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There is a new Weather system forming just

off the Coast.

But it is not El Nino coming back to boast.

It is El Meano

El Ninos uglier  meaner big Brother.

And just as his name suggests

He is one mean twisted Mother.

In a sleepy little Coastal Town

In the Northern part of Paraguay

All is well

There isn’t a Cloud in the Sky

But as the People sleep in their Beds

El Meano  is about to mess with their Heads

He starts off as a regular Breeze

About as dangerous as a Kitty Cat.

But the Kitty is starting to growl

And the Wind is starting to howl.

Then El Meano unleashes the full extent of his fury

And this sleepy little Town is condemned to Death.

By El Meano Judge and Jury.

I guess El Meano was mighty pissed off

Because this sleepy little Town no longer exists

No one really knows how many People died last night.

The Sleepy little Town died without a fight.

As He travels South El Meano is getting even stronger

Which is bad news for the People of Tonga.

In all of the Islands in the South Pacific

The People are listening to their TVs and Radios

This new weather system is very bad

It will fulfil all of your worries and woes

The Weather Forecaster is calling it El Nino

But it is really El Meano in disguise

To pray to God

And have a spare pair of underpants

Would be very freaking wise.

El Nino is tired of his Big Brother stealing all of

His Headlines and attention.

With Cyclonic Winds Torrential Rains and then Heatwave


That is a very fierce collection.

El Nino thought that he was the meanest Wether System in the

Southern Hemisphere.

But El Meano is twice as mean and twice as tough

Nothing else comes near.

So then El Nino thinks that if you cant beat them join them.

So with a nod of agreement and a shake of their fists El Nino

and El Meano join forces.

Will the Islands in the South Pacific survive the Haelstrom

from Hell.

I guess only time will tell.

But then they got a reprieve.

Because El Nino and El Meano  have a change of plans.

They hit the edge of the Islands.

And head towards the Great Southern Land.

Australia has seen El Nino before.

But it hasn’t heard about El Meano

El Meano is loud and thunderous.

Not meek and mild like Mr Beano.

The Aussies don’t know what has hit them.

s they go through Drought and then the Rivers


El Nino and El Meano just laugh.

This is just the first blooding.

One day it is 45 degrees

The next it is down to 20 degrees

The Weather is going crazy

Down in this land of plenty.

Dust Storms converge on New South Wales

There is Orange dust everywhere.

It goes down your Throat

And up your Nose.

When will it end?

Nobody knows.

El Nino and El Meano are a partnership from the

Devils Playground.

As a tag team menace that knows no bounds.

From the Outback to the Major Cities.

They unleash their full force

El Nino and El Meano don’t know the meaning of the

word pity.

Their destructive powers just stay on course.

The Sydney Opera House is blown to Smithereens

The Harbour Bridge goes down.

High rise buildings collapse one after the other.

Like a giant set of Dominoes.

It seems that with El Nino and El Meano anything goes.

There is Snow at Alice Springs.

Cyclones in Tasmania.

There is frost in the Kimberlys

When it should be hot it is cold.

The Four Seasons are a jumbled mess.

You can get the four of them in just one day.

El Nino and El Meano have arrived and they are here

to stay.

And they will never ever go away.


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