There is a very irresponsible Tomato

He goes by the name of Big Red

He doesn’t like being told what to do or say

So says his wife Ruby Red.

who always gets her way.


As usual Big  Red is running late

and he is captured and thrown into the back

of a very large truck.

The life of an irresponsible Tomato is really

starting to suck.


Big Red  and a thousand other Tomatoes are

unloaded and placed onto a conveyor belt.

But with his little green bits he hangs on for

grim death.

And he gets a bruise and a nasty little welt.


He doesn’t like the look of what lays ahead

He should of stayed green and remained in bed.

Cause nothing beats a life on the vine.

Swinging in the breeze is all sweet and fine.


Up ahead is Mr put the Tomato in the can man.

He isn’t very happy cause he can see Big Red

dragging the chain.

God irresponsible Tomatoes can be such a pain.


How hard can it be to go into a can

Thinks Mr put the Tomato in the can man.

Some Tomatoes are just plain stubborn

They don’t know when to give in

After all what is so bad about being sealed

inside a can of tin.


Big Red rolls off the conveyor belt and lands

in the handbag of a worker leaving for lunch.

He cant believe his luck and he says a silent

‘Thanks a bunch’.

The worker sits on a park bench and reaches for

her lunch.

But instead of an Apple she grabs a big juicy Tomato.

She lets out a yelp and Big Red lands on the ground

with a crunch.


He rolls down the hill straight into a storm water drain.

He has lost a few seeds and a bit of skin.

But there isn’t much pain.


As he bobs up and down in the dirty water

Big Red thinks about his wife and daughter.

Ruby Red and little Very Red.


Big Red starts to struggle.

If he was responsible he would have brought

an oar.

Big Red is trying his best

But he really cant take much more.


Just then a Possum wanders past feeling really


He would really like a blossom

But a Tomato will do.

He doesn’t care about dirty water and a bit of poo.


Big Red notices the paw reaching for the prize.

But Big Red is smarter then a Marsupial.

When he went to school he was the star pupil.


With a bit of a shake and a bit of a roll

He exits the sewer pipe.

and he lands on a grassy knoll.


We know that Big Red is irresponsible

but he is also irresistible.

For a Wasp has heard the commotion

and she springs into action.


She intends to inject her eggs inside Big Reds


So that her off spring has some feed.

But Big Red also has a need.


He needs to escape at full speed


He has thought of a ruse

And he rolls over and shows the Wasp a purple



The Wasp has a look

she really prefers fresh fruit

So she lifts up her right foot

And she gives Big Red the boot.


Big Red just lays there catching is breath

Thinking about how many times he has

escaped death.


Just then a farmers ute comes flying down

the road.

And he squashes Big Red like a Cane Toad.


Big Red is not with us anymore

But at least he want end up in a can

or in a bottle of Tomato puree

Lets celebrate the life of Big Red

The irresponsible Tomato

Hip Hip Hooray.

The Irresponsible Tomato

is now just a speck in the sky

And I know I shouldn’t say this

But you cant beat Tomato sauce on a Pie.