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Karen and Sharon McRubble

Were Born on the same day

But they don’t make a very good double

While Karen was quiet and slept through the night.

Sharon hardly slept at all

She can be a whole lot of trouble.

Karen and Sharon are Conjoined Siamese Twins.

And they are also identical.

While Karen knows that a quitter never wins.

Sharon will pull on Her Sisters Hair.

And call it accidental.

Karen and Sharon share all Body parts.

Except for a Head.

They both have one of those.

While Karen would think happy thoughts.

Sharon would just sit around picking Her Nose.

Going to School for the first time.

They caught a big Yellow Bus.

While Karen would sit there enjoying the view.

Sharon would scream and make a fuss.

Having a Siamese Twin can be fun at times.

It can also be a big pain in the Arse.

Karen and Sharon are like Lemons and Limes.

You know similar but not quite.

Their Teacher is in for a surprise when She starts

the first Class.

From the first Day Karen was a good Student.

She never had anything bad to say.

She was a very fast learner.

A Little Miss Prudent.

She paid close attention to the Teacher.

And Her thoughts never did stray.

Sharon on the other Hand

Couldn’t care less about learning Maths English

and Spelling.

She would just sit there day dreaming.

Completely ignoring the Other Students

She is a Loner there was no Gelling.

Karen liked the latest style of Dresses.

While Sharon preferred T Shirts Jeans and sensible


Karen wore Her Hair in long flowing Tresses.

While Sharon liked Military style Short back and Sides.

Which made living together hard.

Cause even though they had a separate Head.

They shared the same Body.

At Thirteen Puberty hit Sharon hard.

And even though they share a body

Karen hardly felt a thing.

While Sharon got bad Acne and a heavy Monthly flow.

Karen’s Period was mild.

And She had spot free Skin.

A couple of years later they both discovered Boys.

While Karen wanted to remain a Virgin until Her Wedding


Sharon wanted to discover Sex.

With all of the sensations and joys.

A couple of weeks later Sharon and a Boy met up in a

local Park.

Karen had no choice but to tag along for the ride.

She is thinking Jesus Sharon couldn’t you find a Room?’

Erin lost Her Virginity there in the dark.

Karen tried not to feel a thing.

She just wanted somewhere to hide.

Then it was Karens turn to go on a Date.

She sits waiting in a Café.

Her Beau is two hours late.

Sharon is in Her Ear wanting to go Home.

Karen loves Sharon.

But sometimes She is very hard to take.

But She doesn’t say anything in reply.

The waiting and the Coffee has left a very bitter taste.

But then out of the blue.

In walks a harried looking Fellow.

Not bad looking with short Brown Hair.

But His Teeth are crooked and a nasty shade of Yellow.

He doesn’t know where to look.

His Eyes are going everywhere.

But for Karen it is Love at first sight.

The Violins are playing.

The Angels are singing.

And the Café is bathed in a soft light.

Then Her Dates Mobile Phone is ringing.

Seems there is an Emergency.

And He has to go.

He tells Karen that his pet Duck has just died.

Karen tried to hold Her Head up high.

But still She cried.

It isn’t easy having Two Heads

But only one Body.

Two personalities stuck in the same Shell

Most of the time it is alright.

But it can also be a living Hell.

Over the next few Years Karen and Sharon just keep

each other company.

Even though they have a happy life.

They still want someone to Love.

And to be a Mother and a Wife.

They are at Home watching some TV

When an advertisement comes on .

It is about a Dating site.

They both listen to the slogan.

You don’t have to stay single Get out and mingle’.

So they turn on their Laptop and go to the site.

And they type out an ad.

‘Lonely Twenty something Siamese Twins’

‘Looking for friendship and maybe more’

Then they sit back and wait for the replies.

And they wait and wait.

Good job they aren’t holding their breaths

They both want to find Love before it is too late

Cause everyday they are one day closer to their Deaths

The waiting is frustrating

Surely there are a lot of eligble Bachelors out there’

Maybe they should post a Photo of themselves Butt Naked?

Or just in their Underwear.

But then again some things should remain sacred.

Then there is a Message  in their Inbox.

‘Male Siamese Twins looking for fun and adventure’

‘Reply with a Photo and your Hobbies and Interests’

‘And by the way can your Photo be Nude?’

Karen and Sharon have a Chuckle to themselves

‘Jesus how rude’

So they send off a Photo of themselves in their Birthday


Plus for a little bit of fun

They also wear Knee High Leather Boots

Who said that Siamese Twins cant be risqué and have a laugh

Plus the Boots were a bargain $80 on Ebay.

Both pair of Twins decide to meet in a Public place.

So they go to the Beach and have a Picnic.

Karen and Sharon cant keep the smiles from their Faces

Then the introductions are made.

Karen meet Eric Sharon meet Nick.

And for the next Six Months the Two Couples are insepartable

They go to the Movies Shopping and hanging out at Home.

They are like Four little Puppies playing with a Bone.

After dating for about a Year.

Eric and Nick both pop the question.

And of course Karen and Sharon both said YES.

They are doing something they never thought they would.

They are both walking down the Aisle.

Wearing a White Wedding Dress.


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