In a land that time has forgot

Rules a baby faced despot

His name is Kim Jong-un

A mongrel second to none

He controls the Northern part of a

country cut in half

His people have travelled  a long

lonely path

It looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth

But he has nothing but contempt for the

people in the South

And the rest of the world for that matter

If he lived in wonderland he would be the

mad hatter

Sin li works on a farm pushing a Horse

drawn plough

She has no plans for the future

She lives in the right now

There are no tractors or machinery

No food no money no opportunities

Meanwhile Kim Jong-un is in his castle

smoking a cigar

Watching as a worker washes his car

He probably has someone to wipe his arse

Kim Jong-un has something but it sure isn’t


Soo Jang ho works in a factory making bomb


She is lacking drive and she has no commitment

And who can blame her she works a fourteen hour


All she gets is blisters and very little pay

Kim Jong-un is relaxed

He has just enjoyed some female company

drinking Cognac and watching some TV

He thinks he is cool with his uniform and

weird hair cut

But Kim Jong-un you are anything but

Kim Jong-un lives in a house with a 175


He lives so high he can almost touch the Moon

He sits on a golden throne

Talking into a nickel plated mobile phone

He does all of this while his people are starving

Kim Jong-un you are stark raving

29 million North Koreans live on I don’t know


There sure as shit aint no food

As I said this is the land that time has forgot

Kim Jong-un is snacking on Lobster tails and South

Atlantic Caviar

His reign has gone too far

Terror and fear rule the towns

scared of this baby faced clown

Kim Jong-un grew up as a normal child

He was really into the NBA

But then he came under the will of his

father Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-un and his forebears have ruled

North Korea for far too long

It is past the time that they were gone

With the treatment of his people and nuclear


Kim Jong-un is a universal pest

Like any pest he needs to be eradicated

Assassinated or Watergated

The Berlin wall has come down brick by brick

There are no more dramas in Vietnam

The Soviet Union is no more Hitler and

Musselini are way in the past

So there is still hope for the North Korean


Maybe one day North and South Korea will

become a reunited nation.