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Brandon Caulfield III was born under a bad sign

But he thought it was good

His family lived in a big house

in the right neighbourhood

They say that some people are born with a silver spoon in their


Well Brandon was born with the whole cutlery set

A bigger spoilt brat you have never met

His family made there fortune in Oil Timber and Cotton

It makes you wonder why Brandon turned out so rotten

His forebears owned one of the biggest plantations

In the southern part of the nation

At his first day at school Brandon was driven by his Nanny

They arrived in a big shiny Mercedes Benz

Brandon has family he doesn’t need any friends

He went inside and he told the Teacher that he was the head

of the class

The other Students looked at him like he was a Cockroach

There was just something about him so they didn’t approach

Brandon thought that he was the master of the ceremony

He thought that the Sun rose at his asking

He loves the spotlight he can do some basking

Brandon Caulfield III is special just ask him

He lives and breathes for the family money

In this land of Milk and Honey

At Fifteen Brandon met a girl named Roxanne

And after a few weeks they began to go steady

Brandon treated her bad he used her like trash

He thinks he can do anything because his family has cash

A few months later Brandon wasn’t wearing any protection

And he planted his dirty seed

Roxanne was left all on her lonesome

Brandon didn’t care and he headed for the hills

Cause he knew that his Daddy would take care of the bills

When Brandons Daddy heard of the situation

He sent a heavy around to Roxannes place

$100,000 should take care of the situation

Plus a few slaps of gentle persuasion

Brandon meanwhile had started to meddle with drink

and drugs

He used his mouth and his fists a little too much

He was always off his face he was starting to lose touch

Daddy didn’t disciple Brandon he just gave him more money

Surely money will make the problem go away

But the problem is a big one and it is here to stay

Ice Meth Speed Brandon has tried them all

He drinks it down with Bourbon up straight

Daddy megabucks better wake up before it is to late

But Daddy cant see the forest through all of the trees

Brandon needs help he needs some rehabilitation

But Daddy has other ideas of how to deal with the situation

He gets one of his sidekicks to drag Brandon home

Brandon is dragged inside kicking and screaming

No more drugs or Jim Beaming

For three months Brandon is locked in his room

He is going stir crazy but the drugs are slowly leaving

his system

There are no more drugs hidden in the toilet cistern

To celebrate Brandons success Daddy buys him a brand new


Brandon is Eighteen and eager to please

But his whole world is about to fall to its knees

Brandon is just driving around just cruising

Then he visits his old drug dealer to get a little something

But he takes more then he should

And his Brain cant cope nobodies could

Then he visits a liquor store and gets back behind the wheel

But the combination of the drink and drugs has pushed his

body too far

He shouldn’t even be walking let alone driving a car

Brandon doesn’t see the Stop sign and he drives straight through


There is a sound of broken glass and metal

Then the sounds of sirens and crying

Brandon just killed five people and he wasn’t even trying

His car has T Boned a Cadillac the people inside didn’t stand

a chance

The crying is coming from Brandon as he climbs from his Corvette

If he thinks he has seen trouble

He hasn’t seen nothing yet

Brandon just wanders around he hasn’t even got a scratch

The Cops give him a roadside test to see if he is sober

But Brandon is incoherent they know that he is well over

Brandon is taken to the local precinct and placed under arrest

He calls his Daddy who screams down the phone

And Brandon knows that he isn’t going home

Even now Daddy tries to buck the system and he attempts to

bribe the Judge

The Judge gives Daddy a mouthful then he calls the Sheriff

Daddy is placed in handcuffs

Yeah Daddy enough is enough

He still thinks that his money makes him immune

Daddy is going for how long I cant tell

Maybe he and Brandon can share the same cell

Brandon has his day in court and he is charged with the murder

of five people

The Judge gives him five life sentences

Brandon hangs his head as he is led away

Where he is going you cant see the Sun

The law and karma have come together

to take away his fun.


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