Maxine is Thirteen years old living on a farm in the

middle of nowhere

She dreams about the Big Smoke she has a wild

sense of adventure

But if she not careful her dream could come true

Maxine lays on her bed writing a goodbye letter

to her parents

She has had enough she has to get away

She writes the last sentence and a tear drop falls

smudging the page

She packs a suitcase and grabs the money she has

been saving

Her parents are asleep and she sneaks out the back


She will never see her parents or the farm again

Maxine is a very pretty girl tall for her age

But she is still only Thirteen she has no idea of

what lays ahead

A naïve child who thinks she knows it all

She gets to the farm gate and has one last look

at home

Then she picks up her suitcase sticks out her thumb

and waits for a ride

It is a five hour drive to Sydney

Maxine has heard of a place called Kings Cross

She will arrive get a job make a lot of money

Buy some fancy clothes and lots of shoes

Maxine still hasn’t opened her eyes

A big city is no place for a little girl

After a while Maxine gets a lift from a truck driver

When Maxine says she is going to Kings Cross

The truckie gives her a knowing smile

For Maxine life is about to get rough very rough

Before she knows what is happening she is forced

to perform a sexual act

Maxine was a very pretty girl

Now she is just a pretty mess

The truckie drops Maxine off at the Cross

After she is forced to perform a few more times

A bewildered Maxine wonders the streets of

broken dreams

A vacant look in her eye

Maxine sits in a door step she has nowhere to go

Her heart is racing she is scared out of her wits

She wants to catch the first Bus back home

She doesn’t see the stranger approach

and she is dragged into an alleyway and raped


She lays there bleeding and crying

Maxine was a pretty girl

Now she is just a pretty mess

She wakes up in a bed she doesn’t know where

She is sore and ashamed how could this happen

to her?

An older girl comes up to the bed and says that her

name is Bonnie

She found Maxine and took her home

Maxine can stay as long as she likes

Bonnie can see that Maxine is feeling down

and she offers Maxine a happy pill

Something to put a smile back on her face

Maxine swallows the pill and soon enough  she is

floating on the ceiling

She kind of likes it up there

But then the euphoria wears off and she comes crashing

back down

Her skin is crawling and she is sick all over the sheets

Maxine was once a pretty girl

Now she is just a pretty mess

Bonnie yells at Maxine as she throws the sheets into

the washing machine

Little miss friendly has turned into little miss mean

She says that Maxine has to start paying her way

There is no room for a free loader

Bonnie cooks her a meal with a few happy pills mixed in

Maxine is off with the pixies

She doesn’t notice the man enter the room

But soon Maxine is screaming as she is penetrated

for the first time

Ten men visited Maxines room that night

Maxine is growing up fast she is Thirteen going on Twenty

She is covered in sweat and jizz

Maxine was once a pretty girl

Now she is just a pretty mess

Six months has passed and Maxine is hooked on the

happy pills

And she still earns a living laying on her back

Every now and then she will think about life back on the

farm and how much she misses her parents

But then she reaches for another pill as a new customer

enters her room

Maxine was once a pretty girl

Now she is just a pretty mess

Keep an eye out for the next instalment

Maxine(Beyond The Cross)