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Deep inside middle Earth  lives a group of fire

breathing Dragons

Well I say fire breathing

But all that they are breathing now is smoke

Their fire has been extinguished

Now they are very undistinguished

They have lost their spark

You are not a true Dragon if you cant breathe fire

It is like a Bird that cant fly

Or a Fish that cant swim

The Dragons are getting worried

So the Elders call a special meeting

They need to find a solution

So they consult a mystical sorcerer

The sorcerer reads a old and worn Dragon

medical journal

And he mixes up a foul smelling potion of secret

herbs and spices

The KFC of the Dragon world

A young Dragon couple named Mr and Mrs Rockpile

Are expecting their first baby

They are also to be the Guinea Pigs

Mrs Rockpile drinks the potion and straight away she

feels a heat building up deep inside

The pregnancy goes well and Mrs Rockpile is getting

very very wide

Three months later their Son Barney is born

He is the perfect Baby

And he sleeps through most of the night

Barney has a drink of Baby formula for


Mrs Rockpile taps Barney on the back

To bring up his wind

The Dragon community has gathered around

in the hope that Barney might burp up a spurt

of fire

But all they get is a puff of smoke

For one year Barney burps nothing but smoke

There is not even a flicker of flame

On his first birthday his family decide to throw

Barney a birthday party

After Barney with the help of his Mum unwraps

his presents

It is time for the birthday cake

In the  middle of the cake is one unlit candle

Mum and Dad tell Barney to breathe fire

So that he can light the candle

Barney concentrates real hard

Says a prayer to the fire Gods

And then he lets rip

Out comes a little puff of smoke

But then there is a thunderous sound

And out shoots a wall of flame

Like a flamethrower from hell

The birthday cake is melted

And the family and guests run as the house

burns to the ground

The whole valley rumbled with that fire breathing


All of the Female Dragons are given the potion to drink

And one by one more fire breathing Dragons are born

Barneys Mum gives birth is a Son they call Connor

And to mark the occasion a BBQ is arranged

Barney as the first of the new breed of fire breathing

Dragons is the guest of honour

Barney is asked to light the BBQ

And he does as he is asked

All goes well and the Dragons enjoy some Brontosauras


Soon the valley is full of fire breathing Dragons

And Dragons are once again back to where they belong

Ruling centre Earth

Everybody knows that erupting Volcanos  is the breathe

of an angry Dragon

Sometimes Volcanos become extinct and they can lay

dormant for years

And then Dragons will breathe fire again

The Legend lives on