In the Northern part of Iran lives a Carpet weaver

He owns a shop at the edge of a Bazaar

In the back room of this shop is something quite


Abdul Abdullah is a fifth generation Carpet weaver

He makes them all by hand with the aid of an ancient


In that dusty spiritulised eerie room

When tourists enter Abdullahs Carpet Eporium

They lose all sense of decorum

Something attracts them

Just like a Moth to a flame

Once inside their lives will never be the same

The façade of Abdullahs is nothing that a good Architect

would design

But it serves its purpose just fine

A lot of tourists just walk right on past

But others cant walk past it is like a spell has been cast

An American tourist with an uneasy smile is walking his final


He doesn’t know it but he has a Blood disease

But deep down he knows that all is not well

Abdul is standing at his front window watching the tourist

Then he asks the tourist to step inside

‘and would you like to go on a Magic Carpet ride?’

The American doesn’t know what to say to this

But he steps over the threshold

And into the realm of the unknown

The American is a long way from home

Once inside the ancient store the American is guided to

a Burgundy Curtain at the back of the room

The space behind echoes with the sound like a sonic


Abdul pulls on the Tassel and the Curtain slowly parts to reveal

an area full of sparks

The air is full of static electricity charges the atmosphere

The American is thinking ‘What in the fuck am I doing here?’

The centre of attention is a Magic Carpet that is hovering about a

foot up from the floor

It measures five foot by ten or more

Blue and Purple with flecks of Yellow

At the sight of it the American starts to feel very mellow

The American walks towards the Carpet and he climbs

onto the magic bunch of threads

Then he starts to feel different visions

Like he has one hundred Heads

Abdul tells him to sit down in the middle of the rug

And then when you are ready just give one of the threads

a little tug

The American closes his eyes and says a little prayer

He feels that he is in an Angels care

So he relaxes and he goes on that Magic Carpet ride

Then he travels to the other side

But he is not there to stay he is there for some treatment

and a remedy

As he flies through another dimension the American

can feel the heat in his Blood and Bone Marrow

The Carpet travels through  the Strait of the Narrows

In a fractured sky the Carpet flew

Into the Black and out of the Blue

The American can feel his Blood beginning to cleanse

He has gone from a cracked vista to a clear lens

Even though the Carpet didn’t actually go anywhere

It didn’t travel to Heaven on a winding stair

It did cure the American

His Blood disease is now a figment of his imagination

He has been back and forth from the dawn of creation

Even though the American has been cured

He isn’t in the clear

Because now he knows a secret a secret that he cant share

He cant whisper it in an Ear anytime or anywhere

But being an American he cant keep his Mouth closed

There was no need for water boarding or a rubber hose

The American talked and he talked loudly

There is no need for a Microphone

He wants to tell the whole world

Not just one person at a time

So the American calls a press conference

But when he starts to talk he is struck mute

The Magic Carpet Weaver has played a Magic Flute

The secret has been kept for over ten thousand years

Through sweat and Blood and a Million tears

The American is now silent and suspended up in space

He has no name and he has no face

Abdul Abdullah is feeling mighty pleased with himself

He has kept the secret with a bit of magic and a little stealth

But Abdul has noticed that a few journalists are still snooping


So he decides that it is time to go to ground

So for about a year Abdul goes about his business just selling

Carpets and Rugs to the locals and the tourists

He keeps a low profile waiting for the unwanted attention to die


Behind the Curtain the Magic Carpet is still giving off sparks from its

Magic threads

It needs some action

It is going stir crazy it is going off its head

The trouble is if you keep a Magic Carpet idle you are in for a whole

lot of trouble

It will wrap itself around you till you start seeing doule

But trouble is averted Abdul decides that the time is right for a


So he gives the Magic Carpet a bit of a spring clean

Then on a quite Tuesday afternoon Abdul puts his thoughts and

Brainwaves out there just like Honey to a Bear

He wants to attract someone willing to take a dare

And that someone walks straight up to Abduls front door

She doesn’t know why she is here

But through the mist of a painful tear she saw the Carpet store

and she knows this is where she has to be

She has cried enough tears to fill the Mississippi

She knows that something is eating her inside

She can feel it in her Bones

She knows that she is not looking her best

If only she could sit down and have a rest

I should stop calling her she because she has a moniker

And no it isn’t Monica

Her name is Rachel and she comes from France

Rachel knows that this is her last chance

The Doctors have told her that she has only six months

to live

Cancer takes it doesn’t give

As Rachel gets closer Abdul whispers to the wind

And the sound reaches Rachels middle Ear

Maybe a cure is finally here

Rachel takes a step inside Abduls place

And a look of hope lights her face

She has nothing to lose but plenty to gain

She is about to ride the Magic Carpet Train

Abdul guides Rachel to the Curtain

Behind it is the cure to her hurting

The Magic Carpet is getting frisky it has been confined for to


Will it sing a happy or a sad song?

Rachel cant believe when she sees a Carpet hovering above the


Is it time for a death or a rebirth?

Abdul tells Rachel to climb on up to close her eyes

She is about to fly through a Crimson Sky

Rachel closes her Eyes and she dares to dream of a cure

She feels like a little Girl once more all innocent and pure

As  the Magic Carpet flies between the Mountains and the


From the Skyscrapers to the Bowling alleys

Rachel feels like her body is inside a washing machine

But she can feel herself becoming nice and clean

Her Cells and Molecules are becoming free from the Disease

The Magic Carpet is friendly and eager to please

Rachel has gone from a body riddled with Cancer

To a smiling nimble smooth dancer

At Abduls Rachel has returned from her Magic Carpet ride

She is cured and feeling free and easy

Her Blood is flowing nice and smooth non greasy

Rachel steps off the Carpet  and she is thankful for the ride

Because she is now playing for the Cancer free winning side

The Magic Carpet is back behind the Curtain

And it isn’t an Iron Curtain

It is a Carpet for the sick and the needy

And the Carpet turns its back on the rude and the greedy

It hasn’t got time for people who treat other people wrong

You can sing all you want

But you have to sing the right song

Abdul the Carpet Weaver is satisfied

The Magic Carpet is performing better then he expected

Abdul is waiting for the next Carpet rider  he waits as he weaves

and weaves

He hasn’t got anything up his sleeves

All you have to do is believe.


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