I was sitting in the park the other day

watching a game of Cricket.

A cheer went up, down go the wickets.

As a new batter strolls to the crease

my mind starts to wander.

And I have a look around

and something breaks the peace

I catch sight of some playground equipment.

They remind me of you

you know why.

We have had this argument before

about your mood swings.

Just like the swings in the playground

back and forth,to and fro

back and forth to and fro.

Just like when I open the door

and want you to go.

You start to walk out and come back again.

Like a swing back and forth to and fro.

Just open the door and go.

A shout goes up another batter is out.

He strolls away shaking his head.

He failed to score.

And out of the corner of my eye

I see a See Saw.

It goes up and down up and down

down and up down and up.

Just like when you have been drinking from

the Devils cup.

When you are up you reach dizzy heights.

And you are a good person to be with.

But when you are down

You drift down to the depths

It really gets to me.

And saps all of my strength.

You are like playground equipment

You say you are going to change

but you lack commitment.

Our love is like broken rusty

playground equipment.

Another batter comes and goes

he is out leg before wicket.

But I cant concentrate on this game

of Cricket.

My eyes drift back to the playground


I think of you reaching for the stars

Just like the kid playing on the monkey bars

But just like always you don’t reach up

You always look down

and you lose your grip

and you land heavily on your hip.

Just brush yourself off and climb back up

Just get a better grip on the bars

get a better grip on reality.

One day I hope that you do reach your star.

And that you land on your feet.

You are like playground equipment

sitting in the park all alone

Waiting for someone to come out and play.

Sometimes you can wait all day

You are like playground equipment.

A cheer goes up another batter walks to

the crease

I am thinking how quiet it is

I have finally found some peace.

I am thinking about you

about you talking no sense

giving me all kinds of lip.

Then my eyes look at the slippery dip.

How you just slide on down

and land on the ground.

I just think come on baby

just grab hold of the rungs

and climb up the ladder.

But I guess all the songs have been sung

and you go from sad to sadder.

You are like playground equipment

sitting all day in the rain

A little bit under the weather

Always in a predicament.

You are like playground equipment.

The last batter walks onto the field.

They need two runs to win.

This is the last game of the season.

The ball flys through the air

and the stumps are broken.

As the players leave the playing arena

My eyes are once again drawn towards

the goddamn playground equipment.

I walk towards them

thinking about my favourite girl

and her lovely sounds

My eyes are drawn to

the Merry go round.

I climb onboard

as it goes round and round

The thoughts in my head are also

going round and round.

I sit on the horse

thinking about your favourite perfume

Yeah you are a bit moody

but who isn’t?

You say things that you don’t really mean

But who doesn’t?

Then my nostrils start to twitchThat scratch starts to itch

I know that smell

I have scratched that scratch.

As the Merry go round goes around

I see you standing there.

And what is that on your  face?

Is it a smile?

I hold out my hand and you climb aboard

We start to chat like lovers under the covers

And I have come to realise that things aren’t

all that bad.

And if I open up my mind

there is fun to be had.

You are like playground equipment

sparkling in the Sun.

waiting to have some fun.

You want to try and change

and show some commitment.

You are just like a piece of shiny

playground equipment.