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This Story is dedicated to my Overseas Readers.

If you ever get the chance to visit Australia

Just be careful out there

Just take care BEWARE.

A group of Japanese Tourists are visiting Katoomba.

They are touring the Blue Mountains,taking in the Three

Sisters,Jenolan Caves and all of the other sites

I just hope that they know that most of the Australian

Native Animals bite.

Sharks,Snakes,Crocodiles,Spiders,Wasps,Blue Ring Octopus

and Dingoes.

They will all bite you if they could.

Maybe the Tourists should go home now.

No really maybe they should.

Even the so called cuddly Animals like the koala Kangaroo

Wombats and the Blue Tongue Lizard.

They can all scratch and give a nasty bite.

While our coat of Arms.

The Kangaroo and the Emu.

Can open you up from Throat to Gizzard.

Five of the Japanese Tourists decide to go for a Midnight


They are happy laughing and joking.

Just enjoying the scenery.

But not once do they look up to see what is lurking in the


Then they make a Fatal mistake when they wander off the Track.

For those Five Tourists there is now no coming back

They have been distracted by the smell of the Wildflowers

And the sounds of the Bower Birds

As they build their colourful Bowers.

They haven’t a care in the World

As they crouch down to smell the scent

And I am sorry to say they their good luck has got up and went

Cause up in the Trees above them is a small group of Drop Bears

The Bears drop down onto the Tourists below

And with one bite to the top of the Spine

They are dispatched.

But they aren’t Dead

They are conscious but cant move or make a sound.

And Drop Bears are the meanest Animal out there

Pound for pound.

Drop Bears are like a cross between a Koala and a Tasmanian


But on a completely different level.

The Japanese tourists are all ripped apart and then eaten alive

After the Drop Bears have eaten their fill.

They drag the Carrion back to their Den.

The Meat will keep them alive for a Month or more.

Five Japanese Tourists just disappeared on that Forest floor.

A Rain shower the next day washes away the Blood and

the remnants from the attack.

But the Drop Bears have only started.

Those five Tourists were only a snack.

They use their Den for shelter and warmth

But Drop Bears like to hang out up in the Branches.

They just hang around waiting for a Tourist to take

some unnecessary chances.

And those unnecessary chance takers are two young Americans.

They were sitting in a café having Coffee and Chocolate truffle


Then they decided to go for a swim in the Lake.

They go back to their Room and change into their swimming trunks

And grab a Towel

If they had been listening

They would of heard a skin crawling sound.

Will their skin did crawl

But they thought it was from the cold

These two Americans have about Two hours to live.

They will never grow old.

Arriving at the Lake.

Well maybe you could call it a Billabong.

The Two Americans are entranced by a Kookaburras song

And they have eaten too much Choc Truffle Cake.

The Two Americans go to the edge of the Billabong

They are feeling full and very bloated

And I am sorry to say their hope never floated

At the edge there are a few over hanging Branches

From the Coolabar Tree.

All is serene as far as the Eye can see.

But once again a tourist has failed to look up

And they were taken by surprise

And no one was around to hear their cries.

The Drop Bears reached down and pulled the Two Americans

up by their Hair.

And their Throats were exposed.

Their Adams Apples were bobbing up and down

And they both died with a rip tearing sound.

And once again their Bodies were taken back to the Den.

And their Bones were picked clean.

Human Meat is just like Pork.

Nice and lean.

Drop Bears don’t worry about high Blood pressure or Cholesterol

And then they stacked up the Bones as best as they could

Just like a stack of Blood soaked Firewood.

These killings took place over two years ago

And they are still going on today

The Authorities are baffled

Tourists are just disappearing into thin air.

Have they been killed with kindness by a Care Bear?

No they have been ripped to shreds by a Drop Bear.

The Blue Mountains are no longer Blue

They no longer have a glorious view

The slopes are running Red with the Blood of the Tourists

The Blood runs thick then soaks into the ground

For some reason their aren’t any tourists around

This is just a Story.

Do Drop Bears really exist?

I cant say one way or another.

But I know that when I go Bushwalking

I always look up.

Sure you might get a Face full of Bird Crap.

But there is an even worse rap.

You could be the next victim of a Drop Bear.

So take care out there.


Thank you for taking the time to read one of my stories and please if you have you means make a donation to go towards my ambition to become a fulltime writer. Thanks again Steven.