The old lady is sick

and she has been for years.

Her condition is getting worse.

Is her condition terminal?

Maybe not quite yet

But it want be long

and that is a safe bet.

We as Human Beings

have to wake up to ourselves

We are never happy with what

we have,

We always want more.

We buy a car,a sensible size is

not enough.

It has to be a gas guzzling four

wheel drive.

We buy a house and it has to  be

two stories with a pool.

We buy a takeaway meal and we

always upsize.

If we don’t watch out the Rainbows

will fall from the sky.

The old lady

shakes her head in anger

Will people never learn

Sooner or later the tide will turn.

A factory in downtown Paris

Is leaking toxins into the river Seine

All the Fish and Frogs all of the

animals living in that river.

Are killed outright or die a slow

painful death.

The water in that river is the water

that people drink.

Come on people stop and think.

The old lady

rolls over in her bed

she has a stomach ache

Time is running out

it is make or break.

The rainforests in Brazil are

being decimated at an alarming


Just so people can have wood chips

toothpicks and matches.

And all the rest.

Human Beings are the worlds number

one pest.

Come on people how are we going to


If there aren’t any trees.

Who will pollenate the plants

if there are no honey bees.

It is enough to bring an old lady

to her knees.

Do you want her to say please?

The old lady

is the original Greenie

She is the keeper of all the Fauna

and Flora.

So come on get your hand off your


You better not ignore her.

In Florida an introduced Python is

killing off all of the local wildlife.

So no more animal sounds are heard.

And of that you have Mother Natures


In the western suburbs of Sydney

Another housing estate is in the


With the razing of all the trees and


Are the Koalas ,Possums and Birds

supposed to live on electrical poles

Come on people set higher goals.

The old lady

sits up in bed clutching her chest

The pain is getting stronger.

If the old lady dies

so does the planet.

In China the smog is so thick.

You cant two feet in front of you.

The colour of the sky is a nasty shade

of yellow and grey.

If they keep on going like that

Mother Nature will make them pay.

Another oil tanker has capsized in the

gulf spilling oil in the water 10 million

barrels or more.

Everything is covered in a greasy oily slick

It is enough to make you sick

Very sick

The old lady

Stares at the ceiling

she can no longer sit up

Her eyes are burning in a rage

We have come to the final page

There are no more second chances

The time to act is now.

Mother Nature has had enough

it is time for retaliation

A strike that will hit every nation.

Drought,floods,disease,tidal waves


She will unleash them all until we all

come to our senses.

If we don’t learn a lesson

Mother Nature will teach us a lesson

or two.

So everybody  on this planet in every country

and nation

We are all part of creation

So clean up your act.

Mother Nature is talking to every one

of us.

So rein in your greed

rein in your need.

Don’t live beyond your means.

You know that everybodies favourite

colour is Green.

The old  lady AKA Mother Nature

Her condition is stable.

But it could quickly go from bad to


And if that happens Mother Nature

will be mighty pissed.

And if we let that happen

We will cease to exist.