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There is Blood on the tracks

It is dripping in between the Sleepers

There is a Killer on the loose

Playing jeeper Creepers

But the Killer isn’t Human

It is of the Feline variety

It lives in the shadows

In the middle of the scrub

If you are close by

When it is ready to feed

You better hope that you guardian Angel

Is with you in your hour of need

Twenty years ago a Circus was touring country

New South Wales

It had sideshow alley Clowns the Big Top and

of course Big Cats

Tigers and Lions but it also had a Black Panther

It was a Black as the night

With a powerful killer bite

The Circus hit the town of Cowra

On the last leg of the tour

All of the locals came to see the show

The Clowns and the Big Cats all entertained the crowd

And then the Ringmaster closed the show

And all of the Cats were locked in their cages for the night

But the Black Panthers keeper didn’t notice that the latch

wasn’t secured properly

And he went back to his Tent

The Panther gave his cage door a little push

And then he disappeared into the Bush

The next morning the Keeper saw that the Panther was


And he muttered a silent curse

Then he comes to the decision not to say a word

He doesn’t tell his Boss that a Panther is on the loose

The Circus is packed up and they all go home

A pair of large Green Eyes watch as the Circus Trucks

disappear from view

This Cat is going to kill

It might be a Rabbit or a Wombat

But it could be you

The Panther wandered the Bush looking for something to eat

Marsupials Birds Wombats all Animals were on the menu

The Panther ate whatever it could catch

Which was everything because no Australian animal could

out run a Panther

Then the Panther feels a stirring in his loins

and he goes on the search for a mate

Then he came across a local feral Cat

After a lot of sniffing snarling and tail wagging

The Panther planted his seed

And then went looking for some more feed

Over the next twenty years each litter of Kittens grew

larger and larger and meaner and meaner

But they only killed Animals

But their targeted prey was now bigger Bush Pigs Emus

Plus introduced species like Camels and Buffalo

The Panthers appetite was insatiable

There was never enough to eat

It might have to look for a different type of meat

Now we come to the latest litter

And one particular Kitten was huge

Three times as big as its Siblings

It suckled from its Mothers teats until it was weaned

And then it started to eat meat

Its first taste of meat was one of its Sisters

Then he ate the whole litter

This Panther has been hit by a Mutant Gene

It is already as big as a Lion and twice as mean

This is a Cannibal Panther and over the next few Months

It kills every Cat in the vicinity

It hunts and hunts until there are no Felines left

It has killed and eaten all of its ancestors

Now it has to find another source of Meat

Something that is abundant and easy to catch

It is now hunting Humans

A Railroad maintenance crew is hard at work in the

midday Sun

About thirty miles west of Cowra

It is hot work so they have lots of water breaks

But after taking in so many fluids nature starts a calling

So young Eddie Raynor a 18 year old only a few weeks

on the job

Decides that now is the right time to take a leak

And he wanders off down the track

But poor Eddie Raynor doesn’t come back

The last sound that Eddie heard was a low guttural growl

Then he was slammed into the ground

And four huge teeth separated his Throat from his Body

Eddie didn’t know what hit him

He didn’t notice his Blood soaking into the dirt

Cause poor Eddie was dead

And then the Panther fed

There is Blood on the tracks

It is dripping in between the sleepers

There is a killer on the loose

playing jeeper creepers

While Eddie was meeting his maker

The other five Railroad workers were sitting in

the work van

Just starting to eat their Lunch

The Leading Hand was starting to think about Eddie

and that he was taking a long time to pee

Then the van started to shake

And then it came apart at the seams

The five people are now exposed and vunderable

to a Feline attack

Then the Leading Hand saw this big black shape

It looks like a Panther addicted to Steroids

Then he was ripped apart limb from limb

Blood Skin Muscle guts and Shit littered the ground

The air was filled by the stench of death and the sound

of growling and Blood curdling screams

For Cowra this is the start of a very bad dream

The Panther lifts its Nose to the air

And he smells the Breeze

Then blending with the shadows it trots off in the

direction of town

Cowra is quite and peaceful

A sleepy little place

Nothing ever happens in Cowra

Nothing worth a mention

But soon Cowra is about to get the Worlds attention

Nobody has yet discovered the bodies out by the tracks

So the township of Cowra has no idea that a menace

is heading their way

As the Sun set people went about their business

Preparing Dinner giving their kids a Bath

Washing dishes and tucking their kids in for the night

Another day has come and gone

Not a bad day as far as days go

But for one unlucky local today will be a very bad day

For a Panther has picked up her scent

Sheila Rogers a middle aged Mum of two

Is sitting on her back Veranda

Enjoying a cup of Tea

She is sitting there enjoying the breeze

When she notices a movement near the Lemon Tree

Thinking it is just the neighbours Cat she calls out ‘Here

Puss here Kitty’

Then a huge black shape is rushing towards her

It is a giant Black Panther

As big as a Truck

Sheilas last words were ;What in the fuck?’

There is Blood on the tracks

It is dripping in between the sleepers

There is a Killer on the loose

Playing jeeper creepers

After devouring its latest meal the Panther goes

under the House and settles in for the night

It feels right at home beneath the Bricks and Mortar

Maybe it has found its place on this Earth

For the first time in its life the Panther feels safe

and secure

And just like a Vampire it sleeps all day

And does its killing at night

And this is a Cat with one hell of a bite

The bodies out by the tracks are discovered the next


After the workers failed to come home

The local Police are bambozzled

This is more then they can handle

It looks like the workers were ripped apart by a pack of wild Animals

But the local Cops have their doubts

and they call Sydney for assistance

After examining the scene and analizing some scat samples

The Sydney expert tells the local Cops that the Killer was a Cat

And a Panther in particular

But Panthers aren’t a native of Australia

There must be some sort of mistake

But the Forensics don’t lie

And meanwhile the locals continue to die

For the next six Months two people went missing every week

People were seeing Panthers in their sleep and nightmares

Traps were set and Poison was layed

But the Panther was never caught

Maybe it had moved on?

Maybe it is going to visit your place

This Kitty Cat want give you a lick

It will rip off your fucking face

There is Blood on the tracks

It is dripping in between the sleepers

There is a Killer on the loose

Playing jeeper creepers



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