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My name is Anthony “The Butcher” Ironside.

They call ‘The Butcher” because I am handy

with a knife.

I am currently serving a sentence of fifty years

to life

I was Twenty years old when I first discovered that

I liked to cut.

Whenever I went I carried a big sharp blade

If you get on my bad  side

You should be afraid very afraid

I guess I got a bit complacent I got a bit


And the Cops caught me trying to kill victim

number ten

Now I am wearing an Orange jumpsuit in the

Big Pen

After a Ten year killing spree

I finally made the FBIs most wanted list

I sit in a cell at San Quentin

I have the locked away Prison Blues

I walk the walk in Prison issue Shoes

I was sent to Solitary Confinement for the first

time about after my arrival

When my cell mate tried to insert his cock between

my Butt cheeks

And I cut it off with my shank

Now he hasn’t got a monkey to spank

For that little over the top Circumcision

I got Thirty days in the hole

In there you lose the touch of your senses

You lose the sense of time

After my release I was sent to the general


And I was given a new cell mate

I told him that if he kept his pants on we

will get along fine

Just leave me alone to serve my time

About Six months later I was in the mess hall

having a meal of

Well I am not sure what it is

But I fork it on down

I think I just tasted a piece of meat

Then I look at the opposite seat

Sitting there is a guy of enormous proportions

And he is looking at my meal

He says that he wants a little taste

He is another fool that I have to waste

But then I decide to let him off easy

I will let him keep his life

But he will have to pay a price

His name is Cake and I want to have a slice

I ask him does he want to lose an ear or an eye

He looks at me like I am some crazy mixed up guy

But then I strike and I bite off his right ear

He lets out a scream

And his eyes that I spared are filled with tears

His ear I spit out on the floor

And I am sent to Solitary once more

For sixty days this time

After about Ten days I start to talk to myself

And then someone talks back

The voice in my head is speaking out loud

One voice in a one person crowd

If I spread my arms I can touch the opposite


In my sac my balls start to crawl

It is creepy it is scary  I cant see two feet in front

of my face

I walk back and forth

Short pace short pace short pace

On day thirty I think I am a Bat living in

a cave

My mind goes to a bad place

And starts to misbehave

On day Fifty I am seeing Spiders and Snakes

crawling on the ceiling

My emotional paint is peeling

My mind is warped my Brain has cracked

My wellbeing knows there is no coming back

Day Sixty arrives and the Guard opens the

Solitary confinement door

My Feet are moving but they don’t touch the floor

I am carried out on a Gurney

My functions are barely functioning

What presents did Santa Claus bring?

I have missed Christmas and the start of the new year

But the thing that I miss the most is my freedom

I am out of Solitary but I am still confined

I think that a Zombie has crawled into my mind

One year has gone only Forty Nine more to go

I wander around the exercise yard like the

walking dead

That Zombie is whispering bad things deep

inside my head

I go to the laundry room where I have hidden

my trusty shank

I am going to kill somebody

And you can take that to the Bank

I know that if I take a life I will get the

Electric Chair

Nobody deserves to die but who said that

life was fair

I have already picked my target

A sadistic guard by the name of Hawkins

He is now a dead man walking

Returning to the exercise yard I sneak up

behind him and I slice through his Throat

He goes to the ground

I guess shit doesn’t float

I am now back in Solitary

Waiting for my execution day

My date with the chair

God my Lawyer want appeal will he?

He wouldn’t dare

Keep an Eye out for the next chapter

Solitary Confinement ( A Lonely Life)

like the walking dead