I am out and about doing a bit of this and a bit of that

But I am bored out of mind as a matter of fact

I am buying some food

Trying on some clothes

This whole shopping thing gets right up my nose

After about five hours I have no more money to spend

So I head on home to my Electronic Friend

My Electronic Friend is a Playstation number four

I turn it on power it up I cant stand the waiting no more

I cant wait to start playing you no what I am saying

But before I no it it is 2am and today is a work day

Call Of Duty is still playing in my head

As I stagger towards my bed

Three hours later my alarm goes off to the sound of a


I make a strong Coffee for a bit of a booster

I jump in my Car and make the long weary drive

I arrive at work tired and weary feeling barely alive

For about Eight hours I try to concentrate

I am really trying

But it is so boring and one by one I can feel my Brain

cells dying

The Clock seems to be going backwards the second hand is going

so slow

But finally it is time to go and I don’t want to be late

Cause I am heading home to my Electronic mate

My Electronic mate is a huge LED TV screen

A sleek lean arse kicking machine

I t plays all of my favourite movies

All of my documentaries and shows

Use the remote to fast forward rewind or press pause

I love my Electronic mate because you know just because

Another working day and I am having so much fun

I am being  sarcastic

I just hope that today goes pretty damn quick

And what do you know it bloody well did

So I say goodbye to my workmate Sal

And o go home to my Electronic pal

My Electronic pal is a Xbox that I haven’t played before

I am going to try to get a really high score

After I set up I grab a drink and settle in my favourite seat

There is a score that I really have to beat

That score was made by my friend Larry Joes

My hands become a blur as they manouver the controls

I am winning I take a strangle hold and I squeeze and


And I bring Larry Jones and his score to their knees

It is Saturday morning and I visit my parents and run some

errands then I go and buy some food

I chow on down getting in a really good mood

But all good things must come to an end

And I race home to my Electronic friend

My Electronic friend is a new laptop computer

I start it up and do some Internet exploring

Google Yahoo You Tube is cool never boring

But then I must have hit the wrong button because all

I see is porn again porn again porn again porn porn porn

porn porn

I think my laptop is about to overload

And I think I am about to explode

I switch off the computer and try to catch my breath

I think I have become addicted to everything Electrionic

I know that it is all in my Head but my addiction has become


To get away from it all I decide to go for a walk

I grab my keys and my mobile phone

A phone that can do everything but talk

I close the front door and I start to unwind

I walk for hours down around the Lake

To keep my mind off all things Electronic I think of my

favourite food which is Cake

I don’t know how much more of this I can stand

I have to toughen up and be a Man

Then something starts to vibrate in my pocket

It is my little battleship rocket

My Mobile phone is Electronic

I just need a little fix

So I find myself a nice secluded spot

And I don’t even think twice

I whip out my Mobile Electronic device.


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