A Star fell from the Sky

and hit me on the head

I was seeing Star’s,haha.

My head was hurting,it like,bled.

A Train came off the track’s

as I was walking across

I guess that Train told me

who was boss.

I went to the beach

and there was a tidal wave

As I can not swim

I went to my grave.

My leg is hurting

I have a pinched nerve

I think I am getting

more then I deserve.

I went to a fancy restaurant

And ate a meal,with a trace of


As I am allergic

I spewed up my gut’s.

I went bushwalking

And I got bitten by a snake

I fell to the ground

I did not wake.

There are a million way’s to die.

It only take’s one,and you are dead.

Fate is going to grab you

and tell you that your time is up.

Maybe I am dreaming

And it is all in my head.

I went for a swim

And got eaten by a Great White.

It didn’t take much

Just one bite.

I went paint balling

and got hit really bad

Got a welt,got infected

I guess fate was calling

I went to work and I got

attacked by a rabid Chicken

It found my eye’s

And it just kept on picking


Fate,is like your final date

Do all you want to do

before it is to late.

Minute by minute

your time is ticking

But in the meantime

I am still alive and kicking.

I went for a bike ride

Down the Fearnley track

I came off,on a hard shoulder

Fate just looked at me

and said,told ya.

I just wish that fate

would give me a bit of a rest

I have had enough of the pain

I try to be tough

But I guess it aint enough.

I go skydiving

Well you can guess the rest

I land with a thud

I say to fate,thank’s a lot bud.

I go to the letterbox

to collect my mail

And I got stung by a Bee

I have a reaction

I can no longer see.

I go shopping

and get caught shoplifting

Fate is a gift

that keep’s on gifting.

Fate is a word,that I have come

to hate.

You cant escape it

You are caught in it’s web


Fate will sneak up behind you

and bite you on the arse

trying to get to the toilet

without a hallway pass.

I played a game of Cricket

The ball hit me in the knacker’s

now they look like

a couple of Jatz cracker’s.

I don’t want to leave the house

inside I am safe and sound

Surely fate cant find you

If you don’t want to be found.

I play a round of Golf

I am swinging

free and easy

I get struck by lightning

while standing

under a tree.

Sitting on an outdoor Dunny

Got bitten by a Red Back Spider

Got bit on the butt crack

By that nasty little Red Back.

In the hospital

recovering from the bite

Laying in my hospital bed

the overhead TV fall’s down

and hit’s me on the head.

It is a bright and sunny day

what could go wrong?

Went for a walk around the lake

Got attacked by a Black Swan.

Okay fate,you win

My hand’s are up,I surrender.

You have got the best of me

from January to December.

I walk around in wrap around sunglasse’s.

So fate cant see my face.

A hat hat complete’s the disguise.

So between me and fate

who will win the race.

Well we all know the answer

fate cant be defeated

You can try all you like

But fate,will not be unseated.

Fate is like a tube of Supa Glue.

He is gonna stick to me and you.

He want give up

he is who he is

I think the time has come

for me to finish this poem

Fate is calling.

He is calling me home.

Well that is all folk’s

Fate has whispered in my ear

He told me

That my time is near.

Well I back answered

And I told fate to fuck off.

He just smiled

and shrugged his shoulder’s.

He told me my life is over

It has unfolded.

I gave it one last effort

and I told Mr fate

that he is unwanted

Can you please just go away

and leave me alone.

He just stared

with a steely look in his eyes

It is time for me to say

my final goodbye’s.

I am still waiting for fate

to knock on my door

I don’t mind waiting

I can wait for year’s

But when he finally say’s

Steven,your time is up.

I will accept my fate.

You cant put your life on hold

Okay fate I will do as I am told

That is it,my time is over.

But could I tempt fate

could I be so bold?