Sally Jo was playing in her backyard

With her mother Tracey watching her.

Sally Jo knew that if she was a good girl

a new pet Dog was on the card’s.

So early on Saturday morning,Tracey drove Sally

Jo to the Dog pound.

Sally Jo was all excited,jumping up and down.

Hopefully they can find a likely looking hound.

Straight away Sally Jo saw the Dog that she wanted

It had a white spot on it’s forehead.

The Dog that she had spotted was a Beagle

Who was even more excited than Sally Jo.

Sally Jo sat on the ground,and the Beagle ran over

and licked her on the face.

Sally Jo knew that this was the Dog for her,and said

to her Mum ‘This is the one,let’s go’

The Beagle also saw the connection,and thought ‘What

are we waiting for,let’s go to your place.’

So Sally Jo and the Beagle finally arrive back at her house.

Sally Jo know’s that she has to give her new Dog a name.

The Beagle is kind and gentle,who wouldn’t hurt a fly,or

a mouse.

A name comes to Sally Jo,the name of her Grandaddy who

had passed over.

The name is Eddie.

It is way better then those common name’s like Prince or


So Eddie it is.

Eddie settle’s in well,he has Sally Jo wrapped around his

little finger,or paw.

He is well fed,and has a bath every third day

Eddie love’s his new home,with a flap on the door.

Eddie hope’s that this time he can stay.

A few day’s later Sally Jo is playing in the sand pit.

Eddie is yapping and is trying to pull clothe’s off the


Sally Jo is hoping that Eddie would quieten down a bit.

Eddie couldn’t care less,he is feeling mighty fine.

Eddie gave a sharp tug on a red beach towel.

It come’s loose and land’s on his neck.

A strange thing is happening,and Eddie let’s out a


The towel attaché’s it self to Eddie,and he is thinking

‘What the heck’

Eddie slowly stand’s upright,the towel is hanging like

a cape.

An SD appear’s on his chest,which stand’s for Super Dog.

Sally Jo stand’s there her mouth agape.

She falls to the ground,and slip’s into the fog.

Eddie looks around him,and he know’s that he is

now a superhero.

He lift’s up his hind leg’s and take’s to the sky.

He is airborne,and he wag’s his tail goodbye.

He doesn’t know where he is going.

Maybe he will look for a damsel in distress.

He is flying like a Eagle

No,make that a Beagle.

He soar’s above the Earth

his red cape in his slipstream.

Is he really flying

Or is it all just a dream.

Just then the Super Dog logo on his chest

start’s to flash and chime.

Super Dog has a job to do

And that job is to fight crime.

As he get’s lower to the ground,he see’s a couple

of shady character’s

down the end of a lane.

A third person is on the ground.in a whole lot of pain.

A bullet hole in his chest,leaking a lot of blood.

Some one better stop the leaking,before it turn’s into

a flood.

That someone is Super Dog.

He land’s between suspect one and suspect two.

And before they know it,he bang’s their head’s together.

And that is the end of Bill and Trevor.

He place’s his paw on the man on the floor.

And the bleeding immediately stop’s.

He hear’s a siren in the distance,and know’s that

someone has called the cop’s.

He doesn’t want to be seen.

Who would believe seeing a Dog in a cape.

Again his SD logo start’s to flash a signal

And by the sound of thing’s it look’s like a rape.

With his Super Dog power’s,he has a heightened

sense of touch,sight and smell.

Somewhere nearby a girl is going through hell.

With his nose leading the way,he fly’s to the scene

of the attack.

He come’s upon the perp

dressed all in black.

Super Dog reaches into his pocket and grab’s a

week old bone.

Sitting next to his lead and mobile phone.

He cock’s his arm and throw’s the bone like a


I guess that it is all over,

Cause the fat lady just sang

The victim is with the paramedic’s

The perp is with the cop’s.

Super Dog make’s good his escape

with a jump kick and a hop.

Super Dog has got an itch that need’s scratching.

And not only because of flea’s.

He just want’s to bring about justice.

And put the bad guy’s on their knee’s.

Once again his chest logo goes off,loud.

Burning a hole in his soul.

Somewhere nearby a little kid,is in a well

dug hole.

A cruel little man is holding the kid for ransom.

He has been in trouble all his life.

But the girl’s think that he is handsome.

He want’s one million dollar’s,and he want’s it by


Or little Joey Pringle,will no longer be alive.

The Police are scrouring the area,knocking on door’s

and asking a lot of question’s.

They know that a lot of little kid’s go missing,too many

to mention.

They are getting desperate.

They are running out of time.

Their only hope is that the good Samaritan,who has been

helping them,can find the scene of the crime.

What they don’t know,is that their helper is souped up,

super sensed canine.

Once again Super Dog,takes to the skie’s.

Smelling for a scent,listening for a little boy’s cries

He comes across a farmhouse.on the outskirt’s of


He thought he smelt something,thought he heard

a sound.

He sit’s down,put’s his left paw on the grass.

And then looks to the heaven’s for help.

Then he get’s all excited,and let’s out a little yelp.

Twenty feet away,and two feet underground.

A little boy lays in a box.

Super Dog run’s over,and start’s to dig like a demented


A few second’s later,Joey is finally breathing fresh air.

He look’s up and see’s a Dog with a flashing symbol on

its chest.

But Joey doesn’t care,he just want’s to see his Mummy

and have a little rest.

Super Dog is exhausted.

Fighting crime,takes more out of you ,then you think.

He just wants to go home to his dinner,and have a drink.

He locates his home,and land’s not that far away.

He doesn’t want Sally Jo to see him as a Super Dog.

He is just Eddie the well loved stray.

Sally Jo see’s him coming,and let’s out a cry of surprise.

Eddie is crying also,he can feel is heartbeat rise.

Sally Jo and Eddie are reunited in the middle of the street.

Sally Jo gives him a cuddle,and his favourite treat.

Eddie drags the red cape,and puts in the back of his kennel.

Where Tracey grows Tomatoes and Fennel.

The logo on his chest is no longer visible

It has gone to silent mode.

Eddie is in his backyard,running around

barking and yapping.

Sally Jo is jumping up and down laughing and


But Eddie knows that the happiness want last.

Sooner or later,he will catch up with his past.

Super Dog will reappear

And once again he will fight crime.

And deal with all the legal Eagles.

There is one thing that he loves to do

And that is,to

Fly like a Beagle.