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Your Ego is a Muscle.

If you want to keep it in shape.

You have to work on it.

But your Ego is a fragile Muscle.

But don’t overdo it.

Just take it nice and slow.

Relax go at it nice and easy.

Close your Eyes and go with the flow.

But don’t work on your Ego too much.

Or it will get out of control.

And someone with a huge Ego is very hard to take.

I can only handle them in small doses.

People with huge Egos come across as insecure and fake.

Jenny Donahue is a Mousey young Women.

She is lonely and still Single.

She wants desperately to get off Her Lounge Chair.

And get out and mingle.

But She is afraid of the big wide world.

She wants a Boyfriend to Love and hold.

And maybe down the Road there will be a Diamond Ring.

Jenny goes off to work everyday.

Then She drives Home all alone.

She sits down in front of the TV with a cup of Coffee.

But His Eyes keep drifting to Her Mobile Phone.

She just wants somebody to give Her a call.

And give Her Ego a boost.

But just like an Old Mother Hen.

She settles down to roost.

The next day ay work Jenny just goes through the Motions.

Sitting in front of Her Computer.

Jenny needs a kick start to Her confidence.

She needs someone to Reboot Her.

So once again Jenny goes Home all alone.

She unwinds and makes Herself a snack.

Her Eyes drift to Her Phone.

But once again it doesn’t ring or vibrate.

Jenny needs a helping Hand.

Before it is too late.

Then She starts up Her Laptop.

And connects to the Internet.

She visits a few sites.

And has a little look.

She is just about to Shutdown.

When She decides to visit Facebook.

After looking at what Her non existant Friends are up to.

Her Eyes are drawn to an Advertisement for an App called

Mind Gym.

It promises to ‘Give your Ego and Self Esteem a tweek’

;All you have to do is Seek’.

So Jenny downloads the App to Her Phone.

And She places Her Headphones to Her Ears.

Then She lays down for a nap.

So while Jenny is asleep.

The App goes to work.

Her Brain is being rewired

Her Ego is now pumped and bigger.

And Her Self Esteem has been boosted

The Mind Gym App has pulled the Self Confidence trigger.

Jenny wakes up feeling refreshed.

It is like She is a new Person.

She takes Her time applying Her Makeup.

Before She couldn’t give a Shit.

Now She wants to look Her best.

As She brushes and combs Her Hair.

Jenny decides that She will go new Clothes shopping

Then She sees Her reflection in the Mirror.

She thinks it is time to do some Bar hopping.

Thanks to the Mind Gym App.

Jenny now feels that She do anything and go anywhere.

She feels  like a Movie Star.

She has noticed all of the Males staring.

Jenny was once an under achiever.

But with Her Ego back to normal.

She is now a true believer.

On the other side of the World.

Lives a Forty year old Male.

Barry Richards is shitting Bricks.

He is as nervous as Hell.

He has just been promoted to the Companies Management


And he has to chair the first meeting.

And we all know what that means .

Public Speaking.

On the Night before the Meeting.

Barry is at Home having a Beer.

All He can think about is the prospect of talking

in front of Thirty People.

It is driving Barry crazy.

He would rather be impaled on a Church Steeple.

Barry and talking don’t go together.

He is afraid that he will say the wrong thing.

And besides He would rather just listen.

When Barry is nervous He starts to Stammer and Stutter.

And He breaks out in a sweat.

His Skin gets all wet and glistens.

Barry Richards is a nervous wreck.

Barry knows that He is lacking in confidence.

And that His Ego is a bit down.

And it needs a boost.

And His Self Esteem is in need of a jump start.

But He doesn’t want to put the Horse before the Cart.

So just like Jenny he goes onto the Internet.

Mr Google will have all the answers.

But first Barry goes to Facebook.

And he notices the Mind Gym App.

Barry starts to get really excited.

He is tired of feeling like Crap.

And just like Jenny before Him.

He plugs His Earphones into His Phone.

Then He has a Lay down.

And the App does its thing.

As He sleeps Barry’s Eyelids are jumping.

He is starting to feel confident.

All of Barry’s Ego Muscles are pumping.

He is having an Ego workout while He is Horizontal.

Barry’s Ego and Self Esteem are now Full Frontal.

It goes without saying that Barry’s Presentation

went off without a hitch.

He talked and talked about Sales growth now and looking


He says that the Company’s future looks bright.

And that it is in good hands.

The People in attendance all got up and applauded.

All of Barry’s worrying was all for nothing.

He now feels like He has been reborn.

His Ego has been Wined and Dined.

And His Self Esteem has been refined.

A low Ego and Self Esteem can be a real hassle.

So if you know somebody who might be lonely

and feeling a bit left out.

Just realise that not everybody is a People Person.

But they are still a Person.

Not a lump of Wood.

So just give them a Smile and some conversation.

If you could.


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