I had a sigh today

How can people be so cruel

The smart people are underlings

While the stupid people rule

Whether at the workplace

Or at all levels of Government

The cream rises to the top

Then it starts to curdle

While everyday people are forever

jumping hurdles

All of the stupid people have their snouts

in the trough enough is enough

Bleeding the system dry

My sigh just turned into a cry

I had a sigh today

Watching the News on TV

The stupid peoples Eyes are open

but they just don’t see

All they think about is me me me

Not what can I do for you?

The stupid people and their self indulgent

narrow minded view

The rich people have more Money in their

Bank Accounts

While the poor have no food on their plates

The rich people have no worries

Their cheques want bounce

While the poor peoples fears and worries escalate

But not all of the rich people are bad

Gates and Buffett are a testament to that

They give away a lot of their money

But the fat Cats are still fat

While slim Jim is getting slimmer

The tension builds and simmers

I had a sigh today

Thinking about global warming

El Nino and all of the other nasty weather systems

Where has the Blue sky gone?

The clouds gather dark and storming

The weather man sings another rain filled song

I have to stop writing the lights just went on the


The system is in overload

Maybe it is time to stop and think

Why do we still walk the well worn lonesome


I am still sighing

I am still crying

The Earth is Dying

So why are we still multiplying?

Do we ever learn?

Humans are supposed to be the smartest of all

the Animals

But we are nothing but self serving Cannibals

I had a sigh today

Humans  have over fished all of the Earths Rivers

and Oceans

Every Animal on Earth is losing their habitat due to

Human greed

We experiment on Monkeys to develop Cosmetics

and skin lotions

We all have our hands in the Cookie jar

But we always take more then we need

I had a sigh today

The Rainforests are disappearing at an

alarming rate

So that we can build Houses and have wood chips

for the garden beds

Come on people use your Heads

All of the Animal should be roaming wild and free

But instead we carve them up to fill our obese guts

The slaughter should stop now

no ifs or buts

I am still fucking sighing

I am still fucking crying

The Earth is now officially dead

So don’t even bother getting out of bed

just castrate yourself instead.


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