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Juan Carlos grew up as a normal Kid on the back streets

of Madrid

Juan Carlos had a secret

And he has kept it well hid

His Padre played for Real Madrid De Futbol

And he wanted his Son to follow in his footsteps

But Juan Carlos had his own dreams

He didn’t want to walk in his Padres footsteps

He wanted to make his own footprints

He had some Shoes of his own

But to live out his dream

Juan Carlos might have to move away from home

The secret Juan Carlos has kept hidden so well

Is that he had a dream of becoming a El Matador

A Bull Whisperer if you want

But he knows that his Madre is against all types of


But Bullfighting is the first thing that Juan Carlos thinks

of when he wakes

And the last thing when he goes off to Bed

Juan Carlos and his little Brother played Bullfighting

in their backyard

His little Brother was always the Bull

Juan Carlos would parry and thrust

And wave his little Red Blanket

His little Brother would rather be playing Futbol

But Juan Carlos just doesn’t understand

Bullfighting is a Spanish tradition

You would think that his Parents would be proud

Juan Carlos has Bullfighting in his Heart and Soul

That is the only thing that he has ever wanted to do

So he goes upstairs and packs a few belongings

Juan Carlos will be famous one day you will see

When he goes back downstairs his Parents are waiting

And they surprise Juan Carlos by offering him the chance

to enrol in an Tauromachy La Escuala

A Bullfighting School

They only have one condition

And that is that he also has to keep going to School

So he can continue to get educated

His Parents have know idea of the Monster they have

just created

Juan Carlos cant believe his Ears

And he gives his Parents a great big hug

They tell him that a new Bullfighting School is opening

in Seville soon

Juan Carlos is barely listening as he runs excitedly around

the Room

At Sixteen Juan Carlos leaves home with his Parents blessings

At the Station he kisses his Brother and his Parents goodbye

Then he boards an El Loco to Seville

Where the Headmaster will be waiting

Will his dream come true?

Or will it turn into a nightmare?

Juan Carlos looks out of the El Loco window

With a creepy eyed stare

Juan Carlos doesn’t make friends easily at his new School

He is a Loner who just likes his own company

He only makes two friends another Boy named Alejandro

And a lovely Senorita named Lucia

Juan Carlos does well in all of his classes

But it is in the Bullfighting ring where Juan Carlos really

shows his class

And the whole world will gather around and kiss his arse

It was clear from the outset that Juan Carlos was a class above

the rest

For a novice he made all the right moves

He is passing every test

Juan Carlos looks at himself in an imaginary Mirror

And he likes what he sees

Is the whole World looking at me?

Juan Carlos has illusions of grandeur

He is already Star gazing

He is good and he knows it

But who is the best?

His instructors have told him that Alejandro is catching

up fast

But only one of them can go through

Juan Carlos thinks it has to be me

Alejandro says ‘I know it will be you’

But Juan Carlos isn’t going to take any chances

You know accidents do happen

Maybe Alejandro will fall down the stairs?

Maybe catch the deadly Flu

Maybe a Bullet in the Back?

Or a Shark attack

But Juan Carlos is thinking of the El Loco track

He suggests that they take a little trip to Madrid

Visit family and have a little fun

Alejandro readily agrees it will be good to get away

for the Weekend

As they arrive at the Station Alejandro is all excited

But Juan Carlos is thinking about Murder

They stand right on the edge of the Platform as the El

Loco approaches

Just then Juan Carlos gives Alejandro a little nudge

Alejandro is now nothing more then a Blood red smudge

Juan Carlos isn’t happy

But he is pleased with himself

His main rival is now out of the picture

There is nothing to hold him back now

He is on his way to pride and glory

He will be the best Bullfighter in the Nation

His Parents still have no idea about their creation

Juan Carlos is now Twenty years old

And he is starting to attract the Media

He is just where he wants to be

The centre of attention

He has been in the Bullfighting ring ten times

And now Ten Bulls are now dead

Their Blood stains the sawdust

Then it drips into the dirt

If Ten Bulls fall to the sword

Do they really hurt?

Fast forward a few years and Juan Carlos is living

his life under the spotlight

Under the Super Troupers

He goes to all of the right places

And he is spotted with the odd Movie Star or two

He takes the right types of drugs

And is seen with the right type of people

He lives in an apartment on the right Avenue

Now he is the right type of person to

If right can be wrong then Juan Carlos is as wrong as they come

He would do anything to be a winner

He is living his dream and nothing or nobody will get

in his way

But now Juan Carlos is about to face his toughest challenge

A fight with La Bestia

The toughest Bull in the whole of Spain

Will Juan Carlos be a loser?

Or will he be a John Wayne?

The day arrives and Juan Carlos is the toast of the Nation

He is riding the patriotic wave

The crowd goes wild as La Bestia enters the ring

Now we are all waiting for the Fat Lady to sing

Juan Carlos and La Bestia are finally in the same Arena

The best Bullfighter up against the best Bull

At 800 kilos La Bestia is the meanest keenest Bull on the block

And that aint no Bull

The arena is buzzing thirty thousand Spaniards are going crazy

For Juan Carlos the time is right

He is ready for the fight

Juan Carlos is pumped his Adrenalin is flowing

He looks at La Bestia standing twenty feet away

He waves his Red rag and La Bestia comes charging

And he is hooked by a Sword to the Shoulder

La Bestia snorts in pain and seems to stumble

But he gets coming back for more

And he is hooked a dozen more times

For over two hours the Fighter and the Bull parry

and thrust

Who will tire first?

La Bestia has Thirteen hooks in his Neck and Shoulders

And he is starting to weaken

But then Juan Carlos gets over confident and complacent

And as he waves his Red rag he takes a tumble

And that is the opening that La Bestia has been waiting for

And he gores Juan Carlos in the Perineum between the

Scrotum and Arsehole

La Bestias Horn goes right in and Juan Carlos Guts are ripped

to shreds

Juan Carlos lets out a sigh as he feels his life slipping away

Juan Carlos goes down to his Knees

And then he falls flat on his Face

La Bestia has finally put him in his place

The Ego has been burst

Juan Carlos the El Matador is dead

He died before his time

But if you live on the edge

You will pay the price

Juan Carlos was a Maestro fighter of the Bulls

But now he lays instate

In an open casket for the Public to love or hate

Who is the biggest Beast the Human or the Bull?

I cant swallow any more Crap I am full.


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