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The Year is 1972.

And Alejandro Druis  is the Supervisor at

a Mexican Sweat Shop.

He is in charge of Thirty Machinists producing

fake Designer Labels.

From Handbags Clothes Shoes Belts and Accessories.

Whatever you want they can fake them all.

But Alejandro is a sleaze bag.

He has wandering Eyes and wandering Hands.

An accidental touch to the Breast.

Or maybe a touch to the inner Thigh.

The Girls are all too scared to say anything.

Because Alejandro is one creepy Guy.

But one of the Girls does complain.

She goes upstairs and tell the Owner of the Sweat Shop

All about Alejandro’s  groping and touching.

And that the Girls will go on Strike if it doesn’t stop.

The Owner Mr Mendez promises to fix the situation.

But there is a glint in His Eye.

Mr Mendez might look like a Model Citizen.

But He is just like Alejandro.

But He is an even Creepier Guy.

So Alejandro is dragged across the Coals by Mr Mendez.


And He is given a good dressing down.

He is told that this is His final warning.

One more indiscretion and He will be fired.

Alejandro walks out of the Office all Hot Headed and Wied.

Margurita the Girl who made the Complaint

Is walking Home after Work.

.It has been one hectic Day.

All She wants to do is to get Home to Her Husband and Kids.

Then a Car pulls up beside Her.

And the Driver offers Her a lift Home.

She looks in the Window and gives a look of distaste.

Jesus this Guy sure has a nerve.

But seeing that the Car isn’t being Driven by a Stranger.

She climbs on in.

But She should of listened to that voice in Her Head.

Screaming Danger Danger.

The Sewing Machine Man drives His victim Home

And into the cutting and sewing Room.

Then He joins the Needle with the Thread.

He starts up the Sewing Machine.

And with a double stitch he sews Her Mouth up nice

and tight.

Then Her Eyes are Double Stitched closed.

With the Sewing Machine Man.

Anything goes.

Then Margurita is dragged down to the Basement.

And wrapped in a White Sheet.

Then She is hung from the Rafters like a giant Cocoon.

But She will never turn into a Butterfly.

Not even a Moth.

Cause Margurita is enclosed in Her Burial Cloth.

The next Day at Work all of the Girls notice that

Margurita Work Station is empty.

Margurita’s Housemate tells the Girls that Margurita

didn’t come Home last night.

Then She looks over at Alejandro

And Her Eyes are filled with fright.

Then She starts to scream at Alejandro ‘What have you done

with Margurita?’

Alejandro yells back calling Her ‘One crazy Senorita’

Mr Mendez runs out of His Office.

And the Work Floor quietens down.

Alejandro whispers to Juanita that He will deal with Her later.

The Girls start up their Machines.

The Ordres have to go out on time.

The Girls whisper among themselves.

Because they all know that Margurita has been the victim

of a nasty Cime.

After a long Day at Work.

Juanita is tired and wants to get Home.

She cant afford to catch the Bus.

So She has to walk.

She is thinking about Margurita.

She knows that something bad has happened.

No one just disappears.

And as She walks along.

Her Eyes fill with Tears.

After walking for about Twenty Minutes.

The Hairs on the back of Her Neck stand on end.

She knows that She is being followed.

And as She starts to turn around.

A Hand covers Her Mouth stifling Her Scream.

And with the smell of Chloroform

Juanita starts to Dream.

The Sewing Machine Man is feeling pleased with Himself.

He drags Juanita into position.

She has seen and heard more then She should.

So He decides to use the Heavy Duty Thread.

And He Stitches Juanita’s Mouth and Eyes closed.

Juanita will never see or hear anything anymore.

She has left this World.

The Sewing Machine Man has Himself a little rest.

His sewing Fingers are getting a little sore.

Juanita is wrapped in a White Sheet.

And She is Hung up next to Margurita.

They both look like Eygptian Mummies in their

Burial Tomb.

The Sewing Machine Man stands back and admires His


He can also see that there is still plenty of Room.

At the Sweat Shop the next Day.

Alejandro notices that Juanita isn’t sitting behind Her


Now He is down Two Girls.

Jesus maybe He will have to operate a Machine Himself.

He looks at the Door.

Maybe Juanita is only running late?

It is time for a Cup of Coffee.

The work will have to wait.

In His Office Mr Mendez is watching Alejandro with

a smirk on His Face.

He knows exactly where Margurita and Juanita are.

They are hanging upside down in His Basement.

Then He looks at Alejandro again.

And He starts thinking about framing an Innocent


Mr Mendez calls Alejandro into His Office.

And tells Him that He isn’t feeling well.

So He is going Home early.

Alejandro couldn’t give a Shit.

He runs the place anyway.

Who cares if Mr Mendez goes Home?

While the Cat is away the Mouse will play.

So Alejandro gets up nice and close to the Girls as

they work.

And you know how Girls will gossip?

Alejandro cant believe what He is Hearing.

The Girls are talking about Mr Mendez

They think that Mendez has Killed the Two Girls.

Alejandro has also seen the Evil in Mr Mendez’s Eye.

And it is strange how He went Home early

He has never done that before.

Alejandro is concerned for the Girls.

But with Mendez out of the way.

He is first in line to take His place.

He could do a first class job.

Alejandro can sometimes be a Scumbag.

He has the same cruples as Sideshow Bob.

Mr Mendez has also been busy at Home

He has loaded the Two Girls into the back of His Truck.

He will drive over to Alejandro’s place and dump

them there.

Then He will call the Police.

What He doesn’t know is that Alejandro has called

the Police first.

With His concern for the Girls.

And His desire to be replacement.

He really wants be this Promotion.

He starts moving his stuff into Mr Mendez Office.

His plan is already in motion.

Mr Mendez has one last look around

Looking for anything He might have missed.

But the Basement looks all Spick and Span.

Mr Mendez is proud of Himself.

Cause after all He is The Sewing Machine Man.

He is so busy big noting Himself

That He doesn’t hear the pounding on the Front Door.

And He walks outside.

Straight into the Hands of Two Policeman.

He is placed in Handcuffs.

And put in the back of a Police Car.

If these Two Cops think that Cuffs can retrain Him

Well they haven’t seen nothing yet.

He just bides His time.

Waiting for the right moment.

No way is He going down for this Crime.

The Two Cops up front are talking.

Not paying any attention.

They aren’t expecting any trouble from the Cuffed Criminal

The Sewing Machine Man is relying on gut instinct.

And when the Traffic Lights turn Red.

He slips out of the Handcuffs.

And disappears into the Night.

And the chances of catches Him are very minimal.

Back at the Sweat Shop.

Alejandro and the Girls have heard about Mr Mendez arrest.

But they haven’t heard about His escape from custody.

Once they hear they should all run and hide.

Go under Police Protection.

Escape to the  Countryside.

Just get the fuck out of the State.

Cause the Sewing Machine Man is coming.

And He is full of hate.

Not that far away.

The Sewing Machine Man is preparing His Needle and Thread.

And polishing His Jamone.

He want be happy until all of the People who crossed Him are Dead.

The Sewing Machine Man is completely off His Head.

Keep an Eye out for Part Two.

‘The sewing Machine Man’

‘Janome on the Loose’.


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