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Thirty years ago a Baby Elephant was Born in the Forest.

In the Country known as Tanzania.

She has a tiny little Trunk.

And She is a bit wobbly on Her Feet.

And Her Mother has named Her  Mia.

The first few years of Mia’s life is trouble and hassle free.

Her Mother gave Her lots of Love and affection

And She also had the other Elephants in the Herd for company

and protection.

Mia is now Five years old.

And She has grown solid and large

While Her Mother is kind and gentle and is as big as a Barge.

Mia and Her Mother are very close.

They do everything together.

But Mia’s Mother is starting to show Her age.

Her Tusks are now a dark shade of Yellow.

And Her Skin is like well worn Leather.

Mia’s Mother has warned Her about the danger of Predators

and Poachers.

So Mia’s senses are always on the alert.

The last thing She wants is for Her Mother to be hurt.

Even though all of the Elephants are always on the lookout

for danger.

Mia has also noticed that sometimes they enjoy the protection

of the Game Park Rangers.

But the Rangers cant be everywhere.

So the Elephants are on the alert for every sound and smell.

But Mia’s life is about to go from everyday living

Into something a lot like Hell.

A group of Poachers has been following the Herd for about Three


They are led by a local Mongrel by the name of Benjamin Tower’s.

They are armed with Einfield Rifles and razor sharp Machetes.

Soon the Elephants Blood will rain down like a shit load of Confetti.

Mia is enjoying a meal of Her favourite Leaves.

When Her Mother lets loose a frightened trumpet sound.

Then a Rifle shot rings out.

And Mia’s Mother collapses to the ground.

Mia is hiding behind some Savannah Bushes.

When She see’s a group of Humans approach.

They go straight to Her Mother

And they start to hack and poach.

They cut up Her Body for the Meat

And take the Tusk’s for the Ivory and for Money.

Mia can only hide and watch.

As She cries a lonely Tear.

As they go about their business.

The Poachers are laughing and talking.

Bragging about their skills with a Rifle and their skill at

Animal stalking.

Mia is silently listening to every word that the Poachers say.

And every word is stored deep inside Her Brain.

Though Mia can hardly think through Her sorrow and pain.

She will remember the sound of the Poachers voices to Her

Dying day.

But before that She will make them pay.

Everybody knows that Elephants never forget.

They remember everything good and bad.

And right now Mia is feeling mighty mad.

For Mia revenge will be sweet.

For when She is finished,

The Poachers will be nothing but lumps of Meat.

As She watches the Poachers depart.

Mia almost stumbles with a heavy Heart.

Then She wanders over to Her Mother.

To the scene of the slaughter.

She is Mia the only Daughter.

With one last look at Her Mother laying there in a heap.

Mia cries a mournful sound.

So full of Love and hate,so deep.

Then She joins up with the others in the Herd.

Her Head is full of revenge and pain.

And as the Herd wanders off.

It coincides with the start of the seasonal Rain’s.

A few years have passed and Mia is feeling happy and content.

Although the pain of the past has left a hollow dent.

Then the other Elephants prick their Ears up.

They have heard a sound.

And it is like the years have been rewound.

The Humans aren’t as silent as they thought.

They believed that they were silently creeping.

But red handed they have been caught.

The Elephants could hear them coming from a Mile away.

And now Mia will have Her say.

Benjamin Tower’s and the other Bandits.

Are surrounded by the Herd of Elephants.

The Poachers cant comprehend it.

They don’t understand at all.

And one by one they begin to fall.

In their panic the Poachers have dropped all of their Weapons.

And their deaths only take a matter of seconds.

Some are gored by the Tusks.

But most are trampled underfoot.

They are stamped until they become a part of the dirt.

Even though Mia has got Her revenge.

A part of Her still hurts.

For a few weeks Mia and the other Herd members.

Go from the water holes to the feeding grounds.

They no longer jump at the slightest sound.

But they that there will be more Poachers.

As long as Elephants have Tusks.

People will always crave the Ivory.

But they still have to be wary.

Cause Lions and Hyenas still rule the night.

But this Herd of Elephants has fought a good fight.

Mia is now feeling at peace with the world.

She no longer feels frightened by the sounds of the Night.

But then out of nowhere.

A Drug filled Dart penetrates the Flesh of Her Butt.

She tries to resist.

But then Her Eyes solely drift shut.

Keep an Eye out for the next instalment.

Coming to a Cinema near you. LOL.

But seriously Folks.

It will be titled.

Mia the Elephant ( Part Two ).

‘Life In A Zoo’.


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