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I lay in my Hospital Bed

I am still breathing

I have no Body

You see I am nothing but a Head

The Doctors have told me that I will

walk again

But I think they are being optimistic

I have no Body

Therefore I have no Legs

As I lay in my Hospital Bed

I like a Bowling Ball with Hair

I no longer have any need for Clothes

And I have no need for Socks or Underwear

But the Doctors keep telling me

That my future looks bright

Even though I am a Head without a Body

I should still be alright

As I lay in my Hospital Bed

I look down at the Floor

It is a drop of three foot or more

I have another look and wonder if

I roll out of Bed

Would I bounce?

Or burst open like a Watermelon?

I guess there aint no telling

Nurse comes to my Bedside to give me

a Sponge Bath

I am not a Man

I am not by half

So it doesn’t take long to give my Head

a Wash

But as the Nurse starts to dry me off

I end up on the Floor gosh

Well I start to roll like a drugged up Medicine


I roll out of my room and get halfway down the


Then I am scooped up and passed back to the


She gives me a look all sullen and terse

Like it is my fault

That I am just a Head

You know I had a little accident

MY Head got caught in an Elevator Door

My Body went to the next Floor

But my Head didn’t quite make it

As my Head hit the Floor

I screamed ‘I don’t like this bit’

‘I don’t like it at all’

Well my Doctor came around again

And he that with a few Skin grafts

I should be on the mend

I think my Doctor has gone round the bend

You see I have no Skin to graft

I t all ended up at the bottom of that Elevator


As I lay in my Hospital Bed

I feel the start of a panic attack

So I blink my Eyes and twitch my Nose

To make the Nurse come back

I have no Hands so I cant press the Emergency


I am starting to think that I have been forgotten

But then the Nurse comes rushing back into

my Room

One of the other Patients has passed away

I close my Eyes with Sorrow

I cant think of anything to say

She reassures me that everything is alright

And She pats me on the Head

And She wishes me a goodnight

In the morning I wake up with a pounding

in my Chest

But it cant be anything

Because I am nothing but a Head

Just a Head none of the rest

I think I am feeling Phantom pain

Will I ever feel my own Body again?

I see the Doctor approaching my Bed

What will he tell me this time?

Maybe he will tell me that my Head has been

hired out as one of those open mouthed Clowns

in sideshow alley

Or maybe they will give me a Wig apply some

makeup and call me Sally>

But none of the above apply

And I will tell you why

My Doctor tells me that a Skeleton has been located

And that it will be attached to my Brain Stem

So I will no longer be just me

Some of me will be them

So the Skeleton is attached in a nine hour Operation

And hopefully there will be Bone fusion

And my Nerves want short circuit and blow a fuse

I just hope that when I wake

The Doctor will give me some good news

And for once the news is good

Everything is going well so far

The Skeleton attachment was a complete success

I now have a Body of sorts I guess

So now I am a Head

With a collection of a strangers Bones

Now all I did is some internal Organs

And a covering of Skin

My Doctor tells me that strands of my DNA

are attaching themselves to the Bones

So all of my internal Organs should start to grow

Maybe I will be tall and handsome

You never know!

Three Months later

And the Transformation is almost complete

I feel a lot like Frankensteins Monster

Except there aren’t any Bolts in my Neck

I also feel like  Violinist playing on the Titanics


Will I swim or will I sink?

I am feeling OK

I am in the pink I think

Six weeks later

And I walk out of that Hospital a new Man

I say goodbye to the doctor and Nurse

And I thank them for all their help and attention

And I walk out of that Hospital with a smile on

my Face

I am going home to Tarana Place

I am now a Walking Head

Attached to a brand new Body

Everything is working properly

I feel like a brand new me

Or should I say a brand new you.


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