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The year is 1865 and the people in North America

are looking for a new way of life

They have fought the Civil War

The Confederates against the Union

North versus South

Now they want to settle down and live their lives in peace

President Lincoln has abolished Slavery

And the Country is now united

How all of the wrongs now been righted?

If you listen to the talk on the Streets

Or the talk in the Saloons

Everybody is talking about heading West

To the Wild West

The Newspapers are full of Stories about Families

moving to Colorado California or Texas

Some Families are even going North to Oregon

Montana and Virginia

Where the Sheriff wears a Gold Star

And the Drunks fill up all of the Bars

There are also Stories about the Red Indians who don’t

like the presence of the new Settlers

With Bow and Arrow they defend their land

And they will defend it to their land to the Death

So if you are thinking of making the move West

Think before you Saddle up your Horse

And pack up all of your troubles

Because the going is tough out there

There is no time for any tears

Out there in the New Frontier

One of the families about to make the move

Is the Olsen family from South Carolina

Tomorrow they will join a Wagon Train travelling

to the other side of the Country

The Parents Percy and Joan and their two kids Mary

Anne and Jim Bob

Their Wagon is packed with all of their Worldly possessions

They are not really sure where they are going

But they will know it when they get there

They will travel under Gods care

The next Morning they are all awake before the Rooster

can crow

They are all too excited to get any sleep

They eat their last breakfast at home

Before they travel to the Wild West

On the corner near the Blacksmiths the other

Travellers are waiting for the Olsens to arrive

And then the journey can begin

The journey full of Murder Mayhem and Sin

The Wagon Train is on the move on the way to the

New Frontier

Twenty Wagons long they travel the dusty winding


They have read all of the Stories about the Natives

About the slaughter Blood letting

With all of the Rivers flowing Red

But all the Natives are doing is protecting their land

And their way of life

Percy Olsen and the other settlers know and understand


But all they want is a new start

To raise theirs Kids in the Sunshine

Surely there is plenty of room

In this land of the free

Just take it all from them

And give it all to me

Percy Olsen has dreaming for years about moving his

Family to California or maybe Colorado

Build a Log Cabin on a small parcel of land

Raise some Livestock and grow some Corn and Maize

Grow some Vegetables and just live off the land

As he holds the reins of the Horses  pulling the Wagons

towards his Dream

He looks up to the Sky all grey and cloudy

The Sky in Colorado is always bright and clear

He cant wait to reach the New Frontier

In Colorado Chief Running Deer of the Cheyenne tribe

Is sitting in his Tepee smoking the peace pipe

Thinking about the Pale Face invasion

Life was good before their arrival

Hunting Buffalo with their spears and Bow and Arrow

Now the Pale Face shoot them all with their sticks of fire

If it goes on like this there will be no more Buffalo left

for his Braves and Squaws to eat

The Pale Face are like a swarm of Locusts devouring the land

They are never happy with what they have

They are always wanting more

The Pale Face are building Farms on the Indian Hunting


Taking all of the Fish from the Creeks and Rivers

Their Horses hooves and Wagon Wheels break up the top soil

and erode away the land

This Pale Face menace is getting out of hand

The Olsen Family and the other Travellers are making steady progress

Despite a few broken Wheels Sunburn and Diarrhea

But that is what happens when you eat nothing but Corn and Beans

But everybody is happy to be on this great adventure into the unknown

The Kids are going stir crazy screaming  ‘Are we there yet?’

The Mothers quieten down the Kids while the Fathers enjoy a Beer

They are all thinking about the New Frontier

Chief Running Deer is tired of fighting the Pale Face

Fighting all of their diseases like Influenza Smallpox and Cholera

They have all taken a heavy toll

Plus a lot of the Braves have taking to drinking the Firewater

An Alcoholic drink that the Pale Face brought West

His people has little resistance to the Pale Face diseases and Whiskey

They are all either sick or drunk

Now they are only good for weaving Baskets and collecting Firewood

Something has to be done

The Pale Face have to be gone for good

So Chief Running Deer climbs to the summit of Snake Mountain

And sends smoke signals to all of the surrounding Tribes

The Crow Arapahoe and Blackfoot

There has been tension between the Tribes or years

But now they all need to come together to defeat a common enemy

The Pale Face with their Fire Sticks Diseases and Firewater

Need to be sent packing back to their homes

Or come this Summer the Sun will be bleaching their Bones

But the Pale Face also have some help

A new Fort has been built only a Mile from the Cheyenne camp

With over 500 well equipped Soldiers they will be hard to beat

Besides their Rifles they have Cannons that shoot giant Balls of Fire

Chief Running Deer is awaiting a return Smoke Signal

Hopefully the other Tribes will agree to a Pow Wow

After Three Months of travelling the Settlers  Wagon Train has reached the edge

of Colorado

They have reached Beaver River which forms the Border with Kansas

Once they cross over they will have reached the promised land

But promises are sometimes broken

Promises aren’t always kept

Which is what the Olsens and the other travellers are about to find out

They are about to find out what the Wild West is all about

Chief Running Deer has just received a return Smoke Signal from the other


And the news is good

All of the Chiefs have to help in any way they can to stop the Pale Face


By force or by gentle persuasion

And Chief Running Deer has a couple secret weapons

In the shape of the Witch Doctor and the Rainmaker

The Witch Doctor will cast a spell on the Pale Face

While the Rainmaker will try and raise a flood

A Flood not seen since Biblical times

All of the Rivers will join together

And wash away the Pale Face menace forever

The Olsens and the others are settling in well

They have all built Log Cabins on the shore of Beaver River

Completely ignorant to the fact that they are tresspassers

They shoot more Buffalo then they can eat

And catch Fish Beavers and Otters because there is nothing else to do

But the Pale Face are about to shd a whole lot of tears

There will be Hell to pay in this New  Frontier

The Chiefs of the other Tribes are true to their word

And Ten Thousand Braves are on their way to Beaver River Colorado

But Chief Running Deer knows that there will be heavy loses on both sides

So he is hoping that the Witch Doctor and the Rainmaker can get together

and manipulate Nature

But if they cant he will unleash the Warriors and Braves

And the West will be awash with Blood

The Native American and Pale Face Blood will flow together

And in a way they will become Blood Brothers

So the Witch Doctor and the Rainmaker climb to the top of the Mountain

The Witch Doctor sits in the dirt and chants to the Sky

He wants some help from the magic of the Gods

He chants and chants and offers up different potions

If the chants and options work when the Sun comes up tomorrow

every Pale Face in the West and North of the Continent will be struck

Deaf Dumb and Mute

Kicked out by a giant Moleskin Boot

The Rainmaker starts his dance and he to calls to the Gods

In particular he calls to the Gods of Ice and Water

Then about an hour later the sound of Thunder is heard

In over 27 States the Sky turns Black and the Rain begins to fall

Up North in Oregon Montana and Virginia the Ice begins to melt

And in those 27 States  all of the Rivers start to rise and overflow

100 Rivers join as one as if they can hear the ghost of Moses

The Water will rise and rise

Right up to the Pale Face Noses

Just before Sunrise the next Morning Percy Olsen rises to milk his Cows

He notices that the Sky has gone from Blue to Black

And just then every Pale Face in the West and North can no longer

Hear Speak or Think

And everyone of them is gurgled down a Native American Sink

Slowly the Water recedes and things get back to normal

The Crow Arapahoe and the Blackfoot go back home

Not one drop of Blood has been spilt

And as the Cheyenne go about their business

There is not  a Pale Face in sight

Chief Running Deer is glad that there was no need to fight

All of the Tribes can now sleep easier at night

Back in South Carolina Percy Olsen and the other travellers wake up

drenched in a local Levee

They can all now Hear Speak and Think

They don’t understand what has happened

But they are now back where they belong

Back in Colorado Chief Running Deer is happy living peacefully with

his Braves and Squaws

There is now no need to fight anymore Interacial Wars

No Native American or White Man was harmed in the writing of Story

And of that I am glad.


Thank you for taking the time to read one of my stories and if you have the means could you please make a donation to go towards my ambition to become a fulltime writer. Thanks again Steven.