Billy Baxter is just five years old

And this is his first day at school

Billy Baxter is a good kid

Billy Baxter is cool

Getting off the School Bus Billy makes his way to his first class

After wandering around finding his way Billy finally finds the

right room

He sits down and straight away he feels something rotten wriggling

around in his bottom

Billy starts squirming on his chair he doesn’t know what to do

His Teacher notices that Billy is looking uncomfortable

and he asks Billy does he need to have a toilet break

Billy nods his Head and he runs out of the classroom

Billy runs as fast as he can but he cant stop the inevitable

He is embarrassed as his Bowels empty

But there isn’t any crap all he can see are about fifty white

Worms each about four inches long

The Worms scatter in all directions and as they move they seem

to be growing

Billy is feeling very weak as he makes his way back to class

But about halfway there all of the classroom doors are flung open

as about three hundred kids  try to reach the toilets

But most of them don’t make it and there is an eruption of the Worms

all over the corridor floor

The kids are all wandering around in bewilderment they don’t know

what is happening

Why are they shitting Worms and where did the Worms come from?

Billy has had enough and he slowly makes his way home

He has to get away from the Worms maybe his Mum has all of the


She will give him some Medicine and all will be well

He shudders as he thinks about the Worms from Hell

Arriving home Billy shouts out to his Mother

But there is no answer and there is a chill in the air

Billy knows that he should get the fuck out of there

Billy just said the F word for the first time in his short life

Billy knows that he is in the middle of a whole lot of strife

But he has to know what has happened to his Mother

Maybe she has gone shopping maybe she is drinking a Coffee

or she is getting her Hair cut

But Billy has a sinking feeling deep down in his gut

Opening up the front door Billy can hear a weird sound coming

from the back of the house somewhere near the Kitchen or maybe

the hall

God maybe Mama has taken a nasty fall

Billy runs inside but of his Mother there isn’t any trace

Her Car is in the driveway her handbag is on her Bed

Where can she be?

Billy doesn’t know what to do so he just heads back to school

Maybe all of the Worms have gone away?

Maybe tomorrow will be a Worm free day?

No such luck

Billy arrives at the School grounds and it looks like the Worms

have done the rounds

Pupils and Teachers lay on the ground writhing in agony as

the Worms crawl in one hole and out of another

Billy cant stop thinking what happened to his Mother?

The Worms are getting bigger  some are the size of a Cobra

some the size of an Anaconda

Billy just stands there his Mouth open in wonder

Where did the Worms come from?

Did they come from outer space?

Will they spell the end of the Human race?

Billy is still standing there with his Eyes bugging out

When someone grabs him by the Arm into the Library

It is a young girl who goes by the name of Mary

Mary is Eight years old and Billy is Five

Two little kids just trying to stay alive

They stand there at the Library window watching the carnage


The Worms are getting so big you could almost take them for a ride

Billys and Marys hands each other and become entwined

If Billy could find the remote he would press rewind

Life before the Worms was pleasant enough

Billy tried to act big and tough

But now that the Worms are here

Maybe big and tough want be enough

But big and tough is all that Billy has he is only Five but he

tries to act Sixteen

Even though he has a Baby face he tries to look nasty and mean

Billy and Mary walk the back streets of town looking over their

shoulders not making a sound

At the edge of the Soccer field they see a person being devoured by

about  twenty Worms

Billy feels something in his gut wriggle and squirm

The Worms are getting bigger they seem to be growing by the hour

Billy and Mary hide behind a Tree frightened and cower

The Worms are now twenty foot long and as thick as a Mans thigh

Billy knows that the time is right to be mister tough guy

But first things first Billy goes to a public restroom to put his stomach

at ease

But the pain gets bad and Billy falls to his knees

He feels the Worms coming out and they land with a plop


What he could do with now is a Worm destroying Cop

He and Mary go to the Community centre to see if they can find

anymore people still alive

There is only an old couple the local Mechanic and a guy named


So out of a population of about a Thousand people only Six have

survived the Worms attack

Billy just wants to run and never come back

But he cant do it he has to save his town

The only way to go is up he is tired of being down

The old couple are  a Mr and Mrs Armstrong from Carlyle street

They race over to Billy and Mary and tell them to have a seat

They want to hear the latest news

Are the Worms still on the rampage?

Is the town going to make it?

But Billy and Mary have no answers  there is nothing but empty streets

except of course the giant Worms

There is no one to meet or greet

The Mechanic Wayne has been working with spanners for a lot of years

While Clive is the town oddball but he is harmless enough

They both just sit there shaking but they are glad to be alive

Billy doesn’t know what to do but he has to come up with a plan before the

Worms spread any further

Then Billy remembers how he has been shitting Worms and then flushing the


So now the Worms are in the Water system

He tells the others that if they have been shitting Worms not to flush the


Just fill the shitter with Bleach and maybe that will kill them

Even though Billy is only Five he has become the leader he tells Wayne and

Clive to collect as much Petrol as they can

And then we will all meet up at the Church in half an hour

Mr and Mrs Armstrong are talking with Mary trying to think of a way to kill

the Worms

Billy tells them that he has come up with a plan

And then he tells them all about it

A half hour later they meet up with Wayne and Clive

They have filled about twenty containers with Gasoline

Billy tells them to pour the gas all around and don’t spare a drop

Hopefully now they can give the Worms the chop

Billy then opens the front of the Church and he gives a little whistle

And Mary up in the Church tower starts to ring the Church Bells

All of the Worms look up at the sound of the Bells

To them it is the sound of the dinner bell

They all wriggle and squirm their way inside

And when they are all of the way inside Wayne slams the front door

shut so the Worms cant escape

Billy joins the rest of the survivors at the churches back door

And with one strike Billy lights a match and throws it inside

Then he slams the back door shut

With a whoosh the fire catches and the Church begins to burn

Hopefully there will be a thousand fried Worms

Billy thinks that he can hear a screaming sound coming from inside

But he just walks away with out a second thought

Over the next few days Billy and his crew go around town killing off

any stray Worms

The danger is abating the Worms are all gone and the town is still standing

Except for the Church

Then Billy remembers the Worms that got flushed into the water supply

Will it ever end just when he was feeling proud and covered in glory

Will Billy finish off the Worms?

You will just have to wait cause that is another story.


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