I am a skinny white boy who loves to sing

the Blue’s.

I slide across the stage in my not so Blue

suede shoe’s.

I plug in my guitar,and play the best that

I can.

I am the real deal,im your Hoochie Coochie


I am on tour right now,maybe I am coming to

your town.

Come and hear me play,and hear my stripped

back sound.

If I play to fast I am going to break a string

I just want to lay back.

Doing my Blue’s thang

I lay down a fat back beat.

My back’s me up a treat.

The spotlight hit’s my face,my heart start’s

to race.

The sweat make’s my shirt stick to my back.

But I don’t care,cause I am in the middle of a six

string guitar attack.

Backstage after the show,the dressing room is

full of hanger on’s.

And groupie’s who want to party

they don’t care about the song’s.

If I play to slow

people will say ‘What happened to the rock’

But I don’t care,fast or slow.

I just want to sing.

Just doing my blue’s thang.

I live for the music.

It is embedded in my Brain.

I dream about tab’s and chord’s

AT breakfast,i write out the word’s.

After my second cup of coffee

I have finished a song.

I ring up my producer,and book

some studio time.

I just want to lay it down while it is

fresh in my mind.

The producer is late,and that is one thing

that I hate.

Time is money,and we are talking about

my money.

It doesn’t grow on tree’s,so mister be on


The seession’s go well,everybody is in

top form.

The wall’s of the studio are bouncing with

the echo of our sound.

The thought’s in my head go round and


I want to play my music forever.

I don’t want to have a normal job.

Working 6 to 2.30 is not for me.

I want to live my rock n roll fantasy.

All I want to do is play and sing.

Plug in my Strat,and do some guitar

hero move’s.

On stage playing some funky groove’s.

So come out and hear me sing

Just doing my Blue’s thang.

Playing out on the road is tough.

There are plenty of trap’s and pitfall’s

Drunkin’ idiot’s and their catcall’s

I block it out I don’t hear a thing

Just doing my blue’s thang.

The Blue’s are all about being down

and out.

With not enough money to go around

Not enough food on the table.

All your clothes are hand me downs.

You just live from week to week.

But the Blue’s is also about being proud

of  who you are.

Laying on your bed,reaching for the star’s.

Knowing that if you are feeling down,just

remember there is alway’s someone lower.

So look people right in the eye.

Don’t look at the ground.

So alway’s dream your dream’s.

Sing your song’s,play your guitar.

Act in a play,paint like Picasso.

Just get out there,and give it a go

So if you are feeling down in a funk

Feeling a little blue

If you need a bit of a lift.

If you want to go back to being the old

happy you.

Come out and hear me play and sing.

I am just doing my Blue’s thang.