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Deep in a Mangrove Swamp in the Heart of Alabama

Lives a Redneck named Cletus Flagg.

He is built like a Quarterback.

With a punch like a Hammer.

His Greasy Hair is covered by a Bandana.

That looks a lot like a Oily Rag.

Cletus is the Quintessential Redneck.

With a Mouthful of Gums he only has Five Teeth.

He finds it hard to chew on a Steak.

But He loves His Wives ground up Beef.

But if you think that that Cletus looks slow and clumsy.

Well thinking that would be a huge mistake.

Because Cletus runs a Drug smuggling Empire.

Crystal Meth Dope and good old fashion Moonshine.

You will never se Cletus singing in the Church Choir.

But you might see Him in Confession.

Cause He would be there for Hours.

But Cletus isn’t a bad Man if you stay on His good side.

All Cletus is doing is providing for His Wife and Son.

Cletus Smuggles His Drugs far and wide.

And He rules with His Fists and a big Silver Gun.

Every now and then a Local or a Tourist will have a sticky


Or just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They will have to be silenced before they can talk.

Can an Alligator commit a Crime.?

Over the Years Cletus has had to move His Business deeper

and deeper into the Mangroves.

To keep away from the Cops and prying Eyes.

In the Drug Smuggling Business anything goes.

There is no time for the how or whys.

One unlucky local Billy Bob Wharton was out trying to catch

a Meal of Catfish or Craw.

When He stumbled across Cletus in His Smuggling Boat.

Billy Bob has got a little to close for comfort.

And once again Cletus thumbs His Nose at the Law.

After doing the Dirty Deed.

Cletus has a Seat on the front Porch of His Shack.

As He plays the Banjo He counts His Teeth.

He knows that His Saergents have got His Back.

He just hopes that Billy Bob Wharton stays way deep beneath.

Cletus knows that He has been sitting around too long.

But He cant resist a Jar of His favourite Shine.

And Smoking some Meth from a well used Bong.

Then one of His Underlings whispers in His Ear.

It looks like all is not fine.

It looks like one of His Employees has been fiddling the Books

And moving the Money into His off shore Bank.

He thought that He could get away with the deception.

But He has been caught red handed.

And He will pay a Heavy Price.

He will never get a chance to commit the same Crime twice.

Cletus orders His Men to tie the Thief to a Tree.

Right on the edge of the Water.

The Thief is tied with Leather Belts.

The Thief knows that this is His Fate.

He tells Cletus that He is very sorry.

But it is too little too late.

Cletus orders all of His Employees to watch.

They don’t have to wait long for a Gator to come rushing

out of the Water.

And it grabs the Human Sacrifice.

Then another Gator joins in the Slaughter.

And the Thief is torn to shreds.

His Arms and Legs are torn from there Sockets.

The Thief is screaming for mercy.

Going off His Head.

Then piece by piece He is dragged into the Water.

These Gators show Him no mercy.

They are built like Battleship Rockets.

The only parts of the Thief left behind is His Head.

His pitiful screams could be heard as the Gators fed.

But after about Three Hours  the Thief is finally Dead.

At the crack of Dawn.

The Gators ate the Head for Breakfast.

And of the Thief there is no trace.

I fyou cross Cletus Flagg you will become the Ultimate


Then a Gator stuck its Head out of the Water.

And I am sure that it had a smile on its Face.

Cletus is satisfied

If you get on His bad side you will disappear into the Night.

There is no Body for His Family to Bury or Cremate.

If you cross Him.

You will be nothing more then Gator Bait.

For the next Six Months it is Business as usual.

Cletus and His Cronies travel up and down the Swamps and


Delivering their poison of Meth and Moonshine.

The people who buy the stuff should know better.

Cletus drinks the Shine like it is the finest of Wines.

And they smoke the Meth like it is a Cuban Cigar.

They act like it is the best thing that they have tasted.

But their Brains have been Fried.

They live their lives in a daze.

All wasted.

Billy Joe Flagg.

The Son of Cletus and His Wife Molly Mae.

Is sitting in His room smoking some of His Fathers Product.

Only Fifteen Billy Joe just Smokes His Days away.

He knows that His Mother wouldn’t approve of His Conduct.

But His Father would be proud.

Billy Joe is a little Redneck in the waiting.

He knows that His Father is a Bad Man.

So He doesn’t say the Words out loud.

He wakes early the next Morning.

And Smokes some more Meth before School.

He thinks the Drug makes Him all big and tough.

But He is nothing but a Fool.

Billy Joe has Smoked more then His Body can handle.

Billy Joe might think that He is doing OK.

But He is now burning both ends of the Candle.

Billy Joe is hearing Voices in His Head.

The Voices are telling Him to ‘See what it feels like to get

hit by a Car’

And Billy Joe listens very closely.

And He steps into the Traffic.

And that one step turned out to be His last.

His Mother is distraught when She gets the News.

She knows that it is all Her Husbands fault.

She collapses to the Ground.

With the Broken Hearted Blues.

Nothing that Cletus can say can heal that heavy Heart.

At the Funeral She gets into an awful state.

She just cant stop Crying and wailing.

And through Her Black Veil She looks at Her Husband

with Eyes full of hate.

For the next few Months Molly Mae struggles through

She just takes it Day by day.

Without Her Son life isn’t worth living.

Every Hour is Dark and Grey.

There is only one thing that keeps Her going.

And that is the Day when Cletus pays for Her Sons Death.

In Molly Mae’s Head an Evil Wind is blowing.

Cletus will Die.

And She will make it look like an accident.

A few Days later Cletus and Molly Mae are walking along the

edge of the Swamp.

She is acting normal so Cletus doesn’t get suspicious.

Then with Her Hip She gives Cletus a little nudge.

Then time stands still as Cletus hits the Water.

Then He is torn apart by the Gators all nasty and vicious.

So what goes around comes around

Molly Mae has a lump in Her Throat that She cant budge.

But revenge sure does taste sweet.

She has one last look into the Water.

And She is satisfied that Her Husband is now Dead Meat.


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