Hamish Spencer has got a dilemma

It is 2015

But he lives in the year 1859

You see Hamish is Amish

And they shun the modern ways

They like to live in the dark ages

But to Hamish it is not dark at all

He wants to see the light

He has the right

Hamish lives in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

He gets around the streets in a Horse and Buggy

And he would do anything to have the chance to drive

a Car

There is no electricity at home

His Mother with a wood fuelled stove

His Father owns no power tools

Everything is done by hand

Sitting at home one night Hamish lays in his bed

dreaming about the outside world

He is reading with the aid of a Candle

It flickers and stirs up his imagination

He finally falls to sleep

But his mind is still wide open

Hamish is Sixteen and his dreams leave him frustrated

and sticky

Don’t get me wrong Hamish loves the Amish ways

But he also dreams about a life outside the Church

Hamish is a Male and his Hormones are flowing

His get up and go is getting up and going

Another day of home schooling and living his life in

the past

History is all well and good but you have to live your

life in the here and now

One day Hamish and his Father ride the Buggy into town

to pick up some supplies

After loading up the Buggy with bags of flour sugar salt

and a whole lot more

His Father tells him that he has some business to attend to

and that it will take him about an hour

Hamish feels self conscience sitting in the Buggy wearing

his white shirt Black pants with suspenders

Amish hair cut and Hat

He sees a group of teenagers approaching and he tries to

disappear but no such luck

They stop and they ask him about the Horse and does it

have a name?

He tells them that it is a working Horse and it hasn’t got a name

Hamish starts to relax as the teenagers talk and ask questions

Billy is Eighteen and the other males are Ethan and Mike and

they are both Sixteen

The Three Females are all Sixteen and their names are Sally

Anne and Bronwyn

Hamish and see that his Father is returning and he tells them

that they should go as his Father  doesn’t like him talking to

the townfolk

Sally tells him that they are going to the Drive In on Saturday

night and does he want to go?

Hamish feels his Heart racing but he nods his Head

Sally tells him that they will pick him up at Eight at the corner

of Old Farmers Road

They all say goodbye and Hamish can see that his Father has

seen him talking

His Father Abraham without saying a word clips Hamish behind

the Ear and tells him to stay away from the locals as they will lead

you astray

Hamish tells that they only wanted to know the Horses name

His Father just nods his Head and they head for home

But all Hamish is thinking is ‘What is a Drive In?

Saturday arrives and Hamish is nervous as a Kitten

He tells his Mother that he is going to the Neighbours to visit

some friends

He makes his way to Old Farmers Road and hopes that he isn’t late

Then he sees a Car speeding down the road

And then it skids to a stop

Billy is driving a rusty old Cadillac

But to Hamish it is a brilliant machine

He climbs into the back seat and he sits next to Sally

His skin tingles as their Hips touch

He has never been so close to a girl

He checks out the interior as he says hello to everybody

He cant believe how fast they are going

Everyone is talking at the same time

Then Hamish starts to feel guilty as he thinks about his parents

His Mother will be doing her needlepoint

His Father will be in the Barn making his Furniture

Just then Sally squeezes his thigh and the thoughts of his parents


They have arrived at the Drive In and Hamish cant believe the size

of the screen

Sallys hand starts to wander and Hamish says the Lords name

But not in the way that he normally does

But the moment is lost when Ethan asks him if he would like a Beer

Hamish has never touched alcohol and he thought that he never


But he finds himself reaching for the Beer

He has a little taste he doesn’t like it

But he drinks the Beer to fit in with the others

The Beer goes straight to his Head

But Hamish is relaxed and talks with the others while he watches

his first ever Drive In Movie

He isn’t quite ready to go past first base with Sally

He is still a Virgin

He isn’t quite sure what to do next

Sally squeezes his hand and tells him that it is alright that

there is plenty of time

After the Movie Billy drives towards home

But then he pulls off to the side of the road and Mike and Anne

ask Hamish if he would like to smoke some weed

Again to fit in Hamish has a little drag and then another

He is feeling a little stoned as he climbs out of the Car to walk home

Sally asks him for his mobile phone so that she can send him a text

Hamish explains that because he is Amish he doesn’t own a mobile


They all agree to meet at the same place and time next Saturday night

And then Hamish says goodbye and starts to walk home

He cant believe that he rode in a Car and went to a Drive In

Drank some Beer and smoked some weed

He sneaks in the back door and goes straight to bed

But he cant sleep he is starting to have second thoughts

Again he thinks of his parents and all of the lies that he has been

telling them

Hamish spends the next week doing his chores around the Farm

Milking Cows mending fences just helping his Dad

He has also reshod the Horse with no name

Saturday night is here and Hamish is looking forward to seeing his

new friends again

But when it is time to leave he finds his Mother and Father sitting at

the Kitchen table

He tells them that he is going over to the neighbours again

His Mother gets to her feet and tells Hamish not to lie that they know

that he isn’t going next door

Hamish has been caught in a lie

He tells his Parents that he has made some friends in town and that he

wants to drive a Car and see the outside world

Then without a good bye Hamish leaves the house of his upbringing

Perhaps for the last time

Once again he meets Sally and the others on Old Farmers Road

This time they just go to the local park to hang out and talk and

maybe get a little high

But this time Hamish doesn’t touch the drugs

Sally and him decide to move away from the rest for a little privacy

Just as things are starting to get heavy Hamish starts to think of his parents

and how he has deceived them

Hamish tells Sally that he is going home

He is Amish and he is proud to be Amish

Sally says that she understands and with a kiss they sat goodbye

About an hour later Hamish arrives home and walks through the front


His parents are still at the Kitchen table looking worried and fretful

Hamish just walks up to them and gives them a hug and he tells them

that he is home for good

He has had a taste of the outside world and he can wait a while before he has another

So Hamish and his Parents celebrate with Chocolate Cake and a reading of the Bible

Hamish is Amish and he always will be

He is glad that he is home

Never again will he roam

It just goes to show that the Grass is not always Greener on the other side of the


It all could be just a clump of weeds

Just stay where you are safe to satisfy your needs.


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