Cuddles the Koala is sitting high up in a Eucalyptus


Feeling down in the dumps.

He hasn’t seen his Mother in over three days

Only six months old Cuddles is finding it hard to fend

for himself.

There isn’t any good news for Cuddles his Mother has

been hit by a car.

They will never be reunited.

Cuddles is all alone in the big wide world.

He is an only child.

Cuddles is snoozing.

The oil in the Eucalyptus leaves acts like a

sleeping pill.

Koalas sleep for about 20 hours in a day.

The rest of the time is spent eating.

When Cuddles wakes he hears a strange sound.

And he watches as the trees all around him.

One by one they fall to the ground.

The sound he is hearing is the sound of a


It is a wood cutting machine.

Cuddles can only sit and watch the destruction.

In the distance is a Mountain that he has never

seen before.

The reason he has never seen the Mountain before.

Is because the trees used to block his view.

Now you can see all the way to Timbuktoo.

Cuddles hasn’t seen another Koala for over a week

He is lonely he needs some company.

It is boring eating leaves all on your own

So he has a good scratch and gives his fur

a bit of a comb.

After another 20 hour snooze Cuddles climbs

down from his tree

To try to cure his lonesome blues

But his descent hasn’t gone unnoticed

For a Wild Dog  has picked up his scent

Cuddles is just lopping along he is unaware

of the approaching Canine.

As far as he is concerned everything is fine.

But at the last second he senses the danger

If he could yell he would yell for a Park Ranger.

Cuddles and the Dog are rolling in the dirt

Cuddles lets out a grunt and writhes in pain.

He is very badly hurt.

Cuddles fights back and claws the Dog in the


The Dog lets out a yelp and loses his grip.

Cuddles has lost half of his left ear

He has a lot of cuts and scratches

and a badly bruised hip.

Cuddles scrambles back up his tree

He licks his wounds and has a bit of a cry.

He lifts his head and looks to the sky

He knows that he has had a lucky escape.

For the next year or so Cuddles recovers from

his injuries.

And he has gains a lot of confidence.

He can only hope that Dog attacks are in the

past tense.

Cuddles can feel a change as he reaches Puberty.

He has hair that wasn’t there before.

And a growth between his legs.

That female Koalas cant ignore.

Feeling all pumped up and randy he once

again ventures out of his tree.

And he lands on the back of a Numbat.

For a second there he thought it was a Cat.

Once again Cuddles climbs to the top of his tree.

Feeling a bit sorry for himself he has a look around.

And he can see the Mountain plus the whole horizon.

He hasn’t realised that all of his habitat is almost gone

Even though he isn’t very smart

Cuddles knows that this is wrong.

Cuddles is feeling stressful in a bit of a low mood

All he wants to do is sleep and eat his favourite food

His eyes are really itchy he has a dose of Conjuntivitis.

He will need al of his strength if he is going to fight this.

He also has a wet bottom caused by  the Chlamydia Organism

He has nowhere else to go

He might as well ne in a prison.

Cuddles is only one Koala but these problems affect


Loss of habitat getting hit by cars

Diseases and Cancer affect all of the Koala populations

We should do all we can to help the Koala

After all it is a symbol of this great nation.

If we don’t do anything there will be no more Eucalyptus


Just so there can be another housing estate

Lets do something before it is too late.

Koalas cant live on fresh air alone

They need those precious leaves

Koalas need their own space if they are to thrive

They need it if they are to stay alive.

All they want to do is sleep eat and poo.

Cause if we are not careful the only place you

will see a Koala.

Is in a freaking zoo.