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I think Today is Monday.

Hang on I have to light My Bong.

Jesus Fucking Matches.

They never work.

Okay here we go.

Man this Weed is Bitching.

I lay in Bed all Day.

And every now and then

I will have Myself a little Smoke.

My Girlfriend screams at Me ‘Are going to stay

in there all Day’

And then She gives Me a little poke.

Well I think that Today is Tuesday.

And I am equally sure that I should be at Work.

But I couldn’t be bothered.

So after a Breakfast of Greens.

I go back to Bed for a Snooze or maybe a Cone.

My Mind is going round in crazy circles.

I feel like a Dog who cant find His Bone.

Wednesday Hump Day.

Halfway through My non working Week.

My Mind gets all mixed up when I try to speak

My Tongue gets all twisted as it tries to form Words.

Smoking all of that Green stuff has fried My Brain

and messed with My Vocal Cords.

Maybe I should call Work and tell them that I wont be in.

But I cant quite reach that you know that Phone calling

Mobile Device.

But My smoking Weed contraption is nice and close.

So I just think like President Clinton.

And I inhale another Dose.

I drag Myself out of Bed

Put the Kettle on and have a Pee.

I can feel the Drug filling up My Head.

My Eyes are open but they do not see.

I just sit on the Lounge feeling all chill and mellow.

I am as high as a Kite

I am a floating off My Face kind of Fellow.

I have one lucid moment  around Lunch time.

And I remember why I haven’t been going to work

all Week.

The reason is that I haven’t worked in over a Year.

I got sacked because I like to smoke the funny Green

Stuff a bit too much.

I cant seem to get My Brain into gear.

And even though I cant feel anything.

I know that I am losing touch.

So now I think it is Thursday.

I have to go out to collect My Welfare Cheque.

I go to the Bathroom to do My routine.

Then I have a look in the Mirror.

And a Stranger looks back at Me.

But I couldn’t give a Crap.

Whatever will be will be.

I cant remember the last time that I washed My

Clothes or My Hair.

So I throw some Clothes in the Washer.

And have a Shower and a Comb.

And put on some clean Underwear.

I clean Myself up as best as I can.

Then I rush out to catch My Bus.

But I have forgotten My Bong.

So I hurry back inside.

And while I am there I have a Little Smoke.

My need for the Drug has become very strong.

I am now a Drug reliant messed up Bloke.

So I catch a later Bus into Town.

And I feel every Eye looking at Me.

Or is it just My imagination?

I feel the Worms burrowing deep inside My Head.

My Paranoia is in full force.

And My Neurosis is being well fed.

Friday arrives.

My Pockets are full of Drug buying Cash.

My supply is running short.

My little Baggie wont last much longer.

So I decide to finish it off.

I pack My  Bong up to the brim.

And I waste My Life in a smoke filled Room.

I no longer live on Planet Earth.

I am Space Tripping around the Moon.

So now I am running in empty.

I need to get to the Pub.

And do a deal with My Supplier.

Who needs a Fridge full of Food?

I am now nothing but a dirty crazy Drug buyer.

So I wander into the Pub

Looking like something that the Cat dragged in.

But I do a deal.

And I buy a bag full of Sin.

A Bag of Mullumbimby Madness.

I hurry Home to smoke it

And I begin to float.

My Heart is full of gladness.

As I smoke some more.

It fills up with loneliness and sadness.

So now the Weekend is here.

All of the Days sort of blend together.

I think about going out to Socialise

But I stayed seated in My Chair.

To go out now wouldn’t be wise.

And before you know it Monday will be here.

Then Tuesday

Then the next Day.

Then another Week will be gone.

But I couldn’t give a Shit.

And I reach for my trusty Bong.


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