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The Train has left the station and it is never coming back

It makes the same sound as any other Train as it travels

down the track

But this Train is different it doesn’t care if you are an

everyday person

Or a famous person full of fame and success

This Train is the excess express

First on board is a Platinum Blonde named Norma

Jean Baker

She rides the Train to wherever it will take her

She once sang for a President who was celebrating

a Birthday

The President likes her nice and close but at the same

time he wishes that she would go away

Norma Jean also goes by the name of Marilyn Monroe

Who found her fame as a movie actress

But she couldn’t deal with all the  success

That is why she is riding this one way ticket Train

She took a shitload of pills to deal with her pain

Next on board is Brain Jones an original Rolling


Who wasn’t adverse to smoking the odd joint or cone

He played the Tamborine and the Rhythm Guitar

People were saying this guy is gonna go far

With his blonde hair and good looks he thought he

should be the leader of the band

But Jagger and Richards were the ones holding the

winning hand

After all they were writing all of the songs

So Brain Jones withdrew into himself drinking and smoking


Brain liked to hold a lot of parties and drink a lot of Alcohol

And he snorted way too much Coke

He might be kind of famous but he is just ordinary folk

At his last party he went for a swim in his pool

But Brain Jones broke the number one golden rule

You never swim while under the influence of illegal


Or you will become the victim of the circumstances

Walking down the Platform just about to board is Janis

Joplin and Jimi Hendrix

Both burst onto the scene about 1966

Janis sang Rock and the Blues better then any white girl


While Jimi played Electric Guitar better then any Black

man could

But Janis didn’t like the way that she looked

People called her an ugly Duckling or a Pig

So she started to get drunk before and after every gig

Jimi liked the way that he played but he didn’t like the

way that he sang

He didn’t think that he had the Chops

He was doing stuff that he shoudnt be doing getting in

trouble with the Cops

They both had an addiction to the needle and the spoon

On a ride to the dark side of the Moon

Jimi went first and Janis about a year later

They had low self esteem and were self haters

They both thought that they could play with Fire and not

get a blister

Now they are gone but not forgotten Brother and Sister

The Excess Express is rumbling down the track

You better hope that it just slows down but doesn’t stop

Or just put your Head in the slot and wait for the Guillotine

to drop

In 1977 Elvis Presley was bloated and fat  from substance abuse

and over eating

His overindulgence is going to take some beating

The King surrounded himself with people who couldn’t tell him no

So Elvis kept on doing the bad things doing all the bad stuff

He never knew when enough was enough

So Elvis sat down and he ate his last meal with some uppers

and downers for Dessert

He would just eat and eat until it hurt

After eating and indulging in drugs he needed to visit the


So he had a seat and his Heart skipped a beat

And then it stopped beating forever

The King is dead

Elvis has left the building

And he is never coming back

Two comedians John candy and John Belulshi

go a business trip together but they don’t go by Plane

They decide to travel by Train

Are they freaking insane?

They say that all Comedians have a darker half

They don’t walk down the Yellow Brick Road

They walk a rocky troubled path

Well these two were shovelling more Snow then a New

York resident

They were in more trouble then the before mentioned


But the spotlight and the attention was more then they could


They take to many drugs that they want just buckle they will


And break they did they weren’t beautifully broken they were

broken in an ugly way

They are broken bad and they will stay that way

John and John went on a bender

They inhale more drugs then customs has ever detected

And they have smoked more drugs then John Wet has ever


Even though they died in different years John and John cried

the same tears

They died in different cities but they both died alone

In a Motel room a long way from home

The Excess Express isn’t trying to impress anybody

It just deals with the facts

It goes back and forth up and down the tracks

Picking up lonely lost Souls who died before their time

They were blinded by fame and ignored the warning signs

River Phenoix went to the Viper Room but he didn’t see a Snake

Like all of the others before him he made the same mistakes

He took more drugs then his body could handle

River was burning both ends of the candle

The wick is burning and River is covered in Wax

The only good thing about dying is that dead men pay no Tax

The Pheonix has stopped rising

The song has stopped reprising

We have come to Rivers final interlude

He is now shaking hands with Saint Jude

Kurt Cobain was the reluctant leader of Grunge

And all of the bad Juju he soaked up like a sponge

All of the people in the know were saying that Nirvana

were going straight to the top

What they didn’t know was that the Penny was about to drop

Kurt knew that he was a kid playing a big mans game

He didn’t like the spotlight he couldn’t handle the fame

So Kurt picked up a Gun and blew away his Head

And all of a sudden the leader of Grunge was dead

All Kurt wanted to do was play his music without any of

the Business Bullshit

But the fans and the music press wouldn’t give him a moment

of peace

So the Bullet to the Head gave him the release

Keith Moon Heath Ledger Michael Hutchence Whitney Housten

They all died way before their time was up

But they all had one thing in common

They all lived under the glare of the spotlight

And they all died alone

Just because you aren’t famous doesn’t mean that the Excess

Express wont stop at your Station

Because it will

So if you want to dabble in Drugs don’t go overboard cause the Train

will stop

You will climb aboard and fall the long endless drop.


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