There is a house down the end of my street

In that house live’s a man,with a plan.

He want’s to rule the world.

One drug deal at a time.

His name is Neville,who personally know’s

the Devil.

And he live’s his life on many level’s

He have contact’s all over the state.

He is a man you would really love to hate.

Neville has a sidekick called Evil Eyed Stan.

He isn’t what you would call a nice man.

He would snuff out your life without thinking


I told you Stan isn’t very fucking nice.

Neville stand’s about 173cm and he has the build

and face of a Ferret.

He has never done anything good in his life.

Certainly nothing of merit.

Stan on the other hand is about 187cm tall

With a body and head like,Mr Potato Head.

He isn’t all that smart, not very well read

But mess with Stan and you are dead.

Neville has a dream

He want’s to be the kingpin.

He want’s to be the biggest crime lord in the


He want’s it all now.

Neville doesn’t like to wait.

Wherever Neville goes,Stan isn’t far behind.

Neville is the Orange,Stan is the rind.

Neville is down in his basement cooking up

the medicine.

Stirring and tasting.

He couldn’t care less about the live’s he is


Neville goes by many name’s but the one he

like’s the best is Mr Big.

Big by name,small by nature.

He live’s his life in thehighest stature.

Or so he think’s.

He is the lowest of the low.

He would stick a needle in anybody’s arm.

As long as the money is rolling in,what’s

the harm.

He has no conscience,all he think’s about is himself.

He live’s his life sitting on the top shelf.

Or so he think’s.

Mr Big is a Pig.

There is no other description.

He is a sleaze bag.He live’s his life on the suffering

of other’s.

He can see the tear’s of the Father’s and Mother’s.

But he turn’s a blind eye.

Well he does see,but he couldn’t care less.

Neville is in his basement.

Making up some more powder and pill’s.

Another deadly concoction,to cure your ill’s

He put’s his ware’s into a suitcase

and head’s out the door.

He is meeting Evil Eyed Stan down at the Pub.

One eye is on the suitcase,the other is watching

out for the Law.

Down at the local,Stan is waiting for the next

shipment to arrive.

But Stan is a bit worried.

He has been skimming the profit’s

And putting it in his pocket.

Evil Eyed Stan know’s that he has been taking

more then his share.

But he has been careful,Neville will never know.

He doesn’t hear the voice in his head saying,BEWARE.

Neville arrives with the suitcase and sit’s down next

to Stan.

A few word’s are exchanged

and the suitcase change’s hand’s

In a corner booth,sit’s a long haired stranger.

Who has been watching Neville and Stan’s

every move.

He is an undercover drug cop,Sgt Spencer is his


And arresting sleaze bag’s like Neville and Stan

is his game.

Neville and Stan have taken their conversation


So they can talk business and have a smoke.

Standing just outside the back door.

Stan is feeling a bit drunk and relaxed.

Then he feel’s a hand on his shoulder.

Then a whisper in his ear ‘Nobody rip’s me off.’

Stan hear’s Neville’s voice,then he feel’s Neville’s


As it stab’s and slice’s,and end’s his life.

Stan is dead before while still standing on his feet.

Neville lower’s him to the ground,then give’s him a

kick in the head for good measure.

Neville the Devil incarnate,is now on the lookout for

a new offsider.

Someone who doesn’t mind getting his hand’s dirty.

Neville ask’s all the local tough’s if they know of any

suitable applicant’s.

And a few name’s are tossed around,they all live on the

wrong side of town.

The stranger from the corner booth is back.

And he has heard every word.

Perhap’s he should put his own name forward.

Throw his hat into the ring.

Then put Neville out of his misery.

And watch all the vulture’s sing.

Mr Big.

Think’s that he is immortal.

Mr Big.

Think’s that he is the best.

Mr Big.

Is about to be put to the test.

Speak of the Devil.

Neville goes about his business without a care

in the world.

He still carries that suitcase wherever he goes

Just like a business man about to close a deal.

But for Neville thing’s are about to get very real.

He is that arrogant,he doesn’t look behind him

as he stroll’s down the street.

He is off to the pub to interview some street

wise punk’s about the job vacancy.

The interview’s start,and the list of name’s has

gone from long to short.

The stranger from the corner booth,is waiting

his turn.

He patiently wait’s his turn to act like a thug and

not a cop.

He give’s the performance of his life and he get’s the


Neville tell’s him to report for work at 7: am on the dot

He get’s in his car the next morning and drives


At 7: am on the dot,he knock’s on Neville’s front door.

He know’s one thing for sure,he is about to even the


Neville open’s the door,and before he can say a word.

He is punched in the throat.

A blow that bring’s him to his knee’s.

He look’s up and say’s a croaky,’Please’.

The stranger from the corner booth has come to a


Neville isn’t going to leave this house alive.

Neville finally wake’s up and realise’s that he is tied

to a chair.

A rag is stuffed into his mouth.

His eye’s are open wide.

He know’s that his life is about to come to a painful end.

The stranger from the corner booth,doesn’t say a word.

He walk’s up behind Neville and slowly slice’s off Neville’s

left ear,then off come’s the other one.

Neville is trying to scream,but just a gurgling sound come’s


Now he know’s what pain and suffering is all about.

But the stranger from the corner booth isn’t finished

and one by one he lops off all of Neville’s finger’s

The stranger from the corner booth search’s the house

and finally he find’s the suitcase,behind the lounge.

He get’s a tea spoon from the kitchen,and mixes up

some Cocaine and water.

He load’s up a syringe and give’s Neville an overdose.

He then just sit’s there and watches as Neville slowly


As Neville dies the stranger from the corner booth says a

silent prayer.

He prays for the lost sons and daughters,that fell to Neville’s


They will never go home,know more kiss’s no more hug’s

But Sgt Spencer know’s that he cant save every kid that fall

through the crack’s.

But he is happy cause he know’s that Neville is never coming back.