I am only five foot eight

I would like to be six foot four

I have long brown hair

I wish that it was black

I wish I had an IQ of 150 or more

Maybe 140 would do

I don’t want to be me no more

I want to be you

I follow a guy out of the gym

six foot four and black hair

walking along without a care

But his hair could do with a trim

I don’t want to be me

I want to be him

As he gets close to his car

I knock him to the ground

And I am on to him in one mighty bound

Then with my knife I slit his wrist

And give his neck a hard twist

His neck breaks with a loud snap

After I drink his blood

I am going to take a little nap

I drink his blood like a Vampire on speed

I swallow down three litres to satisfy my need

I steal my donors car and drive home as fast as I can

Hopefully  when I wake up tomorrow

I will be a new man

Sitting in my lounge chair

I feel a bit under the weather

Maybe drinking his blood wasn’t so clever

I am type 0 he must have been a type A

I race to the toilet and give it a good spray

I really need some new genes

Mine are tired and worn

I will get them by any means

Then I will be reborn

I see my next donor waiting to cross

at the lights

I race up behind him and rip out a

handful of hair

And I run away as fast as a hare

He had the hair colour and the height

that I want

He looked pretty smart

Hopefully his genes will fit

And I will cease to exist

I don’t want to be me

I want to be my donor

I don’t want to be

A short dumb loner

I get home and put the hair and some

water into a blender

I f this works I am gonna go on a bender

I blast for a minute or two

I don’t want to be me

I want to be you

I swallow down the concoction

Hair and hopefully Genes and DNA

Then the new me will be here to stay

But then I start to feel a little queasy

Why cant anything be goddamn easy

Again I race to the toilet

just down the hall

But all that I do is cough up a nasty little

hair ball

I really need some new Genes

Mine are a bad fit

I will get them by any means

Then I will be it

Now I am getting desperate

I know the source of my pain

I need the Genes from a new Brain

While I am at it I might as well eat the Heart

and the Bone Marrow

All I need now is a scalpel and a wheel barrow

My new donor doesn’t know what hit him

As I sneak up behind

He is the right height and I hope he is of

sound mind

One slice of my scalpel opens his throat

and he falls into my barrow

Another slice opens his spine exposing

the juicy Marrow

I slurp it down with a satisfying sigh

Then I wheel him away

His sightless eyes

look to the sky

I find a secluded spot and with a rock

I expose his Brain

With both hands I scoop it out

and eat it all down

Hopefully new Genes I will have found

His Heart is next and I eat it bloody

and raw

That’s it I am full I cant eat no more

Then in an ironic twist of fate

The Police catch me because of my own

Genes and DNA

My own body has given me away

I am writing this story from a home for the

mentally unstable

I will never be released

And for that the world should be grateful


I still want your Genes by any means.