This is a story about Kilby the Bilby

For my overseas readers a Bilby is a small

Australian Marsupial

Kilby  the Bilby is wandering around looking to mate

He has to spread his Genes before it is too late

Then he hears a little squeak coming from a grassy knoll

But it is only a little Spotted squoll

She would be a good catch

But the Genes wouldn’t match

So Kilby goes on his way

And the Spotted Quoll runs the other way

The reason why Kilby is having trouble finding

a mate is because the Bilbys are on the verge of


The Bilbys are living on the edge

Just then Kilby hears a sound coming from behind

a Hedge

But it is only a large Water Rat doing a little bit of this

and a little bit of that

Water Rats aren’t really his type

So Kilby has a bit of a gripe and goes on searching

Things better happen soon cause he is close to bursting

Kilby doesn’t understand why he cant find a wife

He doesn’t really want a partner for life

Just a little afternoon delight

Or a little loving in the middle of the night

So on he goes with his quest

What is going to happen next?

Then Kilby looks up and sees a Tree Kangaroo a

little to big for his size

Maybe he can manoeuvre into position and collect

his prize

Just when he is ready to begin the Tree Kangaroo

leans back and squashes Kilby really thin

Once again Kilby has failed in his endeavour

But just like Justin Beiber said you ‘Never say Never’

So he combs his whiskers and uncurls his Tail

Surely next time he wont fail

Then Kilby picks up a scent in the air

But it is only the smell of a Field Hare

Maybe he can try it on with this Rabbit wanna be

And create a new spieces the Hareby

Kilby knows that he is getting desperate

maybe he is losing his mind

He really needs to meet a Bilby of the female kind

He has an itch that he cant quite scratch

Kilby really needs to find his match

He has looked high and he has looked low

Maybe he should keep things on the level

And make it with the feisty Tasmanian Devil

But as he gets closer the Devil starts spitting and


In the Devil the romantic side is missing

And a Bilby is a lover not a fighter

He just wishes that his ball bag was 10cc lighter

So he gives the Devil her due and keeps on looking

So he heads into the Desert to see what is cooking

And straightaway he stumbles upon a Furry Nosed


Which is about ten times the size of a Bilby and his

cousin the Eastern Grey Numbat

Speaking of Numbats maybe that could be Kilbys


To get down and dirty and do the horizontal dance

Kilby is feeling down and on the edge of dispare

Being alone in this world isn’t really fair

But then he looks in the distance and what does he


One of the last cute as a Kitten female Bilby

Kilby and the female Bilby haven’t got any time for

small talk

So they just run under a Tree for shelter

And then they go for it Helter Skelter

Because of this union the Bilby is one step back

from the brink

They don’t really care what people think

All they want is for people to stop developing all

of the land

So that the Bilby can for another ten million years

Leave their foot prints in the Sand


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