


Live’s a man without a face.

His finger print’s leave no trace.

His clothe’s sense extend to black pyjama’s

and Converse shoe’s.

When I say he has no face.

Of course he has one.

But no one has ever seen it.

It is alway’s covered by a black surgical mask.

He live’s in the shadow’s

behind a veil of secrecy.

You want hear him coming,before you know it

he is in your space,right in your face.

He sit’s in his cabin up in the hill’s

Waiting for a telephone call.

He is ready to rumble

It is boring up in his cabin.

He is ready to get back in action.

This man who has no face,has no mame.

He is known as the Ninja Shadow.

The phone call come’s at midnight.

There seem’s to be a situation in Hong Kong.

The Triad’s have over stepped the mark.

They have kidnapped the Chinese Ambassador.

The Ninja Shadow

make’s his way to the Airport

where he board’s his Lear jet.

The Pilot enter’s the flight plan and they take off

heading  East.

In the penthouse of the Hyatt Hong Kong.

Sit’s the boss of the Triad’s,Chu We.

He sit’s there chomping on a cigar,watching his

henchman do a number on the Ambassador.

The Chinese have seriously interrupted the

Triad’s drug business.

And  to the Triad’s this has got to come to an end.

The Ambassador is tied to a chair.

Wearing nothing but his underwear.

He is being tortured and cut.

This torture method is called death by a thousand cut’s.

Where one cut after another is done all over the body.

Not to deep,because death has to come nice and slow.

Just then there is a knock on the door.

Room service,with a trolley full of food.

Chu We,who weigh’s about 300 kilo’s

is never one to turn away a meal.

He order’s one of his flunkies to open the door.

In walk’s a man pushing a trolley covered by a table cloth.

There is one strange thing about him.

He explain’s that it is Flu season,and he doesn’t want

to catch the disease.

Chu We couldn’t care less,he is eyeing off the food

trolley,and what lay’s beneath the table cloth.

The man in the mask,doesn’t keep him in suspense.

He whip’s off the table cloth,and there is not one

scrap of food.

Instead there are two silenced hand gun’s.

The man in the mask grab’s both gun’s and start’s

a shooting.

Chu We and his side kick’s don’t know what hit them.

They each have a bullet hole in their forehead’s.

And they lay on the ground,dead.

The man in the mask check’s the Ambassador,and

tend’s to his wound’s.

He enter’s a code on the phone,and give’s the all


And then he does what he does best

He return’s to the shadow’s.

He is on his way home on his private plane.

When his phone let’s out a little chirp.

A message has come through ‘Good job,Well done,

One million dollar’s deposited in your Cayman

Island account.

The Ninja Shadow

Give’s a satisfied smile.

And settle’s down with his Sake’ with  a twist.

Halfway home his phone does a different sound.

This sound mean’s trouble.

His boss in Washington tell’s him of a situation

at the White House.

The President’s wife and daughter’s have been taken

from the local park while out for a walk.

The secret service agent’s there to protect them

have been mortally wounded.

A  distinctive sign cut into there skin.

The sign of the Triad.

It seem’s that the friend’s of Chu We have some contact’s

in Washington.

The Triad want revenge.

The Triad want a swap.

The Ninja Shadow in exchange for the President’s

wife and daughter’s.

The Ninja Shadow tell’s his pilot to turn around

and head to Washington.

The plane hit’s the tarmac with a thud.

There is not a minute to waste.

The Ninja Shadow jump’s into a waiting limousine.

And head’s to the rendezvous sight at Green River.

Chu We’s  half brother Fu We,is waiting with a truck

load of thug’s and gun’s.

The Ninja Shadow take’s a look around,and size’s up the


And rearrange’s the mask on his face.

He notice’s the President’s wife and daughter’s

Tied up in the back of a white van.

Fu We see’s a masked man walking toward’s him with

his hand’s in the air.

But this is not the Ninja Shadow,but a body double.

While the fake Ninja,shoot’s the breeze with Fu We.

The real Ninja Shadow sneak’s up to the white van.

As silent as a mouse he up behind the guard.

And with a double tap to the head,he is dead.

He grab’s the President’s brood,and take’s them to

a waiting car.

And he drive’s at break neck speed,back to the safety of the

White House.

Fu We has come to realise that he has lost control of the


His fifty thug’s are running around in circle’s

waiting for an order.

Fu We come’s to a decision,jump’s into his SUV

and flee’s the scene.

He doesn’t get very far, the FBI shoot out his tire’s

his car roll’s and explode’s into a ball of flame’s.

Back at the White House the President is one happy


The Ninja Shadow,is also happy $ 5 million in his

Cayman account.

He goes home to the mountain’s,sit’s in an easy chair.

Waiting for the next phone call.

Don’t forget,no job is too small.

To have your situation fixed call

1800 NINJA.