A sad little Goat is sweating in the midday sun

Hasn’t her owner heard of the word shade

All of the Goats pain is man made.


Her chain is about six foot long

She can hardly reach her water bowl

If she was a Dog she would howl

If she was me she would scowl.


Meanwhile in a place not that far away

lives a Princess.

A Princess devoted to animals

If they are in her care they will survive

No more then that they will thrive.

She is Princess Tanya from Wilcannia

She lives in a house up Cessnock way

And caring and feeding her pets

takes a lot of her pay.

There is another thing about Princess

Tanya from Wilcannia.

The thing is Princess Tanya hasn’t got blood

in her veins

She has liquid sugar

She has a very sweet tooth cakes pastries soft

drinks and all sorts of lollies

But when she goes shopping Pop Tarts

fill her shopping trolley

It doesn’t matter what flavour

she will eat them by the box full

She will eat twenty a day

and that is no bull.


The Goat is still tied up

She is bleating an awful sound

Her cruel owner is never around

The water bowl is almost empty

The grass has been eaten down to the


Once again the Goat bleats that awful



The Goats owner is a cruel old man

Who doesn’t deserve to own a Goat

or even a Dog or a Cat.

not even a pet rock.


The Goat is getting frantic

as she tries to reach some grass

But she is one tough Goat

she is the top of the class

She gives her chain another tug

and the iron peg comes loose

And finally the Goat is free

she has escaped the noose

The Goat is happy but also sad

her long floppy ears cant quite hide

her tears

as she runs into the scrub

All she wants is a owner to love her

and give her belly a rub.


Princess Tanya from Wilcannia

is sitting in her lounge room

a Pop Tart in one hand

a cigarette in the other.

She is thinking about her  collection

of  animals

and she wants a new pet

she isn’t very fussy

she will take anything she can get.

Her eyes go to the front lawn

and she sees that it is need of a mow

She tried to start the mower yesterday

but she couldn’t get it to go


But then she thinks what she really needs

is a Goat or a Sheep

Then the grass could get a clipping

while she has a sleep.


The Goat is just roaming around

at least she has plenty to eat

But she is still unhappy

and a little unsteady on her feet

She is startled by a noise

and she takes off at a sprint

She doesn’t really know where she

is  going.

Then the peg on her chain gets

snagged on a root.

She is chained once again

and all she can do is bleat

so she turns her mouth to the sky

and she goes bleat bleat bleat bleat

With all of her might

This Goat wont go down without a fight

Meanwhile Princess Tanya

is laying around watching a movie

when she hears the sound of a Goat

A Goat in trouble

So she jumps to her feet on the double.


She races outside to find the source of the


That Goat is frantic

It has to be found.


Once outside she realises that the sound

is coming from down near the creek

She races down there and she sees that

the Goat is laying down looking very weak

As she gets closer the Goat looks her right

in the eye

The Goat sighs with relief and lets out a

mournful sigh


Princess Tanya drops to her knees and releases

the Goat from the chain

The Goat is relieved to be free from the pain

Princess  Tanya walks towards home dropping

some crumbs behind her

looking back every now and then

To see if the Goat is following

The Goat gets the message and she struggles

to her feet

Then she starts to follow the stranger

She just knows that she is in no danger


Reaching home the Goat and the Princess

have already formed a bit of a bond.

The Goat has found a new home

The Princess has waved her magic wand

Princess Tanya names the Goat Gretel

She took a while to settle

but now she is part of the family

She fits right in place

You cant keep the smile from her face

Now the Goat and the Princess

are always together

When the Princess goes off to work

The Goat waits and frets

Will they be together forever?

You bet