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You have read the books and seen all the movies

about the Secret Agent Man

James Bond,Jason Bourne and all the rest.

Well this is a story about the Secret Agent Ma’am.

A female agent named Agent Cynthia Chance.

Give her half a chance and she will take it.

Give her your heart and she will break it.

Cynthia grew up on a farm in the state of


Dreaming about life in the city.

She was sick of picking Peaches.

She is good with a gun

And she can ride a Horse with the best of them.

When Cynthia was ten years old she was sitting

at the kitchen table.

Dreaming about being a Secret Agent.

And eating her favourite meal which was

alphabet soup.

And that will come in handy when you think

about it.

You have the FBI CIA NSA DEA TFA and all

the rest.

Cynthia made sure that she got good grades

in school.

And that is what she did.

She got A in all subjects.

On to college and Cynthia is still dreaming her


Quantico Fort Meade fort Lauderdale.

She doesn’t care where she is posted

As long as she gets a post.

But first she has to finish college.

After college she applies to all of the

before mentioned three letter employers

And the CIA shows some interest.

Can she come in for an interview?

Well of course she can.

She wears her lucky outfit and her pumped

up shoes.

And she walks out of the door with a look of


The interview starts on time

Cynthia is very nervous and she starts to sweat.

But she answers all of the questions.

And then her time is up.

Cynthia leaves the building she doesn’t know

what to expect.

She is told that she will receive an email in a


Telling her if she has been successful or not.

Cynthia goes back to the farm.

Her parents are happy to see her back at home.

Cynthia helps around the farm but her mind is in

another space.

She boots up her laptop every hour on the hour.

waiting for that email.

On the 29th day her prayers are answered.

And Cynthia is offered a position at the CIA.

She flies off to Fort Meade and she is put through

her paces physically and mentally.

She is put to the test.

Cynthia passes with flying colours.

Nothing can keep that girl down.

She not only passed but she finished in

number one position.

It goes without saying but the male recruits

weren’t happy to being upstaged by a female.

But Cynthia doesn’t even notice she is just

getting on with her training.

All the running jumping gym work.

Plus all the time spent in the classroom.

It doesn’t leave much time for romance.

Cynthia knows that she has the goods

With bright Blue eyes and killer thighs

But all she wants is her first posting.

And she gets it.

Her first posting is to London,England.

A safe post for a rookie.

Her title says Cultural Attache.

But she really is a Spy.

Cynthia likes the outdoor Cafes when it isn’t


A month after her arrival in London she is enjoying a Latte

at her favourite Café.

Then there is an almighty bang.

And a double decker bus explodes in a fireball.

Body parts and debris rain down on the


Cynthia automatically goes into Spy mode.

And she spots a black Saab parked just up

the road.

With a couple of suspicious characters inside.

She draws her Beretta and approaches the car

from the rear.

The passenger suddenly aims a weapon out of the


Cynthia goes tap tap and the rear window explodes and

both occupants disappear in a red mist.

All up there are 42 fatalities and 30 injured.

Cynthia has passed her first test and the bad guys are


For at least one more day the streets of London are safe.

Cynthia the Secret Agent Ma’am is ready for whatever

happens next.

Move over Bond and Bourne.

Cynthia Chance is on the case.

Her mission.

To save the human race.

Keep an eye out for the next instalment.

Cynthia Chance in Second Chance.

Will you take the chance?