Is that who I think it is?

The sideburn’s,sequin suit,black hair

and a need to visit Jenny Craig

Sort of give him away.

As one of his song’s goes

I did it ‘My Way’

My Aunty Hazel,is riding on the Elvis train.

She ride’s the train every year,in Parke’s

NSW on the Western Plain’s.

Where there are plenty of cheer’s

and quite a few tear’s.


This year the Elvis festival is celebrating Elvis

80th birthday.

If Elvis was still alive,he would be rocking in a


Where his ‘Blue Suede Shoe’s’ would never hit

the ground.

His hair would be a Silvery Grey.

He is in his favourite shape.

Which is round.

Elvis in his hey day was up there with the best.

In fact he was the King.

He played all around the United State’s with

very little rest.

People would travel for miles to watch him

gyrate and to hear him sing.

My Aunty Hazel booked into the ‘Heartbreak

Hotel’,which is just down the road from The

Bridge Over Troubled Water’

Then she went to get a room.

The Clerk said That’s Alright Now Mama’,and

handed her a key.

The place was full of nostalgic daughter’s.

Parkes is jumping,what a sight to see.

Elvis was managed by a Colonel,no not

Colonel Sander’s,Colonel Parker.

The colonel had a bit of a shady past,and

a ‘Wooden Heart.’

He moved with the like’s of Bonnie and Clyde

and Ma Barker.

My Aunty Hazel walked into the local.

Where the jukebox was blasting ‘Jailhouse Rock.’

She sat in a corner booth and had herself a soft


She had Ione eye on the local band,and the other

eye on the clock.

She had an early start.


Just then she felt someone tap her on the


A guy asked ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’

While Aunty Hazel was flattered,she pointed

at her wedding ring.

The guy said ‘Don’t Be Cruel’,I can be your ‘Hound Dog

Aunty Hazel said your love don’t mean a thing.

Was that Elvis?

Who just walked past

Was that Elvis?

A blast from the past

Was that Elvis?

On the other side of the street?

Was that Elvis?

A person I would love to meet.

As we all know Elvis had his demon’s.

He took way to many pill’s.

He loved to eat Peanut Butter and Banana


He was mismanaged and he was surrounded

by a bunch of yes men.

Elvis I am sorry to say,took a lot of spill’s.

Just near my Aunty Hazel,a young couple sat

at a corner table.

The guy is thinking ‘It’s Now Or Never’.

He want’s a ‘Little Less Conversation’,and A

little more action.

The girl is thinking,come on baby,’Love Me Tender.

It was a mutual attraction.

Was that Elvis?

On the back of the train

Was that Elvis?

At the end of the lane.

Was that Elvis?

At the edge of the stage.

Was that Elvis?

You cant turn back the page.

My Aunty is a great Elvis fan,and has been

for most of her life.

Million’s of people around the world think

the same.

A lot of his female fan’s would gladly be his


The hair on the back of your neck stand’s up

When they hear Elvis name.

As we all know Elvis died in 1977.

On the wing’s of a White Dove he flew off to


But his legacy live’s on.

His life is celebrated the world over.

From London to New York.

From Gosford to Dover.

Whenever you are feeling sad.

Just play some of your favourite Elvis tune’s

The music will lift you and fix any old wound.

It will take you to a happy place.

And put a smile on your dial.

Elvis no longer walk’s this Earth

and he hasn’t for a long time.

But you know his music live’s on

So everything is fine.

Elvis has left the building.

This story is dedicated to my favourite Aunty

My Aunty Hazel.