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A crazy man is wandering the streets

With wild hair he shuffles his feet

He doesn’t know where he is going

He doesn’t know where he has been

He lives on the edge of society

somewhere in between

Crazy mans head is in a different space

He is not quite part of the Human race

He lives his life under a dark cloud

The buzzing in his head

is getting real loud

Crazy man just wanders around in a daze

His mind is in a Purple haze

Now the colour has turned to Black

Something is about to happen

Something to gonna snap

Crazy mans problems started

when he was a young lad

All the other kids thought

he could be had

Crazy man bruised and used

But worst of all he was sexually abused

Crazy man started to wander up and down

a long black trail

That is when he knew that he was coming

off the rails

Naked as a Jaybird howling at the Moon

Crazy man is singing a looney tune

Only Fifteen at the time he has been

through a lot of crap

Even though he runs he cant escape the trap

Five kids grab him and pull down his shorts

The memory of it still haunts

Crazy man is tied to a Tree

He is sprayed with Semen

He is covered in pee

That is when Crazy man tried to become


He had his first attempt at suicide

You can run but you cant hide

Crazy man withdrew  from the world

and he became a recluse

Nobody wants to know you when

you have a screw loose

Crazy man is always alone

even in a crowded room

He wants to be accepted

He just wants to live his life

He just has to stay away

from the sharp edged knife

Crazy man has always been rejected

He is always the odd man out

Just try to know him

And see what he is all about

Crazy man isn’t perfect

But he always tries his best

Just give him a chance

And give the a abuse a fucking rest

Even though Crazy man tries to be


He always seems to get in the way

He doesn’t mean to

He is just looking for a safe place to stay

Crazy Man has always been down

Forever getting pushed to the ground

When he tries to get back up

He is kicked in the guts

He is down no ifs or buts

Crazy man thinks what is the use

in getting back up

Things always go from bad to worse

His life is one big mother fucking curse

Crazy man is still with us

he has reached middle age

He lives alone in a silent rage

He doesn’t understand why he is

always the target of abuse

Why get back up?

Whats the fucking use

But Crazy man is a survivor

he want go down without a fight

He will give it all that he has

He will give it all his might

You are probably wondering who the

Crazy man is?

Who could he be?

Well when I look in the mirror

I realise that the Crazy man is me

This story is dedicated to all the fucking

arseholes who made my life a living hell

This is a story that I didn’t want to tell

But I had to get it off my chest

And hopefully  put all the crap to rest

Nobody wants to know