A hand points towards the Sky

It is chalk white the flesh and skin is long gone

It is attached to a body that is still in the ground

Through wind rain and erosion

The hand is once again touched by the Sun

The body has been there for over ten years

Buried in the field of dreams

But soon this Godforsaken place will be renamed

the field of screams

Little Billy Martin is taking his Dog Boomerang

for a walk

When they come upon a green field Boomerang

gets all excited

And he runs off barking and yapping

Billy chases after Boomerang because it is getting close to

dinner time

And tonight Mama is cooking his favourite Lasagne

Billy spots Boomerang digging around in the corner of

the field

As he gets closer he notices that Boomerang has something

in his mouth

Boomerang is proud of his discovery and he drops it at Billys


Billy has one look and lets out a shriek and he takes off running

faster then he has ever run before

Boomerang trots behind him wagging his tail

What Boomerang dug up is laying on the ground

A Human skull with one distinctive feature

Its mouth is frozen in a permanent silent scream

Det Rick Fontana

is watching the County Medical Examiner Eartha

Campbell as she slowly unearths the rest of the body

Fontana is a twenty year veteran at the NYPD

And he has investigated over three hundred murders

He has a good track record with over 90% of those

cases solved

But this one looks intriguing

One last case before he retires

The Medical Examiner gets his attention telling him that

she will have the results of the autopsy as soon as she can

Det Fontana is a lot like that TV  Detective

He might look dishevelled and like he hasn’t slept for a week

But his record speaks for itself

He watches the M.E van as it drives away

Something tells him that this body is only scratching the


His offsider Sgt Pulinski and a few uniforms are walking the scene

looking for clues

A discarded Cigarette butt anything useful

But after ten years the DNA will be degraded

The scene is cordoned off and the Cavader Dogs are called in

Fontana has a sinking feeling in his chest

He knows the Dogs will find more bodies

And he isn’t wrong

Twenty six more bodies are discovered that day in the field

The field of screams

The Medical Examiner gets help from nearby precincts to help

process the corpses

And two weeks later all of the bodies have been autopsied

The M.E and Fontana hold a press conference

Fontana tells the press that everything will be done to catch

this serial killer

That no stone will be left unturned

Every cliché is used to keep the press quite

But pretty soon it will be a quite riot

In a run down apartment in the seedier part of town

A weasel of a man  sits on his lounge watching the Evening


So they have finally found my bodies

He strokes himself as the News reader reads the auto cue

Her blond hair and lips move at the same time

Twenty seven bodies have been found in Evans field

A killer is on the loose

More after this commercial break

Eartha Campbell the M.E has been holding something back

It is for Detective Fontanas ears only

It seems that all of the victims had been skinned alive

Going by the cuts on the bones and the grimaces on their


They were still breathing as the skin was flayed from their bodies

Heaven knows the pain and suffering they were put through

The killer leaves his Apartment he is a man on a mission

It has been six months since he last used his knife

He has a need that will only go away when he ends a life

He drives around looking for a runaway or hitch hiker

Somebody who wont be missed for a while

Then he notices a likely looking target standing on the


She has her thumb out looking for a ride

Jesus he thinks don’t these people ever learn

There are bad people out there

And I am the baddest of the bad

The killer pulls his van to the curb and asks the young lady

in which direction is she headed

The answer is Rochester

She gives the killer a smile hoping he is going in her direction

He smiles back telling her to climb in and get comfortable

Then he drives her off to oblivion

The killers van has had a bit of work done to it

In the back the interior has been stripped bare

So after the deed has been done he can just wash the Blood


And so no DNA evidence will remain

And hose out the van he does

The girl from Rochester couldn’t fight one on one with a man

with a knife

He skinned her alive in the back of the van

She finally dies with a scream all over her face

Now the killer has to find a new burial site

The field of screams is now out of bounds

But then the killer thinks again

That field is his field so the Cops can go fuck themselves

He drives the van to the edge of the field of screams

Checking out the situation

Two Cops sit in a patrol car talking about Basketball eating

Donuts drinking Coffee just shooting the breeze

The killer reaches in to the glove box and pulls out a 38 special

He slowly makes his way under the cover of darkness to the

Police car

He gets close to the passenger side window and BANG BANG

Both Cops are dead before they even know they have been shot

The killer returns to his van and drags the girl from Rochester

to his field

And using the spotlights that light up the crime scene he positions

the girl so that her skinless body glistens under the glare

The killer drives satisfied with a job well done

And he arrives home with his needs sated

Det Fontana is awoken at 3am by dispatch informing him of

the shooting at the field

Two Policemen are down

Fontana calls Pulinski and they both arrive at the scene at the

same time

The bodies of the two Officers are still slumped in their seats

And the girl from Rochester is being examined by the M.E

Now the perp is a Cop killer

And Det Fontana makes a vow with himself not to retire until

this killer is caught

And this vow will be kept

The killer lies low for two weeks and then the urge hits him hard

So he jumps into his van and slowly he cruises the downtown


Looking for a thrill looking for a kill

And he spots a likely victim sitting at a Bus stop

The last Bus left about an hour ago

So this girl is stranded

Only she doesn’t know it yet

He cruises the van to a stop then gets out to tell the girl

that the last Bus is long gone

The girl looks like she is about to cry

The killer offers to drive her home

She starts to accept the offer but then her sixth sense

kicks in and she starts to back up

The killers urge is out of control and he goes to grab

the girl by the arm

The girl starts screaming and she scratches deep furrows

down his face

Then she is free and she takes off at a sprint

The killer is furious and he races back to his van

Hoping to catch the girl and teach her a lesson with his knife

But the girl is long gone

With Blood streaming down his face the killer is crestfallen

as he drives home

The girl runs and runs until she gets home

She tells her parents that she was almost abducted by a man in

a white van

But she has scratched his face real good

Her parents call the Police who arrive shortly after to get a


After talking to the girl and hearing of the scatching

The Police put plastic baggies over the girls hands to

preserve any DNA evidence

At the Police Precinct the girls finger nails are scraped

and hopefully a match will be found

Det Fontana is walking down the corridor when the DNA

Technician tells him of the find

Maybe there isn’t a link to the field of screams murders

But maybe there is

So Det Fontana holds another press conference telling

the public to be on the look out for a man in his twenties

who drives a white van

Plus he will be sporting deep scratches down his face

Unfortunately for the killer he was too drunk so he missed

the late night news

So he went to work the next morning at the Post Office

One of his co workers asks him about the scratches

And the killer tells that he was taking the trash out last night

and was attacked by a large Raccoon

His co worker doesn’t buy his story so she goes to her locker

and calls the Police hot line and tells them about the scratch


And that her co worker also drives a white van

The killer watches the news in his lunch break

And he sees his scratched up face on the screen

Something explodes in his head and he jumps to his feet

wielding his knife

He slashes at his co workers killing two and injuring a third

Then he reaches Julie the one who phoned the Police

He knows she is the one

So he stabs her twice races to the car park jumps in his van

not really knowing where to go

Fontana and Pulinski arrive at the Post Office and are almost

broadsided by a white van fleeing the scene

The Killer knows what he has to do and he drives like a Bat out

of Hell heading towards the field of screams

He arrives with Fontana and Pulinski hot on his tail

He drives to the middle of the field and is surrounded by about

twenty Police Officers

Det Fontana informs him of his rights

But the killer isn’t listening he is at his favourite place

The field of screams

So he looks Fontana right in the eye

He brings his knife up to his own throat and he opens it up

from ear to ear

The killer is dead

He died in his field

His Blood is dripping into the dirt

Mingling with the Blood of all the people that he hurt.


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