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This Story is dedicated to my favourite Author

Stephen King.

I am a wanted Man

I have been on the run for years

I am on the F.B.I s Ten Most Wanted list

All because I didn’t return a Library Book

I didn’t realise that not returning a Book would be such

a Crime.

The Library Police have been after me for a very long time

It all started about Twenty years ago

I went to my local Library

To borrow a Stephen King Book

‘IT’ was the title

The Book was a dog eared Paperback

That had a bent spine

But I know only one thing

That Book was mine

I arrived Home

I sat in my favourite Chair near the front window

And I started to read.

From page one that Book gripped me tighter then

a Vice.

I couldn’t put it down

I read on the Toilet

I read on at the Dinner Table

I read on the Bus on the way to work.

If only that Book could talk

But it did speak to me in a way

I read every single word

I felt that Book was written just for me

I just couldn’t put that Book down

I read all about Pennywise the Clown

That Book consumed me 24 hours a Day

I believe in every Word that Mr King had to say

Word by Word Paragraph to Paragraph Chapter

to Chapter.

That Book completely took over my life

Who has time for Children?

Who has time for a Wife?

As the Weeks slipped by

I knew that the Book was probably overdue

But I just lost the track of time

I will probably have to pay a fine

Pay a fine!

For a Book that is mine.

And sure enough about a Week later

I got a Letter in the Mail

I have to pay Twenty Dollars without fail

If I haven’t paid the Fine within Seven Days

The Library Police will pay me a visit

And they will reclaim the Book by force

Will I pay the Fine? Of course

NOT  I will not give them the satisfaction or the


It is none of their what I do at my leisure.

You might say ‘Why don’t you just return the Book

and pay the Fine?’

But why should I pay a Fine?

For a Book that is mine?

Every word in that Book is imprinted deep inside my Brain

It is carved with the Devils mark of Cain

Then I decide that my Employment is taking up to much of my

time.How can I read when I am at work for Nine Hours?

It takes me away from my Book reading powers.

Now I have 24/7 to read the Book

Who has time to Sleep?

Who has the time to Cook?

I hear a knocking at my front Door

I look out of the window and I see two Guys in Uniform

The Library Police.

I don’t answer the Door

So they press the Door Chime

Who would have thought that not returning a Book was such

a crime.

I get a $20 note from my Wallet and slip it under the Door

I tell the Library Police ‘Here is the Money to pay the fine

Don’t come around here no more’

I peek through the Blinds and watch them take the Money and go

But I know that they will be back

After all I still have the Book

Just to make sure they have gone

I sneak another look.

I can relax for awhile

Cause I know they come back again tonight

But the Library Police want give up without a fight

Maybe I should booby trap my House

Maybe Electrify the front door and chime?

But deep down I know that I am running out of time

When I walk around the Streets

I know that I have a Shadow

Why they just don’t arrest me ?

I do not know

The Library Police follow me everywhere

But when I look over my  Shoulder they are gone

Maybe they weren’t there all along?

For the next Six Months I barely leave the House

Except to go to the Letter Box

Letter after Letter arrive from the Library Police

The Fine is increasing

While my patience is slowly decreasing

The Fine is now $1210 and counting

My Paranoia is growing

The tension is mounting

All of this simply because I didn’t return a Library Book

Now I am Public Enemy Number One

The number one Crook

Did I commit a Murder?

Am I a Child Molester/

Did I go and steal a Car?

I think that the Library Police are taking things a little

too far.

I need to get out

I am hungry I need food

I just hope that the Library Police are in a better mood

As I get close to the Supermarket

I hear someone calling my Name

I spin around

And a piece of Paper is shoved into my Hand

I feels like I have slipped into the deadly grip of quick Sand

It seems that I have been served a Subpoena

All of this  because of one little Misdemeanor

I have to appear  at Court on the Day

Or a Warrant will be issued for my arrest

The Library Police have gone from an annoyance

To my number one Pest.

I sit at Home in my favourite Chair

Reading my Favourite Book

For about the One Hundreth time

But my mind is drifting all I can think about is the

Library Police and my so called Crime

Well I am up to Chapter Eleven

When I hear a knocking

And my whole House is rocking

I take a peek out of the Blinds

And I see S.W.A.T. and the F.B.I.

I wish I could slip through a hole in the Sky

But I cant

I have to stand and fight

And then I see a strange light

A Flash Bomb has landed on my living room floor

My Ears are ringing and my Eyes are sore

I cant believe this is happening

All because I didn’t return my favourite of reading material

But then then things become even more surreal

As the S.W.A.T. team storm my place

A look of bewilderment is on my Face

All I wanted to do was read

Now I think I am about to Bleed

A shot rings out

And I feel the punch of a Death hit

I have gone from being a Bookworm

Now I am deep in the Shit

Please tell me that this isn’t happening

Am I having a Dream?

As my Eyes start to lose focus

I lift up the book to read my final words

But as I hold my favourite Book I see a Bullet hole

has pierced through it

But not all of the way through

The Bullet hasn’t hit anything vital or life ending

It seems that all of my wounds are mending

Now when I go to the Library

I return my Books on time

Because we all know that not returning your Books



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