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Deep in the bowels of Washington Memorial Hospital

Is a small surgical theatre

The door is always locked

And only one Doctor has the key

That Doctor is Dr Studdert

AKA Dr Death

Dr Death the head of a secret group

A group that is in the business  of buying

Human Organs

None of the Organs are donated voluntarily

They are taken by force

But with surgical precision

Whenever Dr Death needs an organ

He makes a phone call to a man handy with a scalpel

That man is the Harvester

The Harvester is a like Jack Reacher

Except he lives on the wrong side of the tracks

If they make a movie about him

Tom Cruise wouldn’t get the role

If you could turn back time

Charles Bronson would be perfect for the role

Silent but deadly

But the Harvester couldn’t care less about a movie

He is getting restless

If only the phone would ring

All of his tools are sharpened and ready to go

At the Hospital Dr Death visiting a Patient who

is in desperate need of a new Kidney

He has been on a machine for a few years now

But what he really needs is a transplant

Waiting has put a strain on both Doctor and patient

Dr Death knows that this patient has run out of options

So he calls the  Harvester

The Harvester answers his phone at the first ring

He is really restless he needs a cutting job

He listens as Dr Death gives him all of the details

The required blood group and other relevant information

Plus the of an ex patient who could be a suitable donor

That suitable donor is currently at home watching his

Favourite movie

It is a horror movie The Slicer

The Harvester knocks on the door with a creepy

smile on his face

He stands at the door stoop his Heart is racing with


The suitable donor hears the knocking and swears silently

to himself

The movie is just about to reach its climax

Talk about timing

He goes to the front door full of frustration

To be met by a sort of smiling Salesman

He is just about to slam the door shut when he meets

the Salesman Eye

And his Heart is chilled to the core

The suitable donor looks down and sees that the Salesman

is carrying a portable cooler

Is he going on a Picnic?

Well the the Salesmans smile grows even grows

even creepier

The suitable donors Stomach starts to roll

And for a moment he doesn’t know what to do

That is what the Harvester has been waiting for

That moment of uncertainty

And with one kick the screen door folds in

Then with a punch to the face the  suitable donor

is on the ground

Then the Harvester moves quick and with just a few

slices the Kidney is cut free

With a few stitches the wound is closed

The Kidney is put on ice

Then the Harvester calls Dr death and tells him that

a new Kidney is on its way to the Hospital

At the Hospital Dr Death is preparing the Operating


The recipient is moved downstairs ready for his

second chance at life

But before the operation goes ahead Dr Death checks to

make sure that Fifty Thousand has been deposited into

his Account

Locating a suitable donor doesn’t come cheap

The Harvester just drifts back to his ordinary life

Living in the suburbs with his Wife and kids

The next day he goes to work at his day job

Just an ordinary guy

For a Month he goes about his business being a good

Husband and Dad

Then his phone rings again

Dr Death has a new assignment

This time he requires two Corneas for a Female


And time is of the essence

The Patient has had a relapse she needs a Transplant


The Harvester knows that this time the suitable donor

will have to die

He reads the information supplied by Dr Death

Another ex Patient of Dr Death has the matching Organs

The Harvester notes the Name and Address

Then he drives to the scene

The Harvester doesn’t understand he need for one person

to die so another can live

But who is he to argue?

As long as he gets paid his commission

He will carry out the deed

He rings the front door bell and puts a smile on

his face

The suitable donor opens the door

And The Harvester asks ‘Would you like to make a


Before the suitable donor can answer she is shot straight

through the Heart

The Harvester lets himself inside and quickly goes

to the Kitchen and grabs a Teaspoon

Then he goes back to the suitable donor still laying

in the doorway

So he drags her out of sight

And then with the spoon he scoops out both of the Eyes

And puts them in his trusty cooler

The whole Operation has taken just two minutes

He has been and gone before the neighbours even know

that a Killer has been in their midst

For the next two years The Harvester is at Dr Deaths


He does job after job collecting Organs from suitable donors

His Bank balance is growing at a steady rate

But his conscience is getting the best of him

He is way over the killing

And he wont do it anymore

But The Harvester isn’t an idiot he knows that his killings

want have gone unnoticed by the Police

He is losing sleep waiting for that knock on the door

He is a family man and he wants it to stay that way

So he calls Dr Death and tells him that he want kill no more

He is surprised when Dr Death instantly agrees

Dr Death says that he would be best to lay low for awhile

before the Police come sniffing around

The Harvester is relieved to be leaving that life behind

So he goes for a walk to clear his Head

He comes to a Bridge over the local Creek

He gets Dr Deaths phone out of his pocket and just drops

it into the water

That life is finally behind him

Six Months later The Harvester is at home having Dinner

with his Family

When his landline rings

The Harvester looks at the phone and he just knows

that it is Dr Death

He sends his Wife and Kids outside to get things ready

for the BBQ they were preparing

Then he answers the phone his forewarning was correct

Dr Death apologises for ringing him at home

But he has one last job

There would be no killing involved

The Donor would need to be brought to the Hospital alive

And for the inconvenience he will be paid $30,000

Dr Death tells him that the suitable Donor lives alone

And his Heart is needed urgently

Another ex patient of Dr Death is about to bite the dust

So the next morning The Harvester is sitting outside the

suitable Donors home waiting

It is almost 6.20 almost time for the Suitable Donor to

drive to work

Then the front door opens

The Harvester calls out to him asking for directions

The Suitable Donor is getting closer and closer to the

Harvesters Car

The Harvester waits for just the right time then he

Tasers the Suitable Donor and drags him inside his Car

On the drive to the Hospital starts to get an uneasy feeling

in his gut

Cause he has just remembered that he is also an ex patient

of Dr Death

The Harvester should of listened to his intuition

Cause as soon as he enters the Underground surgical theatre

he feels a pin prick on his Arm

He is placed on a bed and is prepared for an Operation

Dr Death leans over him and thanks him for donating

his Heart

He is a perfect match

And that dead men can tell no tales

The Harvester looks Dr Death right in the Eye and says’I wouldn’t

be so sure of that if I was you’

Back at home the Harvesters Wife is getting frantic

Her Husband hasn’t been home for two days

She decides that she will wait until Dinner time

And if he still isn’t home she will call the Police

But then she decides to drive to the Police Precinct

She goes out to the Garage and she spots an envelope

tucked under the windscreen wipers

She opens it and starts to read

She cant believe what she is reading

Her Husband a Killer?

She has been living with a monster for the last Three years

She just keeps on reading and reading

This Dr Death is going to pay

So she drives to her corner store and buys a pre paid phone

Then she places a phone call to the Police

She reads her Husbands letter to the Homicide Detective

Word for word

But to protect herself and her children she remains


An hour later Dr Death is doing his rounds going from

patient to patient

attending to their needs

Then he kooks up to see two men in suits approaching and

he knows that his time is up

So he just stands there while he is handcuffed and read his


Dr Death is in a daze as he is led away

He will spend the rest of his life behind bars

I guess dead men do tell tales.


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