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If you are one of my constant readers.

You will already have read Part One of this Story.

I know it was sad and a little bit gory.

But it only make believe.

It is only a Story

So anyway in Part One Mia’s Mother was killed by Poachers

in the depths of Africa.

But in the end Mia got Her revenge

Cause all of the Poachers were killed

And then the African Night became very still.

So to start off Part Two

Where Mia’s new living quarters has a Million Dollar view.

Mia finally awakens after a long trip from Africa.

Where She was hit by a drug filled Dart.

And She went into a deep slumber.

Now She has arrived on a distant Shore

To start a new life.

So when Mia finally opened Her Eyes.

The first thing She notices is a large Bridge shaped like

a Coat Hanger.

And a building made from huge Sails.

Then She see’s the huge Harbour full of shimmering Water.

Then She remembers that She is Mia Her Mothers only


Now She is living in the Land of the Southern Cross.

Will Mia become a victim/

Or will She show them who is Boss?

Then She hears a strange accent saying ‘Welcome to Taronga

Park Zoo’.

Mia is glad of the welcome.

But after all of the travelling.

All Mia really needs is a pee and a Poo.

But She feels right at Home in Her new enclosure.

It is bright and Sunny.

With a Northern exposure.

The Weather is the same as Her African Home.

And there aren’t any Lions and Hyenas in sight.

But Mia knows that She captive and not free to Roam.

But She feels safe.

She no longer has to fight the fight.

But She is wary when a Human enters Her enclosure.

To clean up Her mess and give Her a good hose down.

But She likes Her new surroundings

With a view of the Ocean.

She feels comfortable and serene.

And She sways with a gentle motion.

As the Human makes Her nice and clean.

Over the following Weeks and Months.

Mia settles in with a few of Her kind.

She is especially close to a Bull Elephant.

And they start to bind.

Life couldn’t get any better.

There are no Predators to eat Her alive.

And She has all of the Leaves and Fodder that

She can chew and swallow.

But all She can think about is Her favourite Elephant

named Clive.

She also enjoys Her Water Hole.

Where She can swim and wallow.

Mia and the Bull Elephant Clive are getting closer by

the day.

Mia has been a bit apprehensive.

But She finally lets Him have His way.

She is taken Elephant style in that enclosure with the

Ocean view.

Mia knows that She is no longer eating for Herself.

She is now eating for Two.

But there is one thing that Mia is worried about.

And that is all of the Humans on the other side of the


Humans have a dangerous smell about them.

And when She gets another whiff.

She gets all worried and tense.

The smell gets inside Her Nostrils and clogs up

Her Trunk.

And then Mia gets down and slips into a nasty little funk.

And when Mia gets depressed

She starts thinking about Home.

In Tanzania there were so many Trees you could take

your pick.

And She was free to roam.

She misses the taste of Her favourite Leaves.

And rubbing up against the Bark.

Now She is living behind a Fence.

In a far from Home Foreign Park.

Mia would do anything to walk once again in the African


The ache is so bad it hurts.

Then Mia remembers Her Mother when She was still alive

splashing in the Water.

Then She looks to the Sky and says, ;Mama can you hear Me?’

” It is Mia your only Daughter”

But of course there is no answer from above

But an African voice enters Mia’s big floppy Ears.

And that voice belongs to Benjamin Towers.

She hasn’t heard that voice for years.

Mia was sure that She killed Him in that revenge attack.

That Benjamin Arsehole must have immortal powers.

Mia is sure that on the Day that Her Mother died.

Towers was the one who fired the fatal shot.

When Her Mother died the whole Universe died.

And that is something that Mia hasn’t forgot.

She is sure that along with all of the other Poachers.

She trampled Towers beneath Her Feet.

But in the confusion He must of escaped the Bloodbath

and killing.

Mia could of sworn that He was turned into Mince Meat.

But he is still alive and kicking

And Mia will now even the score.

God willing.

Mia sneaks up behind Towers.

She has to be sure.

She listens intently while Towers is still talking.

She has to avenge all the Heartbreak and hurting.

And when Towers Friends walk away.

He is now a dead Man walking.

Towers has His back to Mia’s enclosure.

He is looking fit and healthy.

Now Mia might finally get closure.

Towers is oblivious as He gives Himself a Selfie.

But Towers want be healthy for much longer.

If Mia has Her way.

Towers will end up in a Morgue.

The Arsehole is about to pay.

Thank You Jesus Thank You Lord.

Mia reaches through the Fence.

And wraps Her Trunk around Towers Face.

And He starts to turn from Pink to Purple

and finally turns Black.

He is thrashing around kicking His Legs.

And then He goes slack.

The smell of Urine hits the Air.

And then Towers Bowels release.

It has all ended fair and square.

And Mia the Elephant has finally found peace.

Ten Months later Mia gives Birth to a Daughter

of Her own.

A Daughter Born in captivity.

A Daughter who will live out Her life in a Zoo.

A Daughter who should be wild and free.

Mia looks down at Her first Born and thinks

‘She looks a lot like Me’.


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