Destructo is a Machine

Nobody knows where it comes from

Or who controls it

Destructo travels the Universes swallowing up all the

Space junk.

It weaves between the Planets and Moons sucking up

all the Floatsam & Jetsam that Humans and Humanoids

have discarded.

The year is 4074 and Humankind can no longer live on


The Planet is a toxic wasteland polluted by Nuclear fallouts.

Caused by Human ignorance and stupidity.

Fortunately Humans have established settlements on a few

Planets plus a large population on Earths Moon.

Mars is home to ten thousand Neptune about five thousand

and another five thousand call Saturn home

But the biggest population is on the Moon where fifty thousand

plus people have lived since 4050

Destructo is doing its rounds cleaning up the debris Satellites

Space Capsules it is constantly amazed by the amount of junk

that is floating around.

But Destructo isn’t complaining it is proud to be a Space Janitor

But there is a dark side to Destructo it is being monitored by a

sinister cartel of Orbs and Ruins

Humanoids of the most evil kind

They want to control the Universes the Orbs are the dominant


But the Ruins have the Brains

Brains and brawn the perfect combination

Every time Destructo swallows down space junk it is

digesting information

It travels down his digestive tract and the knowledge is


And the spam goes out of its bung hole

On the Earths Moon the United Council is having their

weekly pow wow.

Trying to keep a growing population happy isn’t easy

They live under six giant domes

Four are the living quarters one for food cultivation

And the last dome is for the water supply

Each dome is connected by corridors each dome is the

size of about ten football fields

The air supply comes from piping that sucks in the Moons


Then as it circumvents around the dome it is converted into

breathable air

The meeting breaks after a few hours with the only major

concern being that of boredom

And the lack of variety in the food

You can only eat so much Lentils Chick Peas and Corn

Destructo is still doing its rounds swallowing up all sorts of

metal and information

It is amazing what some Countries throw out as they do their

space explorations

As Destructo does its cleaning up service it passes by an unnamed


Destructo knows this Planet well he calls it Planet Creepoid

Every time he passes his outer shell shivers and its bung hole


Destructo is always glad to see the back of the place

Destructo has every right to feel uneasy because Planet Creepoid

is home base for the Orbs and The Ruins

The Orbs stand Eight feet tall with yellow scaly skin and a personality

like an over active Piranha

The Ruins are deformed and ugly like you would get if you crossed a

Gargoyle with a Shih Tzu

The leader of the Ruins one ugly mother who calls himself the Wise One

has his eye on Destructo and he is thinking that maybe a delegation of Ruins

could hitch a ride

And see what is on the other side

The Ruins are after their own Planet away from the domineering Orbs

The Orbs want to rule the Universe but all that the Ruins want is a Planet

to call their own

Destructo is sort of misnamed cause it really is a big soft metal Puppy

But it is big and mean looking so it came upon its moniker from an

unknown source

Destructo doesn’t know that it is being monitored by the Orbs

A seed has been planted in its upper compartment

But that seed is yet to sprout

The Wise One starts to whisper to the seed in Destructo telling

it to stop by so a boarding party can climb aboard

Destructo is feeling fuzzy he doesn’t know why it is landing on

Planet Creepoid

The Wise One and his underlings sneak onboard

Then he tells Destructo to fly to a Planet where his people can live

in peace and quiet

The leader of the Orbs a mean dominating prick named Ug has seen

Destructo take off with the Wise One stowing away

So the Wise One thinks that he can double cross Ug and get away with it

Well the Wise One is in for a surprise

Ug tries to whisper to that same seed but somehow the Wise One has blocked

his ability to get through

So Ug tells one of his subjects to prepare his Spacemobile for immediate takeoff

Destructo doesn’t know why but it is flying to the Earths Moon

He only did his clean up there a week ago

As they get closer Destructo loses all sense of control

And even though he doesn’t want to he lands on the Moons surface

And almost crashes into one of the domes

The Humans rush out only to be confronted by this huge metal machine

As big as an old fashioned Aircraft Carrier

Destructo is one mean looking machine

The Wise One sends out one of his underlings out to breathe the air

The underling survives and gives a little wave as he walks on The Moon

Oh yes The Wise One thinks this is the Planet for my people

A Planet of our own away from the Orbs

Ug the Orb Commander has followed Destructo on its flight to the Moon

So the Wise One thinks that he can just get up and leave

Just wait till he sees what I have up my sleeve

The United Council is wondering what is install for them as they watch

the ugly creature wave to the big machine

They are then left dumbfouned as they watch the machine takeoff

Lets just hope that they stay the fuck away

Destructo is still feeling fuzzy as he returns to Planet Creepoid

He watches as his stowaways disembark

He wants to get away from here before it gets dark

But there is no such luck for Destructo because Ugs thoughts are finally

getting through The Wise Ones blockage to Destructos metal Brain

Destructo feels like a Puppet with a broken string

Or a Bird with a broken wing

As the Wise One walks down the corridor to his living quarters he isn’t paying

attention and he is grabbed by two of the Orb guards and taken to the Prison

For The Damned

This is to be the Wise Ones last stand

A week later he is visited by Ug  and told that it is time for a celebration

The Orbs are about to expand their territory

All thanks to the Wise Ones sojourn to the Earths Moon

The Orbs have found a second Planet to call home

And it will be a Human free zone

The Wise One cant believe his ears this is his vision for the future

for his people

And Ug has come along and pulled the wool over his eyes

The Universe will now be full of blood red skies

In the final humiliation Ug tells him that his people will now become the

slaves for the Orbs

The Ruins are now nothing more then a people of serfdom

They no longer have a home or their freedom

The Wise One tries to protest but his vocal chords are severed by a

sharp blade

Then Ug scoops out his eye balls so he can no longer see the here

and now.

Then he slices off his ears so he cant hear the cries of his people

The Wise One is now nothing more then a shell

He is on his way to a place called Hell

Ug is feeling rather pleased with himself he has defeated his

sometime friend sometime foe

He has found a new place away from this overcrowded Planet

He is Ug the ruler of the Universe Goddammit

Destructo meanwhile has been sitting there idle feeling a little


But one thing that he knows is that his thinking is clearer

Something must have happened  his machine head is fuzzy free

He is thinking just like you and me

Ug is going to use Destructo as a Taxi Cab service

To ferry his people down to the Earths Moon

To start a new colony

To start a new chapter of the Orbs existence

Just hope that there is no resistance

But resistance there will be

Destructo is a Space Janitor he is a one machine cleaning crew

Not a transporter for an evil empire

Destructo knows that it is time to fight fire with fire

With the death of the Wise One Ug and the Orbs are using and

abusing the Ruins

The Ruins are well in Ruins they are no match for the much bigger

and stronger Orbs

Anniliation they are heading towards

Destructo is fuming there is nothing more annoying then a bully

Nothing annoys Destructo more then someone who doesn’t know their place

And that Ug is nothing more then a Dictator of the skies

It is now time for Ug to say his last goodbye

Destructo is normally a calm quiet machine

But enough is enough that Ug has to go

With a few sprays of WD40 Destructo lubes up his joints

and he is ready for battle

I f all goes as planned Ug will soon hear the death rattle

On board Destructo is a weapon that has never been used

That weapon is the Chromatimiser

It attacks the Chromozones and DNA of a targeted species

Then there is nothing left but a pile of faeces

Destructo flys back and forth over the Planet Creepoid releasing

its deadly payload

An invisible mist rains on down and the Orbs unknowingly breathe

it in

One by one the Orbs slowly unravel and they just liquefy  till they are

nothing but a stinking poo of flesh and blood

In his castle Ug is one of the last to die he cant believe that his dreams

want come to past

And then that motherfucker breathes his last

The Ruins don’t no what is happening  as they watch the Orbs dissolve

20 Million Orbs no longer exist

If that Ug was still around he would be mighty pissed

The Humans on the Moon have no idea how close they have come to


They are oblivious as they go about their business

They still live and breathe on their home away from home

Under their giant domes

Destructo is back at work cleaning up the Universes sucking up

all of the space junk

He is feeling god to be back

Destructo is just cruising around pleased to be back doing his job

But don’t get Destructo angry don’t get on his bad side

Because even in 100 universes there is nowhere to hide.


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