This is a story about Bucky the Beaver

Who lives in a dam  in North America near the

Canadian border

Bucky is a bit delusional

Cause he thinks he looks a lot like Justin Beiber

But with his two huge front teeth

He looks more like a water loving Wombat

Or an overgrown Dam building Rat

Buckys problem has always been his Teeth

He is always chewing and gnawing

but his Teeth continue to grow

Bucky is normally calm and just goes with the flow

But his Teeth are a real problem they are getting

him down

Bucky has come to realise that he has to make his

way into town

So Bucky stands on the side of the road with his

Thumb out

But out in the wilderness there aren’t that many Cars


About an hour later a Pontiac pulls over and the driver

offers Bucky a ride

But doesn’t know whether to take the ride or run and hide

Cause the radio is blaring way too loud

But he gets in the front seat and tells the driver to take

him to the nearest town

And can you turn that music down?

The driver turns down the radio and then she gives Bucky

the once over

‘Man you are one ugly Mammal with your greasy fur’

‘And you are showing way too much enamel’

Bucky thinks Mammal you might as well call me a freaking Camel’

Bucky is feeling down and his Head hits the ground

He cant that the driver was so Goddamn rude

Another Human with a bad attitude

Bucky tells the driver to stop and he slams the door as he climbs out

He crosses the road with tears welling in his Eyes

He goes to a puddle to see his reflection

It takes him a while to form the connection

His two front Teeth are now four inches in length

His Knees buckle God give me strength

If Buckys Teeth don’t stop growing he wont be able to eat

He needs a solution and he needs it quick

Or Bucky is going to get mighty sick

But first off Bucky needs some water he is starting to dry out

With a swim and a frolic Bucky gets in a better mood

But what he really needs is some food

But Buckys Teeth are getting longer even as we speak

Even longer then a Sabre Tooth Tiger at its peak

It isn’t funny anymore Bucky is in a bad place

With those two huge Cuspids spread all over his face

As Bucky is having a wash he notices that he is wahing

in a River maybe he can swim down stream and get some help

He can survive on good wishes and a mouthful of Kelp

So Bucky does the backstroke he doesn’t even know where he is


He just drifts with the current into the unknown

Then he lands in the Puget sound

As Bucky hits the shore he shakes himself off like a Dog

He feels like a furry tailed thumping Frog

Then he sees the bright lights of a town or a city

His high hopes get a bit of a lift

Maybe he can find a well wisher bearing a gift

Arriving in town Bucky comes to a Butcher shop

Maybe the Butcher can use a meat cleaver to give his

Teeth the chop

Walking inside Bucky sees a Butcher with a meat cleaver

and an apron full of Blood and gore

At the sight of the Blood Buckys Eyes roll back

And he lands with a thud on the floor

But seeing that Beavers only stand one foot tall

The fall wasn’t a big one

Bucky was more embaressed then hurt

Bucky gets to his feet and brushes off the dirt

Then he scampered to the door

He want be going back there no more

Bucky crosses the road and there is a sign that said

‘Mechanic on duty’

Maybe the Mechanic can put his Teeth in a vice and use

a hack saw

And cut his teeth down to size

But then again maybe that wouldn’t be so wise

So Bucky keeps on walking looking for another solution

for his toothy problem

For his two front Teeth are now 9 inches long

Buckys Stomach starts to rumble

He needs to eat and he needs to eat now

He would even eat the hoof off a Cow

Once again Bucky is walking and this time he comes to

the door of the local Chinese

After reading the menu he orders a bowl of soup and a straw

Because of his Teeth Bucky cant chew no more

With a slurp and a burp Bucky finishes off his lunch

Then he goes to pay the bill the Chinese Waitress at the

register looks Bucky in the Eye ‘You are one ugly Mammal

why don’t you get your teeth fixed?’

‘You should go to Dr Wu’ Who? ‘No Wu he is the best Dentist

in town

He is also the only Dentist in town

Bucky hasn’t got a choice and he waddles towards the Dentist

door His Teeth are now so long they almost hit the floor

He walks inside the Dentist office and the Receptionist gives

him a startled look ;Man you are one ugly’ she doesn’t get to

finish before Bucky screams out’ I  am not a Mammal I am a Beaver’

The Dentist door flies open and Dr Wu comes running out to see

what all the noise is about

He has one look at Bucky and ushers him inside

Bucky sits in the Dentist chair and he starts to relax

But then he sees the size of the Needle

And he lets out a silent scream that can only be heard by Dogs

And he wishes that he was home gnawing on some logs

Dr Wu places the gas mask over Buckys face

And soon Bucky is sleeping like a Baby

Then Dr Wu starts sawing and filing while his Assistant sucks

up the drool

Then the good Doctor does some buffing with a noisy tool

After the buff and polish Bucky wakes up from his snooze

Will the result be good or bad news?

The Doctor hands Bucky a mirror and Bucky cant believe

his Eyes

His Teeth are shiny and sparkling and back to normal size

Bucky is now back home building a Dam in his favourite pond

He has a full Stomach and he is chewing and gnawing on his

favourite cuts of wood

Bucky with his new pearly white Colgate smile

He is now back home for good.


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