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Coffee and Vanilla

Ebony and Ivory

Black and White

Call it whatever you like

But People are being discriminated against

and put down

All because of the Colour of their Skin

Don’t just look at the Colour of the Skin

Get to know the Person within

White Black Brown or Olive

We are all human

We are all the same

Don’t just look at the colour of the Skin

Ask them their name

There is good and bad in all of the Races

Smiles and frowns on all of the Faces

We all live on the same Planet

So we all should try harder to get along

When I see someone being put down

I deep inside my Soul

And sing a Heartbreak Song

There is still trouble and fighting in the Middle East

For over Sixty Years there has been War after War

And very little Peace

Palestinians and Israelies fighting over the same piece

of land

A divided piece of land surrounded by Sand

One side wants what the other side wants

And neither side will budge an Inch

Would why accept Peace at a pinch?

I think that the hatred that they for each other

is so ingrained into their Brains

They have become blase’ to all the sorrow and pain

They just go about their business surrounded by Barbed

Wire and Barricades

And they don’t feel the Fire from Hades

But I hope that isn’t true

Surely both sides have Emotions and Feelings

Surely they want a resolution

A final answer a solution

I have no answers

I am just writing this Story

I am just a simple Person

I am not after Fame and Glory

Like everybody else I just want World Peace

So why don’t we end the violence in the Middle East

Once again People why cant we just get along?

I reach deep into my being

And sing another Heartbreak Song

But you don’t have to go to the other side of the World

to find trouble and tension

It is right there in your own Neighbourhood

People are always looking for trouble

They hardly ever seek out the good

Domestic violence Bullying in the Workplace and Schools

All of these People are a Link

In the Chain of Fools

Just give me some Boltcutters

And I will cut through the Links

And sever the Stupidity

And get People to THINK

THINK before you act

THINK before you do

Because before you know it

The Foot will be in the other Shoe

And it will start to kick back

Bruisers are caused by losers

Tears are caused by fears

The Aborigines The Eskimos and The Native Americans

The original and Spiritual owners of their lands

Have all been pushed aside and rejected

While the White People took over

And not a hint of regret is detected

The White People seemed to think that they had

the right to take over

They spread their Diseases and their meddling ways

And they didn’t even think twice

And the Original Owners were the ones to pay the price

I am still singing in a very loud voice no one is listening

The disadvantaged People struggle through their Tear Drops


I am going to lose my voice before very long

I look to the Heavens and sing yet another Heartbreak Song

Alcohol abuse was a symptom of the White Mans invasion

For the Original Owners their isn’t any reason for a celebration

Their way of Life has been forever eroded

Their very fabric of life forever corroded

Now there is trouble in Syria

The Syrian People are fleeing their own Country

And flooding their Neighbours borders with their needs

Their Eyes are lost and lonely

While their empty Faces plead

Isis is spreading like a Locust Plague

They seem to think that they are the Face of a Religion

They Behead innocent People of different Religious


All this fighting over who has the biggest Imaginary Friend

All of the needless violence against the innocent has to end

But people of all Religions in all of the Countries in the World

Just remember one thing

There is no shame

We are all the same

I have lost my voice from all of the singing

So all of you out there open your Mouths

And as loud as you can

Sing a slow mournful Heartbreak  song.


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