I got wood

More then any man should

I got wood

It is all around the house

I got wood

It is nice and hard

I got wood

It is all over the yard


Hard wood,soft wood

If I rub my wood too much I am

gonna get a splinter.

Just rub and rub,just rub with

the grain.

Then there wont be any pain.

I just love to feel my wood in

my hand’s.

I get all excited,my breath is getting

kind of heavy.

Yes I love my wood


Jesus I just realised that you people

reading this,will be getting the wrong


Come on people,get your mind out of

the gutter.


I am talking about wood.



But my favourite wood is mine.

I got wood.

I am going to build myself a cabinet

I got wood

Maybe I will carve a sculptor.

I got wood

Maybe I can make a skateboard

I got wood

Maybe make a bookcase

I got wood

Maybe I can build a whole freaking


Sorry,but I have got to stop writing

It is time for a toilet break.


I get to the bathroom

Unzip my pant’s

Jesus,I got wood haha