150 Million years ago lived the Dinosaurs a species of giant


One of those Dinosaurs was the Pterodactyl

The only flying Reptile that ever was

In a forest in what is now known as Batavia Germany lived

a family of Pterodactyls

They high up on the edge of a live Volcano

Flying with the thermal currents and with a wing span of a

giant Albatross

Up in the sky the Pterodactyl was boss

In a nest the size of a Basketball court lives a chick only a few

days out of the Egg

He is named Terry the Pterodactyl

Tezz for short

He is totally reliant on his parents for food and water

Tezz is an only child there isn’t enough food for another son

or daughter

The Earth is still forming the Mountains are pushing up from

the Plateaus

The Rivers are finding the right course for them to flow

All the Animals are starting their Evolution

As the Earth does another Revolution

The family of Pterodactyls fly across the changing Horizon

He sees the new forest of Fig and Pine Trees

He sees the infant Rivers filling up with Turtles and Fish

He looks up at that giant yellow ball floating up above

It heats up his wings before he takes flight

Just gliding taking in the sights

But the one thing that Terry the Pterodactyl notices is the

giant Reptiles on the ground

His Father tells him that they are called Dinosaurs

And that besides being big they are also nasty and mean

And from the smell that is coming from the ground they

are also not exactly clean

To a young Pterodactyl that is an open invitation to cause

some mayhem

So he flies back to the nest and picks up a giant bone with

his elongated Beak

Then he flies back to where the Dinosaurs are feeding on some


Then he drops the Bone and it puts a Brontosauras on its arse

Well the Brontosauras isn’t impressed with the young Pterodactyl

stepping out of line

So he gets in the Ear of a Tyrannosauras Rex to take care of this

flying pest

Terry is oblivious to the coalition of Dinosaurs plans for his welfare

He just goes about doing his thing learning to fly and checking out

the other Pterodactyl chicks

Terry is young and carefree just getting his kicks

But he has bitten off more then he can chew

The Brontosauras T Rex meet up with a Megapnosauras and a

Sinoceratops to discuss a way to rid themselves from this pesky

flying Lizard

The topic of their discussion sits in his nest watching the Four

Dinosaurs below

The Dinosaurs look up at the nest calling Terry a annoying so and so

Terry isn’t old enough to see the danger he has put himself in

He is just playing having a little fun with his kin

He waits until their backs are turned then he takes off at a glide

The Dinosaurs are the sizeof four Mammoths so they have nowhere

to hide

Tezz lands on the back of the T Rex neck and he slides down the length

of its body like a giant slippery dip

But he is going too fast and he lands on the edge of a crevasse right on

the lip

He teeters and totters on the edge of the precipice

Will he lose his balance?

Then he rights himself with a sigh of relief that was close a near miss

He hears the sound of thundering feet the air is thick with dust

Tezz is afraid for his parents sake he has to survive that is a must

The Sinocerastops claws open a wound on the base of Terrys Feathers

Young Terry takes off hell bent for Leather

He lands in his nest with a thud

He really could use a glass of Bud

But he is too young to drink

Shit he can barely think

So he settles for some Milk instead

And lays down to rest his weary Head

The wound isn’t as bad as first thought

And a week later Tezz is good as new

But he is getting bored just sitting in the nest with a killer view

So he starts to think of a way to annoy the Dinosaurs again

And then he thinks up a killer plan

He flies down to the Forest floor and meets up with his friend

Lipar Folo a Pre Historic Mouse

Terry has a fire in his body that he has to douse

Lipar listens to Terrys plan and a smile lights up his face

He finally has a chance to put the Dinosaurs back in their place

For those giant Reptiles have made his life a living hell

He will turn into Mighty Mouse and ring their final bell

Of the four Dinosaurs two have their heads down chewing on

some leafy greens

While the other two just stand around looking big and mean

But the bigger they are the harder they fall

The Pterodactyl and the Mouse have grown real tall

They are ready and willing to bring the Dinosaurs down

But what in the fuck is that sound?

But Lipar Folo isn’t listening as he thinks about the Pterodactyls

plan he laughs out loud and starts shaking

But it isn’t Lipar that is shaking

Right before his Eyes a crack in the ground opens up

And with a almighty noise the Earth starts Quaking

The Sky turns Purple and goes to Black

For the Pterodactyl the Mouse and the Dinosaurs

There is no turning back

A giant Meteor has struck the Earth deep down to its core

So the Pterodactyl the Mouse and The Dinsaurs

don’t exist anymore

They have been vapourised

Right before your Eyes.


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