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Ellie Hartland has it all.

A career that is the envy of Her peers

A Bank Balance in the Eight figure range

And Ellie has Millions of Fans all over the World

But She has no Friends.

Ellie is living the American Dream

She is an Actress in the Movies

She is the hottest item in Hollywood

She lives in a huge House in Beverly Hills

And She shops on Rodeo Drive

But She is unhappy

Ellie hangs out with all of the In People

She graces the cover of the popular Magazines

She is a regular on the Ellen Show

And is known to visit the White House

But She is losing it.

When She is at Home She finds comfort in Her

favourite brand of booze.

She sits in Her walk in Robe admiring Her collection

of Shoes and Clothes.

Being an Actress might bring you Money and Fame

But that doesn’t mean that every day will be Sunny

She is starting to crack

After about a dozen shots of Jack Daniels

Ellie still finds it hard to relax

She feels like she living in a Pressure Cooker

Will the steam ease off gently?

Or will it go off with a blast?

Will Ellie Hartland get Her shit together?

The cracks are widening

The next Morning Ellie decides that She needs some Sun

Just go out and have fun and relax

So She needs a shopping fix

She parks Her Mercedes Benz on Rodeo Drive

And She shops until She is ready to collapse

God sometimes it is good to be alive.

She is feeling better.

After a few hours of shopping

Ellie takes a drive to the Beach

She is feeling the better then She has in Months

But then She is confronted by about Twenty Fans

who all want a Selfie.

And all of the commotion has caught the attention of

the dreaded Paparazzi

Jesus cant they just leave me alone?

She gives Her Fans all the Selfies they want

The cracks are reappearing

Ellie is distressed and feeling overwhelmed

that She doesn’t make it to the Beach

She just drives on Home

She rushes inside and locks all the Doors

And She goes straight to the Liquor Cabinet

She is about to start one hell of a bender

She has fallen in

For two Weeks all Ellie does is drink Shot after Shot

She has also discovered a new escape route

In the shape of a jagged little Pill

Ellie is running from something

But She has forgotten what

Will Her Fans forget Her if She Dies?

She thinks that they probably will

But Ellie couldn’t really care less

She has had enough of wealth and fame

She is tumbling over and over

Ellie is laying on Her Bathroom floor

She has one mother of a Hangover

Then She remembers that She has to attend her

latest Movies premiere

She races to the Bathroom Mirror

Does my Hair look alright?

Is my Mascara running?

The question needs to be asked

Will Ellie just give up?

Or will She stand and fight?

She is still falling

Will Ellie build up the nerve to walk the Red Carpet

Does She believe in this Fairy Tale?

Or will She just cash in Her Chips?


The final ride

You swim in

But you don’t come back with the Tide

But Ellie Hartland goes to the Premiere

With a fake smile on Her Face

And She walks the walk and talks the talk

But She feels lost and out of Her depth

Will She spiral out of control?

Or will She hold it all together?

She has  few quiets Drinks before She mingles with

the Public

Will anyone notice that She is not really there?

But then again does anyone really care?

Ellie Hartland arrives Home in a very distressed


And She runs Herself a Bath

Then She swallows a handful of Pills and washes them

down with Bourbon straight from the Bottle

Ellie Hartland has walked Her last Red Carpet

She has walked Her final path

She climbs into Her Bath

And a huge smile lights up Her Face

She didn’t like where She has been

But She sure as Fuck knows where She is going

So just be careful what you wish for

Because all of your wishes might be realised

But is it really worth it?

Because Ellie Hartland just died.


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