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This is a story about a Southern belle named Savannah

Mae Huxtable

Who lives on a ranch outside Fort Worth Texas

She wears designer clothes and drives a shiny

new Lexus

Savannah Mae and her husband Billy Bob live at

her Grandpappys old family mansion

With eight bathrooms five bathrooms and ten staff

at her beck and call

It is no wonder that Savannah Mae feels like the  best

belle at the ball

But Savannah Mae is feeling so Goddamn lonely

Billy Bob is always with his wheeling and dealing

He hasn’t got a clue how Savannah Mae is feeling

When Savannah Mae is feeling a little down

She goes to her favourite part of the house

The huge entrance foyer

The walls are full of priceless originals

The room is full of classic sculptors

But her favourite is the Italian chandelier that hangs

from the ceiling

It seems to know how she is feeling

Savannah Mae sits on the palatial stairs

And watches that chandelier gleam

She just sits there and dreams her dream

One lonely tear slides down her face

Her dream is to be in a happy place

The chandelier senses her mood

Savannah Mae looks at that chandelier like she

is hypnotised

And slowly that tear drop dries

Billy Bob arrives home around midnight

Savannah Mae pretends to be asleep

But she cant resist having a little peep

Billy Bob is hiding something in the dressing table


Savannah Mae closes her eyes and dreams her

dream once more

About an hour later Savannah Mae is awoken by

movement in the bed

Billy Bob is lying beside her she smells a strange scent

in the air

It is coming from Billy Bob it is all through his hair

So Billy Bob is having an affair

Savannah Mae has suspected for a while now

All of his strange moods

Staying at work till late at night

But Savannah Mae wont give up her marriage

without a fight

Savannah Mae is distraught it is just as she thought

Billy Bob has taken her for a fool

If Billy Bob can have some southern comfort

Then so can she

She will find herself some bad company

Her bad company comes in the shape of ranch manager

Randy Axelrod

No words are exchanged just a simple nod

Savannah Mae is taken bent over the kitchen table

With no foreplay or even a kiss she is not ready

So the sex is painful and completely degrading

To Randy she is just a piece of meat

She drives home dripping blood onto the drivers seat

Arriving home she has a shower to wash away the shame

She hangs her head in remorse

But you cant turn back time of course

She sits on the stairs weeping some lonely tears

Staring up at that chandelier thinking about what she

has done

Thinking about what she has become

She goes up to her bedroom and tries to open the dressing

table but it is locked

What has Billy Bob hidden in there/

A gun condoms her his piece on the side

Savannahs Mae mind is going around and around

She has tried her best to be a good loving wife

So why is Billy Bob fooling around?

Savannah Mae is in the need of some more southern


This time it comes in the shape of a bottle of Scotch

Sitting on the stairs the lonely tears are flowing

And the chandelier is glowing

After about six glasses of the single Malt

She comes to the conclusion that everything is her fault

The chandelier whispers in her ear

Savannah Mae your time is here

Savannah Mae goes to her bed with the Scotch and a

bottle of pills

And one by one she swallows the lot

She closes her eyes and just slips away

She will never again she a Sunrise

Unless Billy Bob can save the day?

Billy Bob arrives home to find his wife comatose on the bed

An empty bottle of Scotch and pills by her head

He calls 911 and the paramedics arrive just in time

It is touch and go but they think that Savannah Mae will

be just fine

A few days later she gets home from the hospital

Frail but glad to be home

But what is in the dresser drawer?

She confronts Billy Bob about his affair and the locked


Billy Bob goes to the dresser and unlocks the drawer

And pulls out two tickets to London

A surprise for their tenth wedding anniversary

Savannah Mae doesn’t know what to say

How could she be so dumb?

She has let her emotions take over and then some

Billy Bob gets down on one knee and tells Savannah Mae

that ‘You are the only one for me forever and ever our hearts are

entwined until the end of time’

Savannah Mae and Billy Bob are now in a London suite renewing

their vows

They barely leave the room

Who needs Big Ben Buckingham Palace the Eye and the London


Cause we all know that love has the power

Back at home the chandelier whispers to an empty room

‘What about the smell of perfume?”

But that is another story